Lacto Calamine Classic Moisturizer Review

Lacto Calamine Classic Moisturizer Review


Hello friends,
I am again back with a review on my current favorite skin care product range of lacto calamine.

Price – Rs 56 for 60 ml
Shelf life – 5 years

Before I start the review I wanted to share something about me with you guys. I have done some 9 or 10 reviews with IMBB till now but I haven’t introduced myself with you guys. I feel introduction is necessary in order to have a healthy and friendly environment. Please pardon me for delay in intro. I was actually shy to introduce myself in the starting days but now I feel more confident after interaction with the blog people.

I am Rupam, 21 years old girl based in Delhi. I had just completed my graduation in B.Com (H) from Delhi University this year. I got campus recruited in Indiabulls Power engineer trainee and will be joining from July. I love reading books and listening to music. I encountered this blog a while before and got hooked to it thereafter. That’s all about me for now. Gradually you will get to know me more.

Coming back to the review

The packaging says:-

Discover skinsurance with lacto calamine

The goodness of Clay and glycerin gives your skin
1. Nourishment
2. Acne and oil control
3. Dead skin removal
4. Protection

Apply everyday for clear, beautiful skin.

Please see the picture below :-


From the past few days I have used their two moisturizers (lacto calamine aloe moisturizer and this one) and lacto calamine moisturizing face wash. Both of them gave satisfying experiences. I personally liked the face wash very much.

In the post where I reviewed lacto calamine aloe moisturizer, I mentioned that I bought this moisturizer just to reduce my acne marks. But it didn’t help me in that concern. When the lotion got finished, I went to shop to buy some other moisturizer but ended up buying this moisturizer.

I know many of you has used it and also liked it very much. I have heard from many people about this product and thought to give this range a try. Although I don’t have oily skin still I bought this to see if this one can really help me in removing those ugly acne marks. I started using it daily coupled with lacto calamine moisturizing face wash. It is light peach in color and has in between runny and creamy texture. This did no wonders to my acne marks but yes it made my skin very smooth and soft. It also didn’t have me any stretchy after feel like lacto calamine aloe moisturizer. It got absorbed in the skin very quickly and evenly. I found the smell of it like Johnson’s baby lotion.





Pros of lacto calamine classic moisturizer:-
1. Non greasy and non sticky.
2. Reasonably priced at Rs. 56
3. Great for oily skin.
4. Gets quickly absorbed without giving any whitish cast.
5. Made my skin very soft and smooth
6. Didn’t give any stretchy after feeling.
7. Didn’t give any shiny look on the face like other moisturizers (like lotus sheamoist)
8. Doesn’t contain parabens.
9. Easy availability

Cons of lacto calamine classic moisturizer :-
1. Bottle packaging with huge wide mouth hence making the usage of it very cumbersome. One has to dip their fingers to take out the lotion from the bottle. Transfer of lotion to a spare pump bottle is a must.
2. Didn’t help me in lightening my acne marks, forget removing it.

Final verdict:
Lacto Calamine is a great daily moisturizer for those having oily skin. It does all the functions of a good moisturizer that too at a decent price without giving any breakouts on my skin ( my skin is somewhere between normal to oily). I am sure that people with oily skin will really be the most benefited with this lotion.

Have you used Lacto Calamine Moisturiser? please rate in the box below

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23 thoughts on “Lacto Calamine Classic Moisturizer Review

  1. Unfortunately this product completely failed for me. It left me feeling stretchy and terribly dry and hard to absorb on the skin. Now i mix it with my regular sunscreen to give me matte finish . So no oily shiny sunscreen for me O:) .
    BTW, I thought you were from US. Were you there for studies or something?

    1. yes… the stretchy feeling was there but not in this one but aloe moisturiser of it.. :shocked:
      u did a fab work.. i vl also try it wen i’ll finish my matte sunsceen.. :yahoo:

    1. yeah sukanya… a chemist suggested this moisturizer to my dad wen i got bitten by a insect.. i wonder if it really woels

  2. I have used the green aloe one ! I still use it, when my sunscreen gets over, to use on my hands and neck , I like it, but the fragrance it has got is :yuck: but I loved the way you introduced yourself :puchhi: I love reading your reviews ! :))

  3. This may come as a surprise but till date I haven’t used Lacto Calamine…but its been on my to buy list from forever..guess when my current moisturizer gets over will def try this one as its good for oily skin..nice review rupam :thanks:

  4. This is something i have started using since a week..but i really cant figure out what good (or maybe bad) it is doing. Since i have an oily skin..i ll give this some more days 🙂

      1. haan…but ingredient wise..this looks to be a safe bet 🙂 yours toh is a dry skin na..this is quite mattifying:)

  5. This one dried up on me too… Actually lacto calamine is suggested for all skin blemishes: insect bites, chicken pox, even hickies.. lol (I heard a MUA suggest this to some gal) maybe its good with marks.. but didnt work for me 🙁

  6. I have used this one for quite some time when my skin was going through a bad acne phase and it was a really good moisturizer. I was also told that it is a natural sunblock when I was recommended this. Its really good for oily/acne prone skin! Nice review Rupam 🙂

  7. Hey Rupam this is Supriya :toothygrin: ,
    Nice review. Its nice that it suited for but would it suit for dry to normal skin.
    I m using vaseline healthy white moisturizer at this moment do u noe if there is an review over it plz thnks O:)
    Sups. :heart:

  8. love Lacto Calamine Aloe Mos. :waytogo: but i hate that face wash………that smell like d’cold cough syrup :yuck: :yuck:

  9. Hi All,
    I had tried this product once but dint find any good result…sum times ago I was facing acne problem on my face. I tried everthing to get rid of pimples but failed…I started using dove soap…Beleive me Dove is awesome. in 1 week I got rid of acne problem.

  10. Hey Hi All…

    My skin is little bit dry and it always feel itchy so my friend suggested me to use LC classic but i was not sure to use it so i was searching for the help …..

    My question is :- As my skin is dry will it be ok if use LC classic an daily basis Please help me Rupam 🙂

    Or should i use something else ….

    1. Hi,
      My skin is dry-normal. I switched to Lacto Calamine last week. Although i dont have acne problem but sometyms i get pimples on my forhead and they leave marks. Also i need hydration on my skin. Till now i didnt noticed any positive change.
      i have heard that Lacto Calamine works great on oily skin still looking forward for best results on dry skin too. *waiting*

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