Lacura Beauty Powder Blush in #76 Sunset Review

Lacura Beauty Powder Blush in #76 Sunset Review

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am going to review a blush which was a gift by a friend returning from the US to my sister.  Since she is here, I keep on digging into her vanity case every time and this blush was again a find from there. I used it a couple of times myself and I can safely jot down my experience with the product now.

Lacura Beauty Powder Blush in 76 Sunset Review

Product Being Reviewed:

Lacura Beauty Powder Blush in #76 Sunset.

Product Description:

Velvety Lacura™ Powder Blush sets soft highlights to give you a fresh, natural-looking complexion, gently modeling the contours of the face. The soft texture is easy to blend, immediately giving a radiant, healthy appearance to your skin.  In a practical box with mirror and brush, Lacura™ Powder Blush fits perfectly in any handbag.

Powder Blush


Sorry, she doesn’t have the outer carton now and on the blush case, nothing about the ingredients is mentioned.


Online sites claim it to be somewhere around $ 3.99 or INR 200 approx. It comes in a classy metal finish case which has a mirror on the flap and a separate compartment for brush and the blush on the base. It clicks shut and is quite sturdy along with being classy. Quantity being offered is 3 gms.


My Take on Lacura Beauty Powder Blush in #76 Sunset:

I shall start describing the colour first.  It is a true peach-coloured blush with very light shimmery particles in it. The colour as such seems very pretty, but it is not at all pigmented. On my very fair skin, it was evident after 3-4 swipes and same on my sister’s wheatish complexion, but when I tried the same on my friend who is on the duskier side, even after 6-8 swipes, I could not see any signs of the colour, no doubt a subtle sheen was imparted to her cheeks, but the peach colour per se was not visible. Hence, it is not pigmented.


It gives a subtle glow and sheen where it is applied and hence the face brightens instantly; however, there are no shimmery/glittery particles in the blush to add to that effect. It is quite soft and blends easily. The staying power is around 3-4 hours after which it starts to fade.  There is nothing commendable about this blush. The brush which is provided does not pick up the right quantity and also does not have soft bristles. There is no fragrance in the blush which is a relief.  Also, another plus point is that it did not break me out and my oily skin was quite comfortable with this on.

Blush swatch

Summarising the pros and cons:

Pros of Lacura Beauty Powder Blush in #76 Sunset:

  • Elegant packaging with metal finish.
  • Gives a glow to the face.
  • Decently priced.

Cons of Lacura Beauty Powder Blush in #76 Sunset:

  • Not at all pigmented.
  • Will not show up on Indian skin tones, hence not recommended to them.
  • Not available in India (not that any one will look out for it after reading this review, but still).

IMBB Rating:

2 out of 5.

Will I Repurchase/Do I Recommend Lacura Beauty Powder Blush in #76 Sunset?

No, not worth it, can be easily skipped without a second thought.

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  1. this one doesnt really sound so gr8…i just bought the loreal rosewood blush whish is kinda peachy n that too is not really pigmented…. :headbang:

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