Ladies, Brown lipsticks are back!

Brown lipsticks look so pretty on Indian skintones. I am so glad the colour is back. 🙂 The great thing about nudish brownish colours is that you can pull them off with most of your clothes. Especially winters is about wearing warm rick colours. Pull off those browns with smokey eyes, earthy bronzers, or peachy pink blushes. My favourite look with browns is loads of mascara and kajal, gold blush to highlight and a bronzer to contour my cheeks. Although matte is in, I prefer glossy lips. So a clear gloss to top off my tawny lips.

Products that I would use to create the look:

  1. Lakme Lip Chrome in Shade 501 / Lakme’s Bridal Sutra Shade 126 topped up with clear gloss (love love it! )
  2. Lakme Kajal
  3. Color Bar Just Earth Blush
  4. ColorBar’s Duo Masacara

Which shade of brown have you bought for yourself? How would you use browns in your makeup routine?

Kareena Kapoor On December 2009 Issue
Kareena Kapoor On December 2009 Issue

Asia Argento

Asia Argento

Shilpa Shetty on her reception

Shilpa Shetty on her reception

Deepika Padukone promoting Love Aaj Kal

Kareena and Saif

Kareena and Saif

Katrina Kaif and Ranbeer promoting APGK

Katrina Kaif and Ranbeer promoting APGK


6 thoughts on “Ladies, Brown lipsticks are back!

  1. Oh yes! It’s that chocolaty brown colour that you want to eat rather an apply on your lips. 😛 By the way how has your experience been with Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticsks?

  2. They are ok .. not very moisturizing or long lasting ! well, I bought it in BOGOF sale .. so I really cant complain !

    I specially love the shade twig .. I think its brown with red undertones on arms but on my lips it is soft brown with coral undertone !!
    I also have color irish rose .. such a b’ful color on my arms buh on mah lips its very cool toned , so i normally pair it with colorbar gloss in “enchante” and its match made in heaven !!
    I actually like the variety of colors .. so much to choose from

    btw is it my imagination or colorbar is inflating its price at fast pace ??
    I got starshine lipglosses in May for 150/- nw its 225/- !! Fish !!

  3. I have not tried colorbar’s lip glosses. They are particularly on my list. Oh God! so much makeup to buy. 😛

    I guess Colorbar is doing pretty well in markets. To be honest, I also love its products. SO I am not surprised if they have increased their prices. I also have an eye on their eyeshadow pots. They are Rs 250 each. Pretty expensive for such a tiny product. Let’s see till when i can hold myself from buying them 😀

  4. yeah even I eyed those shadows .. I dunno , buh couple of names are similar to MAC like gorgeous gold , expensive pink .
    I have just seen the pics n I must say they are pretty close , intending to see em in person very soon .

    this make me say .. maybe,well maybe colorbar is tryin to be INDIA’s MAC .. U knw the new line of pigments , seudo YSL illuminating pen , LE collections and similar names of lipsticks make me think that 😛

  5. Yes even one of their blush is named trace gold. 😛 The original trace gold is by Mac. My blush review is coming tomorrow.

    They might be imitating Mac but their quality is good. Much better than Lakme, at least. I am planning to go on no-Lakme-buy phase. 😛

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