Lakme 9 to 5 Creaseless Lip Balm – Pink Impression

Lakme 9 to 5 Creaseless Lip Balm – Pink Impression

Hi everyone!!

How are you all? Sorry for not being so consistent on IMBB nowadays. I check out your lovely reviews, but mostly cannot comment because of studies. In fact, right now I was so tired of my books, that I finally put them down and thought, if I am taking a break, let me write a review, that will make me feel better. Seriously, my exams are starting Monday onwards, and it seems I don’t remember a thing. So many sections, laws, analysis, calculations, I am already going nuts. Thank goodness for IMBB, I have some sanity left.


So, today is the last of my four part dud series by Lakme 9 to 5. I mean, that today I am going to share with you all, the last of the four Lakme 9 to 5 crease-less lip balms, in the shade Pink Impression, and surprisingly, this one didn’t turn out to be so bad after all. Read on to know why.

Description, price, packaging:

The outer packaging of the product is the same orange peach mix shade carton, which we have already seen in the case of Lakme 9 to 5 lipsticks, identical. The product is packed inside a plastic transparent tube, with a screw open cap, which needs to be pulled off. Travel friendly and small in size, so can easily be carried in your clutch or wallet.

It is available at a price of Rs 400/- for a 7 ml tube.


Get soft and supple lips with this lip balm from Lakme. A handbag essential for hot summer days, protects your lips all day long.
Lakme 9 to 5 crease-less lip balm’s ultra creamy texture glides smoothly on your lips, covering the creases. SPF 15, vitamin E, olive oil and jojoba oil keep them nourished and healthy.

My Experience with Lakme 9 to 5 Creaseless Lip Balm – Pink Impression:

The shade which I am going to review today, as I have already told you in the intro, is called Pink Impressions. When you look at the product in the tube, it comes out as a pearly pink, very beautiful to look at. You know that princess gown kind of pink? The gowns which used to shimmer when the Disney princess danced with the prince? Sigh! I am already in wonderland. Ok, I am wandering away, let’s come back to the point. So, basically, it has tones of shimmers, and you have to be careful so that you don’t end up spreading it anywhere you don’t want it.


It smells like chocolate syrup. Texture-wise, it is like malai, very creamy, but light if you rub it into your lips. If you rub it for a minute, it gives a rosy sheen to your lips, and looks actually pretty over a tinted lip balm or lipstick. It gives tones of moisture to your lips. You can apply it a bit and rub it over your lipstick, and you will not need your lip balm for whole day. Plus, it has got SPF 15.


Another fabulous use that I have found out for it is, that it can be used as cheek highlighter / illuminator, just over your blush line. Be careful though, and use little quantity to just blend it with your blush, and you will have glowing rosy peachy cheeks. *happydance*

If you have severely dry lips, exfoliate your lips and apply this overnight, it will treat the dryness very effectively.

Pros of Lakme 9 to 5 Creaseless Lip Balm – Pink Impression

  • Very creamy in texture, an excellent lip balm to soothe dry lips.
  • The shade is not so frosty.
  • Can be used as a cheek highlighter (if used in limited quantity and blended well with your blush).
  • Gives a rosy and soft look to lips when used as lip gloss.
  • Lasting softness to lips.
  • Easily available and travel friendly.

Cons of Lakme 9 to 5 Creaseless Lip Balm – Pink Impression

  • Very pricey for a lip balm.
  • Cannot be used on its own, gives a white cast.
  • Not suitable for day use if you are just applying the balm itself.


After using and reviewing the last three lip balms from this range, I was not at all sure that I would review a fourth dud. To my surprise, this one turned out to be quite useful and not so bad. Still I would say that because I had already purchased and paid for it, I had to find uses.

I rate Lakme 9 to 5 crease-less lip balm – pink impressions 3/5
I may not repurchase, but if you want a multipurpose product, you can get this particular shade. Plus, it is indeed an excellent treatment for severely dry lips.


Before I end the review, I want to share with you guys a mini haul I did last week. 😀 Shopping relieved  some of my exam fears and tension you see *hihi* . I purchased two L’oreal Paris Shine Caresse Pearly Shine Lip Stains, Ruby and Cherie, for my sister, who is coming this summer 😀 Actually, I can never purchase just for myself, I just have to buy something for her. Sister thing 😛 That’s another thing that she takes away half of my things too when she goes back, with a puppy face *hihi* . So I got these, then I got two Shine Caresse glosses too, Bella and Pretty Woman, and I am simply loving these. I also got Maybelline Colossal Turquoise after Rati ma’am’s four looks tutorial, and this is the best greenish turquoise that I have come across. Pigmentation, shade and staying power, everything is 10/10 for me. Lastly I picked up two deodorants, which are a new launch from Nivea. One is a sensitive version of whitening deos which has a very nice fragrance and the other is my favorite fruity citrusy version of Nivea fresh. It has the smell of freshly picked oranges. I am loving it these summers, keeps me fresh all day.


Oh and I got a cute Maybelline mini pouch free on my purchase too!! It is sooo cute isn’t it? It is a handy and sweet pouch and I love the moustache design 😀 I will give the Pearl Shine stains to my sister packed in this .

So, that’s it for now guys. Now, I have go back and study *sob* *sob* . Till the next time, take care and stay gorgeous.

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36 thoughts on “Lakme 9 to 5 Creaseless Lip Balm – Pink Impression

  1. Hi kadambari, cute haul. The pearly shine lipstains
    Have been launched here? Gotta buy asap! Hehe.
    I was hoping to see some swatches of the lip balm

    1. thanks jyoti *puchhi* i had sent the swatch pics..but dun worry they all look almost the same..the shade is exactly the way it looks in the gives a bit of frosty and shimmery pink on lips which settle down a bit after patting and rubbing gently for a will not look good on its own as a lip color..but u can use it over ur light pinks and nude lippies wid pink tones….n yes..its light and shimmery enough to be used as a cheek highlighter just above ur blush line 😀

  2. Nice haul… And good review kadambari… Will hav to try out the nivea citrus deo… Even I am a fan of citrus…. Esp in these hot summers

    1. Thanks Arpita *puchhi* Actually it is Rose and Jasmine mist..but the fragnance is so summer fresh that i always think of it as citrusy…try it out 😀

  3. Hi Kadambari….

    This seems like an ok lip balm…..but I liked it on your lips…. 🙂 …Loved your haul and awaiting your reviews on them now….Oh and all the best for your exams. … 😀 😀

    1. Thanx Lisha *puchhi* Colossal Turquoise is really awesome fr the price *haan ji* ..pigmentation, shade, staying power, I am totally head over heels in love with it *happy dance* *happy dance*
      As far as the balms r concerned…u can try this shade..but i will still suggest that its not worth 400 bucks *nonono* *nonono*

  4. aww kadambari, such a refreshing review….like for me when i am having such a toughest routine! loved your haul, i was abt to ask for the bag and you mentioned. Loreal stuff great. truly touched by the sister thing. where is she?

    1. Thanx Sumera *puchhi* I included the haul to freshen up the review a bit looked very dull otherwise..:)
      My sister is Mumbai, shes pursuing Textile Design at National Institute of fashion Technology there 🙂

    1. now u understand y i included the haul?? *cry* *cry* btw wen r u reviewing 9 to 5 orange edge??? m sooooo eagerly waiting fr it…want an orange lippie..was going to settle fr cherry chic but thot about waiting fr review too…:D

  5. OMG that bag is so cute! I want to buy the turquoise kohl for that only now. Was it an offer on an online site? Which one?
    And sad that most of these lip balms turned out to be dud. Cheek highlighter, haha! Baby Lips and NYX Colour Balms are awesome and cheaper!

    1. Thanks SS 😀 yup actually it was a surprise gift as a part of fun friday deals of have a free gift every friday..this was last to last week’s 🙂 n u can buy the turquoise is too unique n too good *happy dance*

      1. n yup these r complete duds…lakme broke my heart *cry* *cry* me too loves baby lips and nivea fruity shine *hifive*

  6. I waaaaant the baaaaag *drool* *woot* *woot* Gift it to me Kadambari *cry* and I have exams from tomorrow too *cry* all the best *jalwa*

  7. hahaha…awww sorry its already booked as a gift… *puchhi* *puchhi* m sure nykaa will come up wid a prettier one soon 🙂 all the best to u too 🙂

  8. Thank god this one is better than others… the pouch is too cute I have one of their small clutches got it with a purchase and I absolutely adore it 😀 I completely agree with you with the sibling love, I have a younger brother and always pick up something or another I find appropriate for him *hihi* Don’t worry so much you will do extremely well, all the very best for your exams *hifive*

    1. thanks dhara..i really need luck *scared* *scared* *waaa* *waaa* the good part is that once my exams start i won’t realize how fast time will go by..and after exam my sis will b coming home fr vacations *happy dance* *happy dance*

  9. Hey kadambari… I bought the nivea citrus one… And its amazing… Been loving it so far… Thnx for the rec and thnx imbb

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