All Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lipstick Photos, Swatches, Lip Swatches

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Hi Everyone, 🙂
This was a massive project of swatching all 30  Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lipstick for you guys. It took a while, hoenstly but i hope it is helpful for you all. We already have reviewed some of the colors on IMBB. I’d say that these are good ol’ classic lipsticks. Nothing fancy except the colors are gorgeous and texture is pretty decent. Also, the price of INR 480 is pretty awesome. I have names my favourites and colors according to light, medium and dark skin tones against the names only. There is something for everyone in the range. Let me know your favs below. Also, which range do you want me to swatch next ? 🙂 Have a great day ahead all of you. :-*

MR12 Crimson Catch : Brick Red (dusky) Lipstick
MR7 Saffron Gossip : neon orange (light) Lipstick
MP7 Rosy Sunday : a earth (light to medium) Lipstick
MR10 Red Rebel : coral red (fav)y rose pink (fav) (medium)
MR11 Berry Base : a darker version of Rosy Sunday an earthy berry color. would be a MLBB shade for those with dusky skin tones (medium-dusky)
MP21 Fuchsia File : neon barbie pink (light to medium)
MR9 Red Letter : a stunning earthy red (fav) (light to medium)
MR4 Cherry Chic : a warm chocolatey brown (all skin tones)
MR6 Vermilion Fired : a neon orange (light to medium)
MR5 Rosate Motive : a rosy brown colro (light to medium ) (fav)
MB14 Maple Map : a soft peachy brown (light to med) (fav)
MB1 Coffee Commando : A yellow based brown (light to medium)
MP20 Pink Post : a medium fuchsia pink (light to medium)
MB3 Brownie Point : A greyish brown (light to medium)
MP18 Plum Pink : Plummy magenta (medium-dusky)
MB12 Choco Break : a reddish coffee brown (medium – dusky) (fav)
MP 17 Rosy Mind : coral (all skin tones) (fav)
MB 13 Caramel Cut : a medium pinky peach. Very similar to Maple Map. This is a bit deeper. (all skin tones)
MP 16 Pink Perfect : very similar to plum pink. It’s a true magenta. (all skin tones)
MB9 Cabernet Category : Very similar to choco break. This one a bit deeper (medium to dusky)
MR 18 Maroon Mix : Midtone maroon (all skin tones)
MR 22 Scarlet Surge : Orangey Red (all skin tones) (fav)
MR20 Ruby Rush : Pinky Red (all skin tones)
MR 8 Orange Edge : True orange (light to medium)
MR 1 Red Coat : Warm red (all skin tones)
MR 12 Sorbet Tuesday : yellow based pink (light skin tones)
MR 19 Crimson Cue : Coral red (all skin tones) (fav)
MB 11 Espresso Shot : deep cocoa brown( medium)
MP 19 Blush Book : peachy pink (light to medium)
MR 21 Brick Blush : brick red (all skin tones) (fav)

Packaging :

Hand swatches :lakme primer lipstick hand swatches 1

lakme primer lipstick hand watches 2

lakme primer lipstick hand swatches 3

lakme primer lipsticks pakcaging


13 thoughts on “All Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lipstick Photos, Swatches, Lip Swatches

  1. OMG these are so beautiful.. and hats off to you for doing 30 swatches 🙂 it is a treat to watch all these super wearable shades together 🙂 I loved plum pink and berry base .. in-fact every colour is so beautiful and the colour picks by them are awesome.. you are a real rockstar for doing this for us 🙂

  2. Whoa! 30 swatches! I am amazed to see how perfect each and every swatch is. This list will come in really handy. Love how you have explained the shades. <3

  3. Wow, 30 swatches at a go, or was it over a few days. Really needs a lot of patience and flair to do this. I know you have done this before for us, but still! It must be really difficult to apply the lipstick, take pics, then remove and then reapply a new colour. HATS OFF TO YOU RATI MAM! Thanks for sharing, I will definitely pick one or two shades for my sister. All of them look so tempting and beautiful in your lip swatches.???? Cannot decide which one is my favourite at the moment.

  4. Awesome, rati mam!? All the swatches look beautiful. You always help us choosing the best ones! Thank you ?

  5. Thought of buying cherry chic so long thinking that’s a brick red shade. Only here I checked that it’s a brown and now I will have the crimson catch instead. Thanks so much it’s a great help.

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