Lakme 9to5 Cocoa Soft Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color Review

Skin Tone: Medium tanned

Hello ladies,

Trend of liquid lip color is very popular among all makeup lovers and finally our much known Indian Brand ‘Lakme’ has launched their weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek color range. This is the best lip product by Lakme till now. So, I must pick one shade for me and yeah, I have bought a dark color called ‘Cocoa Soft’ and I love it. Read on to know how it works on me.


Product Description:


Price: Rs. 575/- for 9ml

My Experience with Lakme 9to5 ‘Cocoa Soft’ Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color:


Packaging: Like all the 9to5 range products, it also comes in a beautiful rosy colored plastic tube, with a rose gold cap. But there is no shade indicator on the packaging, so all the shades look same and quite difficult to find out easily. Only the shade name printed on the bottom. It looks nice still the packaging could have been better. Applicator wand has a beautiful pointed sponge applicator, that easily draws a perfect lip. It is so easy to use. Those who have the problem to create perfect lip line with liquid lipsticks, then it is a good option for you.


Shade & Pigmentation: This range has beautiful shades and as I love dark shades so I picked the shade ‘Cocoa soft’. Like the name describe, it is a beautiful rusty toned cocoa shade and on my lips, it looks very bold warm cocoa brown color, that compliments my medium tanned skin tone perfectly. It is a gorgeous dark shade to wear in this cold days and it just perfectly brighten up my face not like the other dark brown shade, it never makes me dull. I totally love this warm brown shade. Also, the shade is super pigmented that needs only one-two swipes for the perfect shade. It doesn’t have any shimmers. It nicely hides pigmented lips. As a blush this shade looks very pretty on cheeks too. It provides a soft warm red toned brown on cheeks and the shade never looks over powering on my tanned skin. On cheeks it never looks dark; it is actually looks very soft. But I don’t think it would look good on fair skin tone. But they can use it as a contour shade, even I also used it as a contour shade and it works perfectly. Now I can use this one product in three ways.


Texture & Quality: The name describe that it is a weightless matte mousse and yes, it is the lightest soft matte lip color that I have ever used. It has a mousse like soft creamy consistency, that glides buttery and evenly spared on lips. It feels so light, almost nothing on lips and it is very soft. After applying the shade, I need to wait few min for the perfect matte finish. Once it dries out completely, it settles down in a non-drying soft matte texture, that never makes my lips dry. It doesn’t feel patchy or sticky, only if I layer it up it beads from the inner lip line. Otherwise texture looks so smooth and gorgeous.


It has the perfect balance of hydration, that never de-hydrates my lips, even in this dry season. But it might clings on dry patches. It also doesn’t transfer, but you need to wait until it settles down and it takes only few min to dry out properly. So there is no smudge, and doesn’t transfer that much. Also, it doesn’t crease or settle in fine lines. I just can’t believe that Lakme product has this amazing quality and it feels so comfortable on lips. Most of the liquid color feels heavy, but this one is amazing for all. Also it has a very nice vanilla kind of smell in it, which is quite similar with the NYX soft cream, so finally a Lakme lipstick with a good smell.


Also, it has duo formula that I can use it as a blush on my cheeks. This is a very traditional way to apply lipstick as a blush and Lakme especially designed this like that way. The formula blends smooth on my cheeks but I need to do this job quickly, because it settles very fast so if the formula starts to dry then, it is quite difficult to blend the color. So I need to be careful. But after blending it smoothly, it looks very gorgeous and texture feel so light on skin. It provides a very nice glow to cheek that never makes skin dry or oily. It is a nice option for oily skin.


Staying Power: Like a good liquid lip color it stays very long on lips, almost around 9-10hrs with a full lunch and snacks. It nicely survived lunch and normal snacks. It looks so perfect around the whole long day. Only, it fades from the center of my lips with having oily food. Then I need a touch up, to match the center with rest of my lips. But it never looks patchy. Otherwise, it stays so long and never looks messy. I am totally amazed with the staying power. Also, the shade is very easy to remove with a single swipe with wipes. I was thinking, that it will take time but I was shocked that it comes off with a single swipe. This is so good.


Overall, it is a great experiment with this beautiful lipstick. Everything is so nice about this lip color, also I love this shade. I think it became my favorite liquid matte lip color now. If you avoid liquid matte color for the dryness then just give this a try and feel the texture.


Pros of Lakme 9to5 ‘Cocoa Soft’ Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color:

• Pretty packaging with a perfect applicator.
• Affordable.
• Beautiful warm cocoa brown shade.
• Compliments all skin tone.
• Pigmented and no shimmers.
• Nice mild smell.
• Glides buttery on lips.
• Smooth, super light mousse texture.
• Settle into a perfect non drying matte texture.
• Feels so comfortable & never dry out my lips.
• Keeps lips soft and smooth.
• Doesn’t transfer & smudge.
• Stays long and can survive lunch.
• Doesn’t settle in fine lines or crease.

Cons of Lakme 9to5 ‘Cocoa Soft’ Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color:

• All tubes look same.
• Slightly clings on dry patches.
• Slightly fades from center with oily food.

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5
Would I Repurchase/Repurchase Lakme 9to5 ‘Cocoa Soft’ Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color?
I love to try more shades and it is a must try to all.

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