Lakme Absolute Candy Kiss Lip Tint Creme Review

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I have a few variants from this range, and today I am reviewing ‘Candy Kiss’. Read to know more.

Lakme Absolute Candy Kiss Lip Tint Creme Review

INR 650 for 3 g

Shelf Life:
3 years

Product Description:
Crème look curated by backstage experts at Lakme Fashion Week. A chubby lipcolor that gives you luscious color and a moisturizing crème finish

My Experience with Lakme Absolute Candy Kiss Lip Tint Creme:

This chubby stick contains a shiny silver cap in case you want to instantly spot them. These contain a shiny silver cap just like the finish. On that note, I would like to add that with time, these tubes with very usage can become more soft and fragile rather creamier, so be careful when you twist the tube. Do not rush it. Also ensure that you get the ‘click’ noise when you secure the cap.

Lakme Absolute Candy Kiss Lip Tint Creme Review2

‘Candy Kiss’, it is a smooth orange golden candy. This one is a subtle chubby candy where you can expect a lot of golden shimmers. It is a soft peachy color with no undertones. I must say that you must be prepared to expect a gold shimmery end. Like I always say and believe, the swatches say it all. As far as the softer colors go, the hand swatches can be misleading as the color payoff is better off when you actually work the product around on your lips.

‘Candy Kiss’ is a shade that would be a safe toned down coral that would suit any skin tone or complexion. This shade is a casual everyday coral that can be worn on the go even without a liner but do not forget your lip balm. I do not find anything flattering about this shade in particular. I am just happy to own it. Of late it has been raining corals in my vanity. Maybe I am more than really happy about my recent product picks, especially the lippies which are more of corals.

Lakme Absolute Candy Kiss Lip Tint Creme Review3

Pigmentation and Coverage:
Going into the details of this lip crème, I would strongly recommend you to prep your lips more so if you know you are going to use softer colors that will show up the lip lines. The color is soft in a way that it obviously creases your lines, but do not mistake it for bleeding or feathering. The application is smooth just like the color. This color is buildable.

I also strongly recommend you to use a lip balm, Maybelline’s color changing Peach Blossom would be your best option for this one post exfoliation. A lip liner would be a final sweet touch to finish up with. Although I am not a lip liner person, I feel like this shade in particular calls for it. These tinted crèmes are mostly wearable even if you pick even intense shades. I picked up the ‘Grape Hint’ with all certainty for the same reason. Depending on how much color you desire, you can go build although you cannot expect an opaque coverage. I am more attracted towards this range for the succulent juicy lip colors they have to offer and the finish.

Lakme Absolute Candy Kiss Lip Tint Creme Review1

As far as the texture and the feel of these chubby crèmes go, they are not sticky, not exactly very creamy. They leave your lips with a light, moist feel but definitely weigh light on the lips. Although I feel that Revlon’ texture feels a little more dense on the lips and the softer shades might not really give an even finish. Not complaining!

Revlon ones are creamier and do not carry heavy shimmers while Lakme’s ones feel lighter and moist on the lips. Also they are lighter on the wallet. For a gloss lover, the Lakme lip tint crèmes are ‘a blessing in disguise’ as the staying power is good which is not the case with glosses, also with not-so-obvious tacky shimmers.

Lakme Absolute Candy Kiss Lip Tint Creme Review4

Staying Power:
I must admit that I was overall amazed by the staying power of these initially. They lasted me a meal and a cup of tea although the product eventually stains good with colors like ‘Pink Sorbet’. With ‘Candy Kiss’, you cannot expect much, like I said. Opt softer colors at your own will and wish. With mediocre staying power, they do dry your lips as they fade. They slowly fade, depending on the shade. If I have to be precise, they do not give the light weight feel anymore.

Lakme Absolute Candy Kiss Lip Tint Creme Review6

Come what may, these candies are my new found love and I could not love them more. With the versatile shades to offer, apt for every season with a little bit of a shimmer and shine, I am certain that this smooth lip formula would be a hit amongst gloss and lip balm lovers. So if you are prepared for to chew up on this soft candy, then go for it!

Lakme Absolute Candy Kiss Lip Tint Creme Review5

Pros of Lakme Absolute Candy Kiss Lip Tint Creme:

• Packaging
• Color – soft coral shade that carries mild golden shimmers
• Texture – light weight, moist, creamy
• Affordable
• Travel friendly
• Easy reapplication
• Good staying power
• Fragrance – carries a mild vanilla flavor
• Non sticky
• Does not dry your lips
• Easy to build
• Does not heavily transfer
• Does not bleed or feather

Cons of Lakme Absolute Candy Kiss Lip Tint Creme:

•This crème is not a high shine, but contains golden shimmers which might not appeal to some
• This light coral shade with its color payoff might not suit pigmented lips
• ‘Candy Kiss’ requires multiples swipes to obtain color
• This shade does not exactly crease but with its mediocre coverage, it makes the lip lines obvious
• This shade definitely requires exfoliation
• ‘Candy Kiss’ not advisable for very dry or chapped lips
• With it cons, this shade that is not advisable for winters

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Lakme Absolute Candy Kiss Lip Tint Creme?
No, I do not see myself purchasing this. I recommend this if you would be happy to own a soft coral that is not exactly a balm or a gloss. It has got a good balance of both in it.

‘Candy Kiss’ is a soft juicy coral shade, like a much needed soft peck on the cheek!

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