Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick – Royal Rouge+Weekend Haul

Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick – Royal Rouge+Weekend Haul


This Luxurious lip color gives higher colour delivery. Enriched with Vitamin E and Wheat germ oil this rich creme stick keeps your lips silky, soft and smooth.
Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick Royal Rouge

Vitamin E
Wheat Germ Oil
Long Stay
Luscious Creamy Finish


INR 600

OMG OMG OMG Lakme is really upto something, they have got new lip products galore, so many lipsticks, made me go weak in my knees, they have got new glosses too and have hiked prices a bit, I promise I will try to pick some good ones for review and meanwhile, enjoy a dozen more lipstick reviews without thinking what I do with them after I review 🙂
Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick - Royal Rouge (5)

Sabrina told me about these pretties and I am so thankful to her for this, I visited my shopper’s stop and got some and mind you, you wont be able to stop at one, but I think 600 price tag might make us think twice, i also think these are very similar to the office stylist range in colors and textures but office stylist is 400! BTW there are ton new shades in the office stylist range, count on me for the reviews.
Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick - Royal Rouge (3)

So this shade was love at first sight, i though I must share it here, so you could go hunting this down too, The packaging looks a little heavier and broader and I am happy with it,the shades are alllll good, i mean not at all Lakme like and we have to give Lakme a round of applause for this, they made me really happy for the kind of stuff they are bringing out now!

Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick - Royal Rouge (7)

This one looked like a perfect combo of pink and peach and it has gold shimmer like on a matte base, you cannot see shimmer and it does not show up when you wear it, the gold shimmer just makes the color look a little yellowy. This shade will really remind you of the PInk bureau shade I had reviewed from the office stylist range and this one is peachier, pink bureau is pinker but the kind of shimmer on a matte base i am talking about it similar 🙂

Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick - Royal Rouge (1)

On the first look the lipstick looks like a cream and matte one, but as you swipe it through, the shimmer shows up, it is really mixed up with the cream matte texture and i would have loved it without shimmer too.The texture is very smooth and creamy and yet hard, it kind of settles but I dont think it could be called dry at all, three swipes make it look luscious and you dont need lip liner for this one.

I think medium and fair skin can carry this shade, this is really a face brightening shade and I love how it is a combo of pink and peach.I do think that the kind of texture it has, some might find it dry, and with time it gets dries, staying power is good, 3+hours is fine and the shimmer stays back and could be a little tedious but otherwise, very nice shade, matti-sh texture, pinky peachy color to brighten skin tone, will cover pigmented lips and could be fine for normal lips, if you have dry lips, use some gloss on top perhaps. You might find it a little sticky and it is not buttery but smooth and pigmented.

pink lips

Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick - Royal Rouge 1

IMBB Rating:

4/5 Check pink bureau too before you buy this, for cost difference and similarity in shade. These might feel a bit sticky rather than “creme”.


haul makeup

And this is what I brought with love home for IMBB, to review in the month of August :)) Stay tuned!

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  2. WOW WOW WOW Neha, awesome shade…n I am drooling at all these beauties you’ve got… *waiting* *woot* *woot* *happydance* is the golden lippy from bourjois…

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  4. Neha I agree the color is love at first sight. It’s so pretttyyy pink. Loved it on your lips and OMG haul!! dying to see what’s in those pretty tubess *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool*

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  8. Ooohhh wowww, this shade looks smashing on you, really, I’m so glad you got these, and your haul is OMG OMG ! Lucky lady 🙂

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