Lakme Absolute Eye Shader Brush Review

Lakme Absolute Eye Shader Brush Review

Lakme Absolute Eyeshader Brush Review

I was elated to know that Lakme Absolute has come up with new makeup brushes. We have a serious dearth of brushes in our Indian cosmetic market and the only ones I know of are Colorbar, Vega, Inglot and a few from Bourjois and of course MAC on the higher side, but not all of us would buy MAC and hence I think Lakme has come with a solution.

Eyeshader Brush

I was happy because Lakme being our very own brand has come up with a basic requirement in makeup. How come we have blushes and face powders, but we still don’t have the appropriate brushes to use them with! We have all been so used to the compact powder puffs that we get along with the powder and the straight rough brushes we get along with the blush, but we do need good brushes for our makeup; for the lips, face (powder and blush), lip brushes for those oh-so-dark lipsticks that need to be toned down. We need brushes for perfect lipstick application and brushes for eyes which can function as a color filler, crease brush and may be for filling in the brows as well.

Eyeshader Brush

I think Lakme has come up with the answer.  The shader brush is small , compact, bristled, soft, long handled and tapered for crease work, but simultaneously can be used for filling or packing color on the lids too.

What I Like To Do with Lakme Absolute Eyeshader Brush:

  • Fill in color.  Go for one color on one half of the lid and use another for the outer half and black or brown for outer V because the shape of the brush allows it to happen with ease.
  • Sometimes, I try to fill eyebrow wax and powder with it since the shape is apt for that purpose.
  • Go under the lashline to smudge shadow.
  • Go under the brow bone and use the highlight color.
  • If you hold it at angle, it does a great job for the outer V and even to blend the crease color.

Eyeshader Brush

I am sure there are several other ways we can use it, but I jotted down what came to me.

So much for the use, but now let me tell you about my first impression and the cons I find with this eye shader.  The handle is long, the tip is too tiny.  I think they could have made it slightly medium sized if not really like a shadow brush. Apart from that, I think the price for such a tiny brush is maybe a little high at Rs. 275 for an introductory price. I am not saying its bad, but still, the introductory price could have been better.

Eyeshader Brush

Another thing I noticed is that the image of the product shown on the pack is different from the real one, as in the bristles of the real brush are not so tightly packed and concentrated as shown on the pack. On the pack, it almost looks like a angular liner brush or eye brow filler 😛

Also, I would have been happier if it were two sided like the one I reviewed from Bourjois, which is almost half the price.

I have used it with powder shadows and till now it has done a good job. I think it would be good to pack on cream bases as well.

On the other hand, I am impressed with the multipurpose name and shape of the brush.  This is the only shadow brush and hence I think they wanted it to be versatile.  Also, owing to the size, I think newcomers would find it easy to use and this brush has that “one brush does it all” kind of a feel to it, which makes it worthwhile to pick it up.

I have washed the brush several times and I am amazed to see that there is no shedding at all whatsoever.  The quality of the metal on the handle is also top notch and the bristles are super soft and not at all harsh on the lid. Hence, I think there is nothing about this brush that I dislike apart from may be the size.

Last Word:

With the dearth of brushes, this one is a versatile brush from our very own Lakme.  It could have been of medium size instead of being so tiny or perhaps two sided/dual ended, but still I am happy that it works. The quality of the metal and the bristle is fantastic with no shedding at all. Hence, I recommend this brush to you.

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39 thoughts on “Lakme Absolute Eye Shader Brush Review

      1. not fond of lakme otherwise…have just 2 lipcolours from them, though I do like their nail paints….but that’s about it….waiting for more reviews on their brushes from you…will decide then,,,,this one’s tempting me though!

  1. you are so right about the importance of brushes for that seamless finish. I recently bought the vega large powder brush ,and have never looked back since. Nice review.

    1. watever brush i had from vega feel so rough after a wash
      wait for the absolute range powder brush
      its the softest powder brush i have used
      revuing soon 🙂

  2. Try the local make up stores.. u may find some really nice ones!!! i got a vega eyeshadow brush fr Rs.60 also u get a set of brushes at the beauty centre (china types) which are surprisingly good…. Good review Neha 🙂 even i was nt aware that lakme sells brushes!!!

      1. works fr me !! i hardly put make up on my face, don’t get so much of time everyday…… i m only into lipsticks my fav 😉

  3. thanks for the review neha. i agree with you mac has such expensive brushes. i can instead buy another lipstick of mac. i liked the quality of vega, lakme will be a good try, for brushes atleast. i am not fond of lakme products otherwise.

    1. mmm vega doesnt stand anywhere infront of this
      this one is very soft
      vega feels rough na i dont know about the new range the balck ones 🙂

  4. That is exciting! I didn’t know indian products didn’t make makeup brushes in general??? I’m dying to try a few products from this Absolute line Neha! Informative review, thanks so much! xoxo

  5. sounds so worth it neha. you are right we do have such a dearth of makeup brushes in our indian market. so yay to these brushes!! :))

  6. I only have one makeup brush – an eye shadow brush from Audrey’s. I kinda like it, but then I don’t have anything to compare it with, so what do I know? 😛
    Good review, Neha 🙂

  7. Dats gr8 Neha..wasn’t aware of Lakme makeup brushes so found dis very informative thanks 🙂 though not a fan of der other products ll definitely try dis out and waiting for ur powder brush review

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