Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos – Pink Blush

Pump up your drama quotient! Get that expert like professional finish with the Lakme Absolute Face stylist blush duos. The luminous and silky formula gives a natural looking radiance to your skin. Giving your cheeks a hint of color that blends effortlessly for a luminous finish. Blends effortlessly. Even color pay off. Excellent shading. Luminous and silky.

Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos - Pink Blush


Step 1: Choose your blush shades from the available 4 blush duos depending on the look you want
Step 2: With the brush gently sweep the blush across the apple of the cheeks using upward strokes
To intensify the radiance, first apply Lakme Absolute Mattreal skin natural mousse over face and neck with the Lakme Absolute face brush.


Blends effortlessly
Even color pay off
Excellent shading
Luminous and silky
Blush duos


750 ..hike to 1000 now :/

This the second one i had got along with the rose blush shade, well rose blush turned out to b outrageous it was really hard no pigmentation and it was a task for me to get it from the pan to the cheeks, this color is again very similar to the rose blush shade, don’t ask me why i got all same, i think the others were little orange coral for me so I thought I will make it work for me. I am not sure how these are different really the shade is a darker just 5% darker than the rose blush shade. The pigmentation is also better by 10% but again without any comparisons this is not a good blush.

I would not call the blush good because the pigmentation is sad, the colors are so pretty but the texture is quite hard, see i understand blushes are to be applied lightly but give us pigmentation and soft texture like the Inglot blushes in the first place, we will work it out on the face but giving us such light textured hard blushes for 1K is totally something which will work against the trust we have in the brand.
Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos - Pink Blush6

I picked them up for 750 but not they have been hiked to 1000 which is jaw-dropping because there are a ton of better blushes for half the price. The colors of the duo are very pretty n doubt but you need to swirl the brush on and on for it to be picked up and then I really don’t know to go light because it won’t show or on other days the poor pigmentation makes me pick up so much blush that if applied with a heavy hand then it might get too pink!

Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos - Pink Blush (1)



The lighter color is meant for perhaps the higher of the cheeks and the darker color on the cheek proper, but somehow the colors cannot be picked up individually due to the texture and pigmentation.

Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos - Pink Blush (4)
I would here like to point out that the blushes from the earlier lakme absolute collection all 4 of them particularly my favourite one “day blushes” are so good superb pigmentation and they are baked so good to use. But how come these turned out like this. The very first blushes from lakme are excellent as well,pick those up rather.

Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos - Pink Blush (5)

For this the staying power would be less than three hours on oily skin, the colors are light, not pigmented, hard and chalky,nothing else to say.You may swirl the brush on and on and get it on the face no doubt.

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14 thoughts on “Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos – Pink Blush

  1. *smack* what is lakme thinking about its pricing?? *hunterwali* looks as if they are going broke by paying kareena’s fees as the brand ambassador rofl *hihi*

  2. 1000 for a lakme blush is like too much *headbang* *headbang* *headbang* but the shade looks soo cute in the pan na *hifive*

  3. 1000? Thats seriously very wrong on lakme’s part.. *shock* *spank* thank god I just got a single color from this range, that too when It was priced at 750

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