Lakme Absolute Orange Tease Lip Tint Crème Review

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How are you all doing? Have you started with Diwali cleaning? My mom wants to start and telling me also to clean it will take me ages to clean my cupboards. LOL  I am sure you guys are also going to get these attacks from Mom and/or Mom-in-law! It goes on, they always crave for cleanliness. Coming to today’s product, the pick is Lakme lip tint crème in orange tease. I have reviewed the red pout already, now jumping to a poppy summer shade. Scroll to see how it worked for me!

Price: Rs 650

Lakme Absolute Orange Tease Lip Tint Crème Review

Product description by Lakme:

This is more than just a hint of tint! The new Lakme Absolute Lip Pout brings you a thick creamy Crayon that will give your lips a rich deep color and incredible shine in just one stroke. A range of high performance make-up collection, these lip tints come in pop, happy colors that will make your pout definitely stand out! Pick the Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Creme Lip Color in Red pout, right away!

Lakme Absolute Orange Tease Lip Tint Crème Review haul

My Experience with Lakme Absolute Orange Tease Lip Tint Crème:

Recently I have been experimenting with a lot of lipsticks, but give me even the best lipstick; I will still be crazy behind lip crayons. They are just so me! I love flaunting those poppy and pouty lips that the crayons give me. We have always complained that lip balms do not give enough tints although they rock the hydration; hence to solve this dilemma, we have lip crayons. Moisturizes like a lip balm and colour pay-off like a lipstick. And the new Lakme lip tints crème have all of this!

Lakme Absolute Orange Tease Lip Tint Crème Review red pout coral pink

The fatty lip crayon comes in a bright and catchy orange packaging accompanied with a dazzling silver cap. The packaging resembles the shade of the crayon which makes it super easy to spot the one I want because I got a few of these. These are extremely handy and travel-friendly and look very cute in this packaging. However, we just have to be a little careful while closing the cap because the lip colour has the potential to chip. The quantity is really good and I am so happy because this does not have any shimmers in it.

Lakme Absolute Orange Tease Lip Tint Crème

The crayon glides very smoothly on the lips without tugging or pulling due to the creamy consistency. Yes I can see the colour in the first swipe itself but not that intense, hence a couple of swipes give me the exact colour on the bullet. This quality makes it very buildable; you can also use it as a lip balm to give an orange tint to the lips and also as a perfect bold lip colour.

Lakme Absolute Orange Tease Lip Tint Crème bullet

Coming to the shade, it is a very bold and a fresh colour which is perfectly suitable for summer and spring. However I wouldn’t like to flaunt it during the current season. This is more of suitable during the day time and that too mostly in the fair complexion. As this orange colour has slight neon touch that makes the skin-tone look a tad darker than usual. The colour takes a bit of a time to intensify so do not rush up and keep swiping it. The milky orange becomes more intense into a very wearable orange. It gives me glossy lips along with a good pop and my lips are hydrated through-out like a lip balm.

Lakme Absolute Orange Tease Lip Tint Crème Review red pout, coral pink

The colour stays on my lips for 6-7 hours with little food/snacks, 5 hours with complete meal. And also this does not go off completely because even if the glossiness and the intense colour goes away, it leaves a beautiful red tint on my lips which is adorable! It does transfer on glasses and tissues due to the bold creamy colour but yet it stays on the lips very well. I think these are great innovations done by Lakme and I think everyone is going to love it.

Lakme Absolute Orange Tease Lip Tint Crème swatch comparison

Pros of Lakme Absolute Orange Tease Lip Tint Crème:

• Very poppy packaging with the shade colour and these fatty crayons look very cute in the vanity.
• Travel-friendly and easy to spot each one due to packaging.
• A lot of cute shades available to choose from.
• The texture is buttery and glides very well on the lips.
• The shade “Orange tease” is a super poppy and vibrant orange colour which refreshes the face instantly making the lips appear very fashionable and trendy.
• The colour is buildable from a tinted orange to a vibrant neon-ish orange.
• This is a great summer/spring colour to add to the brightness.
• It gives my lips a burst of colour along with hydration and glossiness.
• It stays on my lips for 6-7 hours and 5 hours with full meals.
• It leaves a lovely stain on my lips even when the glossy effect goes off.
• The colour settles down from a milky shade to a very wearable orange.
• Available all around.

Lakme Absolute Orange Tease Lip Tint Crème Review lipswatch

Cons of Lakme Absolute Orange Tease Lip Tint Crème:

• It might settles in fine lines since the colour is milky initially.
• It does highlight chapped portions when it transforms into a stain.
• Will suit only fair skin-tones; this actually has a neon touch which makes the skin colour appear tad darker.
• Not suitable for all age-groups; only suitable for the younger generations.

Lakme Absolute Orange Tease Lip Tint Crème lipswatch

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Lakme Absolute Orange Tease Lip Tint Crème?

Yes, it is a very nice orange to be tried if you want to experiment with orange especially when you are more into glossy ones and not matte. I wouldn’t get it again because I really haven’t been into oranges, I tried more of corals, now is the time to explore the orange shade with some other brand.

IMBB Rating: 4.1/5

Conclusion: I love this new creation by Lakme and I am sure this range is going to do so well because they are super good.

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  1. I’m working from home today n mom is asking me to clean my cupborad, she’s like aaj start karegi to pata nahi kab khatm hoga 😛 😛
    Coming to the review lip swatches look awesome on you Saloni 😀 I have dark pigmented lips so this won’t suit me

    1. yes this is one shade which is very poppy and vibrant… I would also wear it occasionally… but a nice orange for orange lovers 🙂 hahahaha see that’s the typical mom ! They are all the same… sab mummies will come now with this cleaning thing 🙂 but i will start cleaning one one thing lol 🙂 coz it would be a total mess when it piles up 🙂

    1. Yes very fun and summery shade .. 🙂 I use it when I am bored to do rest of the make-up and i am ready to go 🙂 thanks a lot 🙂

    1. thanks a lot Swathiiiiii 🙂 🙂 yes surely try either this or the matte ones.. there are sooo many shades to choose from 🙂

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