Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Overnight Mask Review

Leave the mask on all night to flaunt a gorgeous gloss next day from the minute you wake up. Enriched with minerals, the Lakmé Skin Gloss Overnight Mask keeps your skin hydrated and nourished.
Mineral laden glacial water continuously replenishes moisture
Hydrates to make skin look lustrous
Moisture coat your skin with gloss



INR 599

They have a gel creme and a serum for the same range and I suppose it is meant to be be hydrating and yet light weight.This overnight mask is essentially like a gel night creme for me, and yes it is a pleasant surpise with how it works, and it is a nice off beat for oily skin that does not like to use night creams but would still like to replenish there skin in someway.

The gloss creme comes in a simple jar, plastic and an enormous cardboard case.I think they have done it well, you feel you have invested your money somewhere good.The product that you actually get may or may not be as much 😛 the creme smells like an after shave balm that someone in your family may use.This smells very very strong like some masculine fragrance, this could be a major bother for many, I do not know what they were thinking but once you get past the smell, the cooling gel creme is a delight.


Since I have oily skin it is always nice to use something light and oil free and gel can say the creme when rubbed on feels like a serum, yes, not oily but has some grease to it, which will sit on top of your skin like a serum.I use little but still feel it sits on my skin despite massaging it.Anyway, so this is it and hence it is called a mask and not creme since it sits on the skin. this does not look white, it just sits like an aloe vera gel but no white cast. This will remind you of some hair cream your husband might have used 😛


It is nice to massage the skin with this, but it will be rubbed off on the pillow no doubt.The skin will feel like it is in some very humid place, you will feel your skin cannot breathe, of course till you sleep and forget about it.The skin feels very sweaty when you wear this, use the minimum amount you can.


If you get past the sweaty feel too, this feels like supple creme and when you wake up, you can see your skin is brighter, and very supple, it feels full of life and very plump.This is what I loved about this product every single time.The skin feels very healthy when you wake I have been suing it daily, I am not sure if you are supposed to use it only few days, but I love to use it for the supple skin in the morning.


Then another thing I love is that the product is very cooling and gentle, I did not feel any sensitivity at all,I found it very soothing and I recommend it to normal, combo, even dry skin, very oily or sweaty skin would not like it.Lastly, I would say that the effect is not long lasting, you have to use it the night before to see results, instant but it wont work if you dont, it does not make skin supple over a period of time, hence you might like to continue with it. I did see supple hydrated skin, though the smell and the humid feel is bothersome.I do recommend it to everyone who wants to skip oily night cremes and like to see supple skin instantly, the morning after.


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10 thoughts on “Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Overnight Mask Review

  1. omg….i totally love that silver black cover and jar…i dont know-kinda hot huh!
    Well dont like lakme products a lot, but that jar is calling me…buy me buy me…
    Great review 🙂

  2. thank you for the review. My skin seriously needs more hydration ……most oily /sticky night creams break out my skin . *nonono*
    i will buy this for sure !

  3. Thanks neha for the detailed and wonderful review. I was just wondering… Can we put it on in the morning hours on some sunday… Then leave it all through out the day and finally rinse it off while going to bed at night. Will it work the same. Is it transparent on skin or will we look like a bhoot for the entire time we have it on.

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