Lakme Absolute Victorian Rose Lip Tint Matte Review, Swatches

Hello ladies,

I am happy to be reviewing another lip product, a tinted lip balm. It is one of the latest launches called Lakme Absolute Lip Pout or Lip Tint Matte, and this one in the shade ‘Victorian Rose’. Read to know if turned out to be victorious for this lip balm lover!

Lakme Absolute Victorian Rose Lip Tint Matte Review, Swatches4

INR 650 for 3.5 g

Shelf Life:
24 months

Lakme Absolute Victorian Rose Lip Tint Matte Review, Swatches2

Key Features:
Quick and easy application
Matte finish with excellent colour pay off
Comfortable application
Retractable pencil that requires no sharpener
Vibrant matte shades

How to Apply:
Step 1: Pull out the cap.
Step 2: Start applying from the centre of your upper lip.
Step 3: Work from the centre towards the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth.
Step 4: Glide across the entire bottom lip.

Lakme Absolute Victorian Rose Lip Tint Matte Review, Swatches1

My Experience with Lakme Absolute Victorian Rose Lip Tint Matte:

Mixed emotions was what I first went through after applying this lip tint, it reminded me of ‘Revlon’s Color Burst Lacquer Balms’ and the packaging is just the same as the ‘matte balms’, only that the lid is silver here. In my personal opinion, from regularly using the color burst lacquers, I find them more promising and since probably matte was not my thing, I cannot comment much on the matte version. It can be a little psychological because from what I checked and re-checked, the coverage offered by both the lip crayons are the same, only that Lakme’s Lip Tint is purely matte and therefore is dry.

Lakme Absolute Victorian Rose Lip Tint Matte Review, Swatches

After having a normal routine with hydrating lip balms and glosses, for someone like me, mattes can be tough to handle, or rather tricky is the right word! I would any day prefer the same color, ‘Flirtatious’ from Revlon’s lip lacquers which belongs to the same family of pinkish red like this ‘Victorian Rose’. Revlon’s balms are easier to handle and those sweet, minty lip crayons also leave the lips hydrated for a while. Going back to Lakme’s lip pouts or lip tinted crayons, they can be a little harsh on the lips when you have to work your way through the pigmented part and get a nice finish. My lip swatches are not my best as I was kind of still in shock, but the hand swatch would give you the right picture.

Lakme Absolute Victorian Rose Lip Tint Matte Review, Swatches3

‘Victorian Rose’ scores a full ten as a color! The lightweight formulated lip product disappoints me in every other area, except probably I am happy to dab my sheer glosses and balms to make it work. A matte lover might be annoyed with the sheer act of dabbing the gloss part. It would score a perfect ten with ‘spot on matte’ lovers which is not who I am. I could not skip ‘Victorian Rose’ just for the color and I have been waiting to try these tinted lip balms from Lakme so I went for the best. It is just the right blend of pink with red. They come in six nice fresh spring/summer colors which I think are the classic shades that anyone can go for and Lakme did not go wrong here.

Lakme Absolute Victorian Rose Lip Tint Matte Review, Swatches6

It would definitely suit the Indian skin tones where they have the ‘Magenta Magic’ for the plum family lovers with neon pink undertones. With the orange love sickness on, they have a fun orange color, Tangerine Touch for coral lovers. There has to definitely be a regular pink amongst this, so ‘Pink Fantasy’ is a candid regular, everyday pink shade. Then comes the family of reds, an apple red color, ‘Raving Red’, a strawberry or a cherry like red ‘Scarlet Red’, there is the ‘Victorian Rose’, which is the perfect sweet blend of red and pink. ‘Victorian Rose’ is predominantly pink in color. When it eventually fades out, you will notice how dominant the pinks are. They could have added a shade of berry and a frosty pink to these colors, although I think the agenda was to showcase just bright shades and these shades tossed upon might be hit or might not make it.

Lakme Absolute Victorian Rose Lip Tint Matte Review, Swatches5

Let us wait it out to see what happens! Looks like they stand a higher chance amongst matte lovers so incase if it is a hit, it will be for the matte and even I am slowly beginning to embrace it. Twice I wore it and did not tamper the finish with a gloss. 😛 I tried to appreciate the product for the finish it offers. Speaking of the lip finish and formula, it has a huge scope for improvement as it can very dry even on normal lips. So, beauties with dry or chapped lips cannot handle it. Although the staying power is mediocre, to take the product off your lips entirely, it requires a remover, cleansing lotion or wet wipes. They also tend to transfer a bit.

Lakme Absolute Victorian Rose Lip Tint Matte Review, Swatches7

The other major issue happens when you try to evenly build the product over and over your lips. It just does not happen and that can eventually strain your lips. This product overall was nothing extraordinary except for just the ‘right matte’ and just the ‘right color’. Any day I would opt Revlon’s ‘Flirtatious’ to Lakme’s ‘Victorian Rose’, but any experiment has its consequences. I plan to go around sporting it as matte, or as a new addition to my vanity to be a great base for my glosses and the fading out helps to add a second color and so on so for an evening party, late night parties or a happy get together with friends.

Lakme Absolute Victorian Rose Lip Tint Matte Review, Swatches8

My suggestion : if you want try this range, go for swatches and pick a color only if you cannot resist your curiosity and keep your hands off new products. Pick a color that would highlight your skin tone.

Lakme Absolute Victorian Rose Lip Tint Matte Review, Swatches9

Pros of Lakme Absolute Victorian Rose Lip Tint Matte:

• Packaging – comes in a stout, small, chubby stick that is color coded with a metallic silver cap and the twist up type tube
• Easy access and availability – all shades (stores and online)
• Flavored – carries a mild vanilla flavor, just like any other flavored lip product from Lakme
• Renders an out an out perfect matte finish
• The shape of the bullet makes application easy
• Color – ‘Victorian Rose’ can help to highlight medium skin toned beauties (range of colors offered are apt for medium to fair complexion)
• Lightweight balm
• Does not heavily transfer
• Great base for sheer or moderately pigmented lip glosses

Cons of Lakme Absolute Victorian Rose Lip Tint Matte:

• Need a lip liner for better precision
• Can start off with drying your lips and eventually tends to bleed with the lines creasing out
• Tough to build the product and in the process, it can be harsh on your lips
• Tricky to build, especially for pigmented lips
• Ingredients not mentioned
• Not suitable for very dry or chapped lips and definitely needs exfoliation before application
• Mediocre staying power and fades eventually
• Needs wet wipes/lotion/remover to take off the product thoroughly

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Lakme Absolute Victorian Rose Lip Tint Matte?
No, I would not repurchase as I think I am done with my experiment and in my opinion, it was more of a chubby lip pencil than a soft lip crayon or a tinted balm. If you are looking for a nice bright shade, and a matte finish, consider going for it with its cons, else I do not recommend it.

Worthy of experimenting and the color was its only victory!

• Exfoliate lips for this range – before and after application
• Perfect matte color for parties
• Use a soft liner to get precision
• Would be best suited lip color to start off for ombre lips, especially for beginners
• A perfect matte for sheer – medium pigmented glosses – pair this with glosses from the pink and red family

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6 thoughts on “Lakme Absolute Victorian Rose Lip Tint Matte Review, Swatches

    1. Yea perfect for the matte finish lovers like yourself 😀 and the shade is pretty pretty but overall as a product it was a disappointment for me 🙁

  1. I was over excited when the range was being bragged about by LAKME and specially eyeing for the Victorian rose but after reading many reviews my excitement totally died. Anyway I’ll give this lovely shade a shot and try to tweak the application to see if anything works or not.

  2. Same here 🙁 and I was too excited this particular shade alone, Victorian Rose among the range is definitely worth a try just for the color <3 but otherwise my glosses have found a good BFF for themselves 😛 since its not all that great

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