Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color – Scarlet

Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color – Scarlet

Hello Everybody,

Today, I will be reviewing Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color in shade Scarlet.

Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color Scarlet

Product Description:

Hindustan Unilever Limited is the manufacturer of Lakmé Aquashine Lip Color. Hindustan Unilever Limited offers various types of skin care and cosmetic products. The Lakmé Aquashine Lip Color comes with super soft applicator that gives the lips a proper shape. The Lakmé Aquashine Lip Color can be used in three ways, like a lipstick, lip balm and a lip gloss. The Lakmé Aquashine Lip Color is available in various colors like Wildberry, Scarlet, Lotus, Patina, Orchid, Fig, Gingersnap, Sand, Truffle, Peach, Old Rose, Cocoa, Terracotta, Wine and Coral Wine.

What is it:

Glide color onto your lips like velvet. The super soft applicator gives your lips a shape like never before.
Leaving you with the perfect smile. It’s a lipstick, Lip Balm and a Lip Gloss all in one.

Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color Scarlet

How It Works:

Remove cap. Twist body of pen until the lip color is seen at the tip of the nib. Apply on lips for a smooth glossy finish.


I guess it was around Rs. 425 for 2.55 ml when I bought it.

My Experience with Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color – Scarlet:

This lip color was also reviewed my Rati in shades Sepia, Sangria, Plum and Firebrick.  I decided to do this review for all those beauties in search of that perfect bold red lip color.

Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color Scarlet

Firstly, I love its packaging.  It almost is like a pen with a sponge tip applicator which makes it very convenient to carry and very easy to use. The tube is of the shade which it carries which makes it very easy to locate.

This lip color is very pigmented. The texture is very light on the lips and has a very glossy finish. I found that it transfers a lot on everything and the staying power would be about 2-3 hours if you do not drink or eat, but the glossiness fades away sooner than that.

Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color Scarlet

The color is very “Bold Red,” many might not be comfortable wearing such a shade and it is definitely not suitable to everyday wear, maybe it would work for some party or wedding or a hot date 😛  It’s a definite recommendation for someone who is not afraid turn heads.

Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color Scarlet

Pros of Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color – Scarlet:

  • Sleek packaging.
  • Easy application.
  • Good staying power.
  • Glossy finish.

Cons of Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color – Scarlet:

  • Transfers a lot.
  • Bold color, not for everyone.

IMBB Rating:


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30 thoughts on “Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color – Scarlet

  1. Neha.. the color looks different in hand and lip swatch.. I think its hot red!! woowwww..

    I have used aquashine.. I like the packaging.. so convenient to apply.. wish to buy it again only for that.. 😀

    1. it might be looking diffrent coz of the light..i took the lip swatch in flashlight and the hand swatch in normal light..

      yeah i luv it packing too..soo unique nd diffrent from the normal lippies

  2. The Sponge Applicator is really awesome!
    Nice Review!
    I am more of a sleek matte person but not many lipsticks come like this. They give a bleeding look and make the pout even thicker. Can anybody suggest some good ones?

    1. yes you have to be careful while applying this or elz it will bleed ..but it good for thinner lips like gives that fuller myt not even notice that my lips r thin..

  3. The color luks different in swatch than on the lips. It appears to be an orange red color.. Totally dig this shade..
    I wanna know how to prevent bleeding of lipglosses? Pls help…

    1. i have heard by applying concelers on the outside the outline of lips makes the lip colour pop nd also will prevent bleeding..i have nvr tried this trick myself but u can give it a try

  4. Wow! Looks awesome on you! But I cannot carry such a hot shade! 🙂
    I’ve been wanting to try the Aquashine range since long. Any suggestions for a nude pink shade?

  5. Neha..such a bold color??!!!!
    I don’t prefer such bold colors 🙂
    suggest me other mauve shades in this range..

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