Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick #569

Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick #569

Another one from the 9 lipsticks I picked up from the new like I said, these are variants of brown, mainly nude browns, brick brown, dirty brown, peachy browns, and you can see most of them act as a nude lip for me, like an MLBB shade, you will see more of these shades soon, and then you will be super confused as to which one to pick up as all look so same, but I shall help you with the swatches of all where by you can see what “brown” to get yourself, well the lighter or the peachier 😛 well they do have very few plums and pink and coppers, like one each, I am waiting to the remaining from the collection for which I will visit Shopper’s stop soon.

Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick 569 (7)

like I have been saying the packaging is not boring but it has been around for so long that we have now started to find it boring and also ignore it as well as skip going to the counter. let me remind you lakme has some great soft lippies from this range for as low as 225 and some awesome ones from lip love which of course are better packaged than these, never mind, this new collection looks too brown till now but I am sure you can find yourself an MLBB from it anyway.

Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick 569 (8)

Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick 569

The texture of this range is very soft and buttery, these remind me of NYX round lippies just wish they had the sahdes as well,the lippies are so buttery that they more often than not break at the base and then you have hard time cleaning the mess or applying them with a lip brush. BUt I can stand that for a good shade (135, 128 are very good ones)

Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick 569 (4)

Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick 569 (3)

These look, feel and smell exactly the same as the old ones, they are soft and buttery, this one is a brickj brown, no shimmer or frost and has a creme finish, I quite like the shade and it stays on fresh for roughly one hour and leaves a soft hint of brown for two hours. I am fond of bricks so if you are too, try this one, for 225 it is a really good pick.

Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick 569 (2)


Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick 569 Swatch


You must have seen around so many of these that this is nothing new, just the new additional stickler on the cap is new and nothing else, nevertheless the nude browns may appeal to many, lets see how the rest of them look like.

IMBB Rating :

4/5 for the shade, the pricing and the buttery texture!

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14 thoughts on “Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick #569

  1. ohh neha u are so fed up with this new range na…all browns, i mean are those people insane to launch such shades and that too in the spring season??!!… but all the shades look good on u 🙂 i think i never return to lakme lippies ever..

  2. I agree Neha, that now we rarely look at them because of the same old packaging. But this one is a pretty brown shade with slight hint of peach. Looks good on you 🙂

  3. ohhhhh god.. nw u only suggest which one to go for in the nude lippie family ?? this looks lovely on ur lips like always <3 🙂

  4. beautiful neha.. u always apply lippie so neatly and beautifully my gosh..!! always feel like looking at you.. <3

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