Lakme Face Sheer Sun Kissed Review, Swatch, FOTD

Lakme Face Sheer Sun Kissed Review

Adding a hint of glow with cheek highlighters as the last part of makeup is like adding the garnishing condiments to a recipe. The last step is the one that spices up the whole thing-and dramatically enlivens the taste. However-just as garnishing flavors- if they go overboard- leave the food unsavory –similarly excess of the glow thingy spoils the look! In my collection of highlighters, I have a Streetwear highlighter, the Lakme facesheer-and another technique-of swiping my blush brush across the palette of Maybelline Eyestudio quad in Copper Brown. Surprisingly-the last one works best among the three. Here I am reviewing the Lakme Face Sheer in shade Sun Kissed.

Lakme Face Sheer Sun Kissed Review, Swatch, FOTD

Lakme Face Sheer. Price: Rs 299

What the Lakme Website Says:
Sun soaked irridescent pigments that tint, highlight and layer for lovely cheek and face color.

Lakme Face Sheer Sun Kissed

How To Use:
• Twist to open. Tap to infuse sponge with color. Layer to build gorgeous sunny cheek color or lightly go over face for that just-back- from-a-tropical-island holiday look. Twist to close.
• Tip: Use nine to five crème to powder compact or foundation as a base ahead of other makeup, for best results.
The face sheer comes in a cute small tub in three colors-although the store from where I bought it, had two. The shade I bought is “sun kissed”-it is a toned down gold with pink undertones-a better description of it is “light peachy gold”. At first I liked the idea of a sponge applicator for this sheer-since from my past experience with Streetwear Roll on highlighter-I know how garish can it look if the shimmer from the contained lands up directly on the face.

face sheer

The sheer is ultrafine feather light shimmer powder that settles on the skin evenly and the particles do not stand out since the texture is fine. However, blending over makeup is difficult-since once dabbed the shimmer refuses to budge.

And here comes the worse part. The sponge applicator-which is supposed to “dispense” the shimmer dust- does that only if you RUB RUB RUB and RUB IT ON YOUR FACE!!!!! I found it difficult even to get a proper swatch of the shimmer on the backside of my hands after rubbing hard enough-and only I could see a hint here and a glint there. After 15 minutes of rubbing-finally the shimmer began to come out-WITH the rubbing going on. I thought-Okay-for the first time of using –maybe this was taking time. So I tried a second time-and the same story repeated-rub REALLY hard –often TAP TAP TAP and you may see some glitter transferring to your cheek which would either look washed with shimmer or having streaks and stipples of it. Overall there is no control over the amount of shimmer or precision as to how you want to apply. And what’s more-the shimmer comes out from the side of the lid even if it is closed.

Now for people like me-who has just spent last 15 minutes-in priming the face, putting foundation, setting with powder, then applying blush and contour the cheeks to get the perfect vignette- for this highlighter-one has to smear it all together. And what would happen to the sponge??? It would take up half of the color of your cheek and in two days become pink/brown/red whatever. The best part is-the lid is not detachable-so there is no way of cleaning the sponge if it gets too blotchy (dirty?) What an Idea Sirji!!!

So I framed up my own rules of “how to use”: I twisted the lid hard-I dint care if the container broke-it was useless until I could use the product with something other than the sponge. On sufficient torsion-the lid with the sponge came out-and I heaved a sigh of relief!!! (Thank God I can stopper it back somehow or within a very short time my wardrobe would have become “wonderland” :D.
Now the shimmer can be transferred to either a fluffy powder/kabuki bush for the cheeks or a pencil brush for the inner corners of eyes or an eye shadow brush for highlighting the brow bone as the situation demands.

So after the mutual torture, here comes the pros and cons of the product:


1. Nice and fine shimmer, not chunky
2. The sun kissed shade gives a pinkish glow-so it looks kinda natural. I would suggest while using this shimmer not to go overboard with the blush as the effect would be rudyyyyyyyy
3. Price is reasonable-it takes one swipe of a fluffy brush to deliver enough product on the cheeks
4. Has a tiny mirror on the lid


1) Use the sponge applicator over your full done face at your own risk.
2) This shimmer loves to make your face look like a disco ball-so controlling the amount and blending is a serious issue
3)With the sponge-d lid attached-there would hardly be any uses of this product except on cheeks or shoulder blades (ya I do that ☺ ).
4) Without detaching-there is no way of cleaning the sponge
5) Shimmer dust “leaks” through the twisting part of the lid
6) High chance of looking OTT if overdone

Well in spite of my rants about this product-I would suggest you all out there to try it once. Only because I love the color and fine shimmer. It is a perfect last step touch for evening parties. BUT-apply sparingly with a large powder brush. The application should be like “touching” not “R U B ing”

Rating: 3 for the nicely pigmented shimmer, -1 for my effort lost to twist and remove the lid

Here I am wearing no blush-only the shimmer-blended

sunkissed makeup - lakme

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32 thoughts on “Lakme Face Sheer Sun Kissed Review, Swatch, FOTD

    1. You know-when at first I couldnt get the shimmer out of the bottle-I was furious :daayan: :daayan: :daayan: but when I could finally manage to put it on my cheeks-I felt ke-hmm not bad !!! :preen: :preen: :preen: it would be unfair if I dont recommend it to the galz here!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  1. awesome awesome awesome Anuradha 🙂 I have had this for a long time but it just refuses to transfer enough product on my cheeks…. i’ll now try your way… your way is sooo obvious but it just didnt strike me 😛

    1. Actually you know Suma- twisting the lid so hard was a nuisance :pissedoff: :pissedoff: -I half expected it to fall apart-also in the process my hand got covered in the shimmer dust-but now at least I can use it the way I want- :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. its luking nice on u anuradha but a lil too obvious 😐 …yes controlling the amt of shimmer wud b a challenge here :methinks: :methinks: … for me its a nono product :nono: ..thanxx for this gr8 review.. :thumbsup:

    1. It was almost going to my “paisa gaya pani me” file of beauty products-but now I think it will be useful-coz the quality of shimmer is nice-and the color is pretty too!!!! but truly this shimmer is strictly for party and shaadis-its shine quotient is pretty high for normal or casual-wear use 😐 😐 😐

    1. I say-dont use the puff at all-its totally inappropriate to dispense the shimmer- :spank: :spank: :spank: twist the lid with the puff a bit hard-it would come off-see the fourth pic- the cap can be placed back-so the shimmer wont fly here n there :manicure: :manicure: :manicure:

    1. I would recommend you to have a bottle of this Nupur-coz without the puff-this shimmer would come a lot handy-in easily imparting that dash of glow :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

    1. woww Neha you know Bengali??????????? :yahoo: :yahoo: :puchhi: :puchhi: how did you learn? Ever been to Kolkata?? ?:) ?:)

  3. It looks very pretty on you. I guess I like such fine shimmer for highlighting specially during wedding functions 😀 :thumbsup:

    1. Exactly Jinal!!! This shimmer could be the best last step for party purposes and weddings makeup-the color is also not garish and looks pretty natural-thats one plus point of this :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

  4. its looking really lovely!!! have done something to your eyuebrows?? they look so defined! :woot: :thumbsup: :thanks:

    1. awww thankuuu-me should thank my parlor aunty for the nice shape of the brows-also did some fill up with a dark brown shadow :methinks: :methinks:

  5. I just enjoyed reading the post more than abt the product itself…Lovely writeup :yes:
    n I thought u had some blush on…but WOW only the product itself is looking very nice on u :makeup:

    1. Thankuuu soo much Pooja!!! I really love writing these articles-while writing about things I loved is pleasure-while writing about the painful ones is fun :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

  6. there’s another way to use this… and you wont have to break any part of the container…. just peel off the sponge applicator (its not glued on), you’ll see it’ll look like a normal body talc’s top with fine holes… if you twist it you’ll see it opens…and after twisting it back it closes like normal talc containers do… once its open, just brush over your blush brush over it…you’ll get enough shimmer on the brush…now you can use as any normal blush/bronzer…. 🙂

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