Lakme Fantasy Collection Lipstick No.133 Review

Lakme Fantasy Collection Lipstick No.133 Review

Hey Friends,

Today, I’m going to review a lipstick from Lakme’s Fantasy collection.  I generally have a collection of bright coloured lipsticks and though I have had a few softer shades of lipstick, I realised I lacked an MLBB shade in my collection.  I had bought this lipstick thinking this could become my MLBB shade. Let’s see if it helped fill that space.

Lakme Fantasy Collection Lipstick No.133 Review




The regular boring matte maroon packaging, very cheap and dull.


Here’s where I have something important to say. I fully openend the lipstick once and it just gave way and broke! I put it back in hoping I would use it by opening little by little of it. Yet it broke once again from the top too. Its so messy. It melts and doesn’t retain the regular bullet shape  and looks extremely untidy and hence gets shaky, flimsy and untidy to apply.  Most of the time it breaks and sticks to the lid, eww.. sorry for the gross pictures, but that’s how the lipstick is!

Lakme lipstick


It applies unevenly. Hence, you have to spend some time and effort getting an even layer of colour.  I am not so patient with using lip brushes to apply lipstick, I end up darkening the colour with those extra swipes I try to, even the previous layer.

Lakme Lipstick


Its a brown with slight “peach” and even slighter “red” undertones. Well, this is what that makes it MLBB material. However, it did not suit me. As on my lips, it only shows as a flat brown with no peach tones at all and brown doesn’t suit me at all. I look extremely dull and sick.

In natural light:


Also, you  can see how unevenly it applies.

Lip swatch in natural light:

Lakme Lipstick

It does look pretty good in photographs in natural light. Only, its not so!! I just could not capture the right colour.  However, the swatches below in artificial lighting are close enough to the colour.

Lakme Lipstick

On me, the colour looks exactly like what it looks in the lipstick bullet in the top most pictures :/

Even the finish of this lipstick is weird. Its not exactly matte and not exactly satiny. Its something else, not good! It makes lips look aged! I know! A very weird thing. It doesn’t make lips look flattering, rather ages it down.  Pigmentation is very average, but it can be built upon if you have pigmented lips, but in the process, the colour get more and more flat, dark brown kind upon application of various layers, and loses its softness and dimension.

Going straight to the lipsticks pros and cons:

What I Like about Lakme Fantasy Collection Lipstick No.133:

  • Nothing.

What Others May Like about Lakme Fantasy Collection Lipstick No.133:

  • It probably could serve as “my lips but better” for some.

What I Do Not Like about Lakme Fantasy Collection Lipstick No.133:

  • The colour, it looks flat boring brown on me.
  • The quality; the lipstick breaks and melts into big and small pieces, gets on to the rest of the case.
  • Average pigmentation.
  • Average staying power is maximum of 1 or 1.5 hours.
  • The finish. Its not so flattering on lips, makes them look more aged and dull.
  • The usual synthetic, strong, silly fragrance of Lakme lipsticks. Seriously, I hate such fragrant lipsticks and worse fragrance of Lakme.  It doesn’t wear off even long after the application.
  • Applies uneven.
  • Cheap and bad quality packaging.

Last Word:

Other lipsticks from this collection maybe average or nice, but this one just doesn’t cut it, its cheap quality; from packaging to the formulation.  Its only saving grace might be the colour.  The peach doesn’t show on me. I know a few people on whom the colour doesn’t look bad at all and shows as a soft peach and slightly red-based brown, one example is my mother. She too doesn’t enjoy this lipstick at all, but the colour flatters her and looks very much MLBB on her.

Would I Buy Lakme Fantasy Collection Lipstick No.133 Again?


Would I Recommend Lakme Fantasy Collection Lipstick No.133?


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29 thoughts on “Lakme Fantasy Collection Lipstick No.133 Review

  1. Yikes! what happened here?? 🙁 It’s a lovely color on you on a brighter note. Maybe you got a defective piece as Parita said?

  2. Ya parita that’s what. It can be a great shade for I wrote it suits my mum really well.
    No parita when I bought it, it was fine. It slowly melts breaks eventuallym also I know someone else whose 133 also broke..

  3. I have Avon simply pretty “Copper Gleam” which looks so much like this shade…….but that’s perfect it terms of consistency. Sorry u faced breakage issues… breaks my heart when something like this happens…..but ur lip swatch looks good nonetheless

    1. Ya monika thankfully since this isn’t an expensive one I was kinda ok with it.. Besides mum keeps cleaning it and using it now.. It looks good on her..hehe

    1. Exactly rati! I had clicked it that time only when it was melting and till where the mess reached..! It still keeps melting.. !
      Ya the colour is fine.. But doesn’t make lips look attractive reallt.. Don’t like the texture much.. :\

      1. actually i found the texture okay but since yours melted so much , it may have totally tampered with the quality and the overall feel of the lipstick. Breaks my heart to see a lipstick in this condition. 🙁

        1. When it was new. And I had just got it.. Since then only I dint quite like the texture. It had a cheap feel to it.
          Maybe ur talking about other lippies. Sometimes diffrnt pigments have diffrnt textures na.. I have one more lippie from this collection and uska texture is fine..maybe dat way..

    1. hehe thanks but not really surbhi.. i cudnt exactly get the real colour in the lip swatch.. it looks more dark on me.. like the swatch in the last picture

  4. but the lipstick is in pretty bad condition. 🙁 when somethin like this happens it feels like waste of money 🙁

  5. I had shade 135 and another from this collection and both of them melted broke n became squishy . I was unable to use both the shades , texture is really pathetic liked135 so much but unable to use for long coz of the texture now i never buy lipsticks from this collection

    1. ohh indrani… ur fantasy collection lippies went through the same fate..!! 🙁 i agree with the texture part too…. ur right!

  6. ur lips are looking really pretty… 🙂
    Tried keeping lippies in fridge??? prevents melting and fungus as well(People in kolkata/mumbai/chennai would know how it feels :P)

    1. no not really shreya.. my mom would freak out if she sees cosmetics even uin the fridge!!! haha
      but then mty other lipsticks also dont go in fridge and are being from lakme itself 🙂

  7. looks nice on ur lips Neha.. and you were right it can serve as a MLBB.
    I have two from this range and both of them are in same broken condition .:)

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