Lakme Fantasy Collection Lipstick Photos, Swatches

Lakme Fantasy Collection Lipstick Photos, Swatches

Lakme Fantasy collection includes 8 colors of Enrich Satin lipsticks. Here are swatches of 6. I liked the shades this time. They were such a breather from the all brown collection.

Price : Rs 225

lakme fantasy collection Lipstick

Enrich Satin Lipstick 131 : It is a satin finish non shimmery lipstick. It’s a soft peachy pink color. it’s a very cute shade for every day for girls who have light to medium skin tone.

lakme enrich lipstick 131

No 135 : This is my favourite shade from the collection. It’s s muted fuchsia colour. It is bright but not as bright that you cannot pull off easily both during day or night. Would look great on almost all skin tones.

lakme enrich satin lipstick 135

lakme lipstick 136 : It’s a golden frosted mauve brown shade. Not an easy to pull off shade , imho.Β  It can easily make your face look dull.

lakme enrich satin lipstick 136

Swatches l-r 131, 135, 136

lakme enrich satin lipstick swatch
l-r 131, 135, 136



Lakme Enrich Lipstick l-r 131, 135, 136
Lakme Enrich Lipstick bottom to top 131, 135, 136

No 137 : It is coppery orangey brown lipstick. It can make a nice evening wear shade for summers. It has golden shimmers in it.

lakme enrich satin lipstick 137

No 138 It is a deep wine brown colour with golden shimmer in it,.

lakme enrich satin lipstick 138

Lakme enrich lipstick 133 :This one is a nude brown lipstick with no shimmer. It would be a “my lips but better” shade for a lot of skin tones.

no 133

Shade swatches

top-bottom 133,138,137
lakme enrich lipstick swatch top-bottom 133,138,137

top-bottom 137,138,133

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81 thoughts on “Lakme Fantasy Collection Lipstick Photos, Swatches

    1. Hi Ik…Me old lady…not my age to be entering contests…but I am so enjoying seeing all the entries….such pretty girls.

      1. Awwww Ik, you have really made my day, I am all proud as a peacock after you said this…thank you so much, my dear.

  1. Oh wowww loved most of them πŸ˜€
    now I feel like buying myself a lippie ASAP….
    …………..And the cravings begin……………..

  2. I am ulllu again after soooo many daysss ….i want cute ullu sitting on branch wali smileyyy
    :smug: :smug: :smug:

  3. Hey Rati,

    This 137 na I’ve got the ditto same shade in Lakmes regular Enrich collection, its my HG lippy, somehow it opens up my face, looks fab in PP size photos :silly:

    Loving this collection, eyeing the chubby eyepencils, I loved their texture

  4. 133 & 135… :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :jiggy2: :jiggy2: :jiggy2: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: GM every1 & HAPPY HOLI… :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

  5. i was seriously expecting a lot from this collection..the lippies are fine////// nthg to die for..hai na rati?? i liked 131 and 135…why do they have glitter ??? :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep:

  6. Hi gals!

    I didnot like the shades too much! Looking forward to the coloured liners – gel as well as pencil! Any ideas whether they have a yellow?

  7. nice shades ya… lakme is getting better and better… i had almost stopped buying lakme…. nowadays i really feel like bying soo many things!!! 😯 😯 😯

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