Lakme Glide on Eye Colour Metallic Black Review, Swatch

Lakme Glide on Eye Colour – Metallic Black

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Recently, I started a hunt for good eye liners in the form of pencils and markers. I started with Maybelline Vivid Smooth pencils. I had a very good experience and Lotus Herbal’s Eye Contour definer, it doesn’t go well with my eyes. Then, I narrowed down my search to Lakme Glide on Eye Colours. Today, I am going to review about Lakme Glide on Eye Colours.

Lakme have launched glide on colors in 7 seven shades:

• Smoky Green.
• Iridescent Blue.
• Peacock Green.
• Metallic Black.
• Aqua Green.
• Warm Copper.
• Plush Purple.

Lakme Glide on Eye Colour Metallic Black

I bought Lakme glide on eye color – Metallic Black, since I love black colour a lot, but later, I came to know after using the pencil that metallic black is not black, but it is grey and silver combination type of shade.

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Okay, let’s look about the company claims. Lakme glide on eye colours is full of crushed gemstones sprinkled with the brilliance of precious metals, for eyes that reflect the stars.




Rs. 275/-.

Net Weight:

1.2 grams.

Shelf Life:

30 months. It comes with a sealed cover and a cap.

Swatches of Lakme Glide on Eye Colour – Metallic Black



My Experience with the Lakme Glide on Eye Colours:

The pencil outlook has a common look when compared with Maybelline Vivid smooth pencils, but when it is used, we can get the appealing look. It glides like butter. It is a smudge-proof pencil. It stays in my eyes for 8 -10 hours without getting cornered in my eyes.
Some eye pencils tend to get cornered in our eyes after a long duration, but Lakme doesn’t disappoint me in this issue, since this is the very important point for me. Girls like me working in shifts already have dark circle issues; after using these pencils, it should not make them to look worse.

I am having a wheatish skin tone, so whenever I try to apply Lakme Glide on Eye Color in my upper eye, it is not so visible because of the lighter shade, I need to overdo it to get a good eye makeup. I always prefer to use it in my water line only.

I took this picture without flash:




Waterproof test pictures:


Lakme Glide on Eye Color doesn’t have too much of glittering effect as mentioned by the Lakme. In all my pictures because of flash, it is glittering too much.

Sometimes, I use Lakme glide on eye color over my liquid eyeliner .You can see the picture below.


Likes about Lakme Glide On Eye Colour:

• Pencil is so smooth within one swatch, I can get the entire eye makeup done.
• Wastage is low, whenever it is sharpened, its lead is not breaking into bits.
• It glides well in the waterline without smudging and it is waterproof too.
• It can also be used for smokey eye makeup.
• Price is quite low when compared with other glittering eye pencils. It is totally worth the money.

Dislikes about Lakme Glide On Eye Colour:

• Color is in somewhat lighter shade, so it is not visible on darker skin tones.
• Metallic black doesn’t seems to be dark, it looks like silver-grey shade.

Final Verdict:

This pencil is ideal for waterline and for smokey eye makeup.

Will I Buy It Again?

No, I will try some other shades in Lakme Glide on Colors and a darker shade this time.

Thank you Girls,

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26 thoughts on “Lakme Glide on Eye Colour Metallic Black Review, Swatch

  1. its not black :nono: .. its grey only… my avon black is a better black :haanji: :haanji: :haanji: ..try tht avon glimmerstick f u need a metallic black.. :yes: :yes: ..

    1. Yes it is possible to draw thin lines :waytogo: . I have tried it. But we have to be careful with the swipe , it may break the led.

  2. I have also tried this pencil in peacock green, it’s a lovely colour.
    I loved the pigmentation and the staying power…doesn’t fade at all
    However, I didn’t try it on my waterline, might give it a shot now!
    :thanks: for the review 🙂

  3. lots of eyeliner/khol reviews today :yahoo: all of them are so pretty. I think lakme has a shimmery liquid eye liner too..this one reminds me of that.

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