Lakme Glide On Lipcolour- Review

Hello Everybody,

Since I saw this post of Rati’s, I was dying to recreate the look for myself.

I totally loved the phrase ‘A stain of lip pencil’ and was in dire search for such a lip pencil. As I am heavily into mattes this summer and I don’t get MAC at my place; my hunt for a colour intense lip pencil started.

Then, finally my search ended at the Lakme Counter. The Lakme Glide on lipcolour comes from their Bridal Sutra range. I bought it for Rs. 295/ (Indian Rupees)-.

The SA at the Lakme counter told me nothing about the product except that it could be used as a lip liner and lip colour both. But I discovered that the product is much more than that. 🙂

Lakme  Glide on Lip Colour

I swatched and bought it just because I loved the shade. But when I tried it on the next day, I was in for a wonderful surprise. 😀

Lakme swatch

It is a medium dark brown colour with very subtle bronze shimmer. The shimmer is very subtle and almost invisible on the lips. But it prevents the colour from looking drab (my most primary concern about using mattes!!).

Here’s the swatch-

You cannot find the product on Lakme’s website any more. Here’s the link to the older page. It shows the 8 shades it’s available in.

Lakme Bridal Sutra Glide on Lip Pencil
All the shades are beautiful and range from pink to purple to golds and lovely browns. The Cocoa Rush is actually a really nice red. If you are really into dark lipsticks, you can go for Hot Chocolate or Berry Passion. The Rose Shimmer is a very soft pink which is going to be my next buy from this range. The Gold sizzle will suit almost all skin tones. I am very scared of purples as they make me look like a zombie!!! So won’t comment on the Cherry Blossom… Honey Crush does not look anything like Honey but is a coppery colour. Love it too.. 😀

(These are all my opinions… The SA was so quiet; at one point I thought she was mute.. :o)

How to use Lakme Glide On Lipcolour

  • You can use this lip pencil as a lip liner and layer it with another lipcolour.
  • You can also colour your entire lips with it.
  • I even tried it on my eyes and it gave a really nice semi-matte finish.

I love the Lakme Glide On lipcolour because-

  • It’s absolutely long lasting. I applied it in the morning at 10 o’ clock. It stayed put throughout the day and fought a full meal. Even after 6-7 hrs, there was a nice ‘Stain’ of colour on my lips. 😀 Mission accomplished!!
  • It’s very colour intense. One swipe on my lips and I am good to go. 😀
  • It’s waterproof, smudge proof and doesn’t melt even in this scorching weather.
  • It’s kiss proof. Don’t get any ideas gals.. I kissed my 1 1/2 yr old nephew and his cheek was stainless.
  • It is very good as a lipliner too. It holds glosses and lipsticks well. Even my Maybelline watershine gloss stayed on quite long on top of this. 😮
  • It is neither too glittery nor too bland. It has the right amount of shimmer to pep up the colour without glinting too much. 🙂
  • It glides on pretty well on my lips and doesn’t pull unlike the 9 to 5 range.
  • It does not settle into the fine lines on the lips.
  • It did not cause any flakiness.
  • It’s easily removed by any cleansing lotion. It did not give me any trouble while removing; again unlike the 9 to 5 range.
  • It has nice packaging. You can see the colour at the end of the pencil. Helps in choosing the colour.

I don’t love Lakme Glide On Lipcolour

  • It’s very drying. I have to apply and reapply lip balm over it to keep it soft.
  • The application of lip balm does not dilute the colour though.
  • It tends to form a sort of a ring around my lips. That is it stays at the lip line and I eat away the lip fill!!
  • They are very difficult to smudge. (For my eyes that is.. 😉 )

Apart from these, I really couldn’t find any more reasons to hate the product.
I am really liking it these days and wearing it almost thrice a week. I want to buy more shades of this.. 🙂 (Note to self- Buy the Lakmé Cheek and Lip stain..)

All in all, it is a good product. I loved it more because of its versatility. It’s quite reasonably priced too.

Rating- 3.5

In retrospect, I think the Bridal Sutra range itself was by far Lakme’s best; what with the Eye Artist pen and the Enrich matte lipsticks. Their blush shades are also good. Lakme’s routine blush shades are so dark and muddy.

I would definitely buy this again; unless of course I find something better… 🙂

P.S. Priyanka’s diet chart is working. Have lost 1.8 kgs in the past week… So happy… 😀
Love you Priyanka…. Mwahh…

So until next time…

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38 thoughts on “Lakme Glide On Lipcolour- Review

  1. Mrunmayee,

    nice review, dear…

    love the color, especially the swatch…looks beautiful…

    i 2 wud love to try rose shimmer…count me in 🙂

    shd i not expect lip swatch?

  2. Yipppie followed by * a little jig*.. im so happy.. 🙂 🙂

    calls for a celebration :cake: Obviously these are marie biscuits disguised as a cake.. i wont dare to flounder with our diet.

  3. Hey M,

    I have these in Hot Chocolate, Honey Crush, Rose Shimmer and Berry Passion.

    I guess you would have figured out by now that I love these! I had got them for Rs. 250 a piece and was going to post about them until the entire fiasco on their lipsticks happened. Now it is just lying as a draft post in my blogger. 🙂

    1. You know when i swatched the Cocoa rush, my first thought was that it would look good on you..

      So it goes.. It already does.. :-*

  4. The fact that you loved the product is evident throughout the post..So much of cheerful energy

    Nice review Mrunmayee.

    I have not tried this product yet and may not try it in future too coz as it is my lips are super dry. And moreover, a very bad drying exp with 9 to 5 lipstick.

    But since this liner suits you, enjoy!!!

    1. You know Poornima, i have very dry lips too.. And i have a very very bad experience with 9 to 5 too.. (who doesn’t?)
      But still it worked.. Maybe because I kept applying lip balm over it..

      Glad you liked the post.. :-))

    1. Whaatt!!! Pls start soon… You are missing the most addictive part of makeup… 😯

      Once you start it’s impossible to stop… :rotfl:

  5. Hey Mrunmayee…..quite refreshing to see a good feedback of a Lakme product coz like Tanveer I too have started disliking Lakme off-late due to a lot of issues but seems like this lip pencil is really working well for you!!

    Enjoy and do get them in more colors 😎

    1. I am not a big fan of lakme either… Quite the contrary… :no:

      But I really find their Bridal Sutra range pretty acceptable.. :-))

      Love this pencil.. :inlove:

  6. Mrunmayee…your description has made sure i go and check this out asap!! btw which color is in this swatch?? it’s lovely..

    1. Thanks Smita.. Pls try it.. 😀

      The colour is Bronze glitter.. Comes out a bit darker on the lips though.. It IS a lovely colour.. :yes: :yes:

  7. Hey i stumbled upon this blog while loking for this products review…I got this lipcolour as a gift but unfortunately I broke the tip by accident. How do I use this now? It doesnt look like it can be sharpened and no matter ho wmuch I rotate the colored end of teh pencil..the tip doesnt come up! Help!

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