Lakme Jewel Eyeliner in Jade Review

Lakme Jewel Eyeliner in Jade Review

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Like every other kid, the two products that entranced me were liners and lipsticks. My mom’s love for coloured liners way back in the 90’s – just fed this minor obsession. Whenever I saw coloured liners, I always felt the need to swipe them and would just stare at them, transfixed (I was an exceptionally weird child :p). But nevertheless, I first tried coloured pencil liners due to their ease of application and was always on the lookout for coloured liquid liners that would leave the adult me as entranced as little me. My search ended with the product that I am about to review now. It’s a perfect blend of affordability, quality and a stunningly unique colour that just makes my day like none other. So without further ado, on to the review!



225 INR

Lakme Jewel Eyeliner in Jade 2


This packaging is sleek and classy. The screw-able lid is a glossy gold that is prone to chipping but cute as hell. The transparent packaging that allows one to see the amazing jade shade (That rhymed! :p) is appreciated while rummaging for this product in your vanity, but absolutely useless when you want to figure out how much product is left, as this is no indication of the same. The applicator is the regular fine brush that comes with most liners and helps in a no-hassle application. There is a rubber neck protector for the opening of this product that prevents wastage of product by either drying or dispensing of too much product.

Lakme Jewel Eyeliner in Jade 3

My Take on Lakme Jewel Eyeliner in Jade:

I love coloured liners as they can bring a beautiful pop of colour to your makeup without being too over the top or if you have a Lady Gaga mood, to be the centre of attraction :p  Nevertheless, it’s a versatile product when used to various effects. I am well and truly satisfied with this product as I feel that it’s a beautiful colour in a stylish package with an amazing glimmering sheen.

Lakme Jewel Eyeliner in Jade 4

The minor problem that I find with this product is it’s wear time. It lasts a mere 3-4 hours on my combination skin (oily lids) and while it’s smudge proof, once it sets, it isn’t water resistant let alone water proof.

But the amazing colour more than makes up for it. For any Jade lovers (the semi precious stone) out here on IMBB, this is the colour for you. It’s a beautiful bright emerald green that makes brown eyes pop and shimmer like no other colour. It’s not too over the top, so it suits dusky beauties amazingly well too. The colour is a glimmer green that tempts you to look twice and has very finely milled shimmer that looks stunning, and translates to more of a glimmer than actual shimmer.

Lakme Jewel Eyeliner in Jade 5

While removing the product is fairly easy, it sometimes leaves behind the finely milled shimmer that then proceeds to go on a pilgrimage all over my face and makes me look like a disco ball.


Jade Eyeliner 2

Jade Eyeliner 3

Pros of Lakme Jewel Eyeliner in Jade:

  • Unique emerald green.
  • Classy travel-safe packaging.
  • Fine brush applicator.
  • Glimmer finish, not shimmer.
  • Smudge proof.
  • Finely milled shimmer.
  • Fairly inexpensive.

Cons of Lakme Jewel Eyeliner in Jade:

  • No one stroke opacity.
  • Shimmer may travel all over your face after removal.
  • Not water resistant.
  • Weak wear time, of 3 hours.
  • No indication for how much product is left.

Will I Repurchase Lakme Jewel Eyeliner in Jade?

Nah! I will try and look for more jewel toned liners.

Would I Recommend Lakme Jewel Eyeliner in Jade?

Certainly, it’s a universally flattering shade.

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    1. I agree! But I like matte black eyeliners as opposed to metallic colours, but only when it comes to black. *jai ho*

      Glad you had fun! *duh*

  1. Your mom wore colored liners in the 90s?? Wow! The first time my mom wore eyeliner and that too black was when I got married 6 years back and that too because I forced my mom to get atleast some makeup applied! *rofl*

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