Lakme Lip Artist Review

Lakme Lip Artist Review

What is Lakme Lip Artist?

Use these color rich sticks to define your lip line or fill with intense color. Enhanced with skin care vitamins for soft, smooth application. Take your pick of the hottest shades from deep crimsons to classic terra cottas.

LAkme Lip Artist Pencil

Price : Rs 250

Available in 6 shades:

  • Crimson
  • Sienna
  • Taupe
  • Prunelle
  • Terra Cotta
  • Carmine

3 shades I have:

Lakme night Fever Lip ARtist
L_R Crimson, Sienna, Terracotta
  • Terracotta : True to its name. It’ a terracotta colour. Would go well for most Indian skin tones.
  • Crimson: Red with a brown undertone. Again, most Indian women would be able to carry off this kind of red.
  • Sienna: Soft brown. Great for most Indian complexions.

All the three colours have a soft shine to them and have absolutely no shimmer. I personally think that the shades are created keeping Indian skin tones in mind.

How to use Lakme Lip Artist:

  • You may use them as a lip liner
  • You may use them as is to add colour to your lips.
  • The shades are almost matte so you may just top them withΒ  a clear gloss and you are good to go.
  • To make the colours super long lasting, I apply the Lip artist once on my lips, dab a clean tissue on my lips to remove the excess and then reapply the colour.

I personally like to use them as is.

Lakme Lip Artist

What I love about Lakme Lip Artist:

  • They are long lasting. I would say good 3-4 hours whether you eat or drink. Of course after a few hours it doesn’t look the same on lips but still the wash of colour is always there on your lips.
  • You can use these chubby pencil as lip liners to make your lipsticks last longer.
  • They look like stains on your lips. I like them more than the regular lip stains.
  • They are a little drying after an hour or so but nothing that bothers me too much. I just apply a lip balm on top and still the colour doesn’t slip or fade easily.
  • They are creamy and glide on easily on your lips.
  • Excellent for office wear because they have no glitter, the colours are soft and they stay on for long on your lips.
  • They smell of regular Lakme lipsticks. I quite like the fragrance.
  • They don’t feather.

Lakme lip Artist Review

  • They don’t settle in your lines.
  • They are quite waterproof, I would say. Even after having a full meal, the colour fades a little but the stain of colour is still there on your lips.
  • The fat chubby tubes are pretty cute.
  • They are decently priced.
  • Although you can top them up with a clear gloss but I noticed that they stay on longer when worn alone.
  • These could be sharpened. I am not a huge fan of retractable pencils so these are quite a relief.

What I don’t like about Lakme lip Artist:

  • Only the fact that I would have to buy a separate sharpener especially for these.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : :-* :-*:-*:-*

I think Lip Artists are one of the best pick from Lakme Night Fever Collection. πŸ™‚

I have a feeling that these are Lakme Glide on Lip Colour packed in a different packaging.

Following are the rest three shades :

  • Taupe : is a soft brown. very similar to Sienna. Infact I couldn’t find any difference between the two shades.
  • Carmine : is a deep maroon colour
  • Prunelle : is deep purple shade.

Lakme Lip Artist Review

Lakme Lip Artist

Have you tried Lakme Lip Artists?

PS: The products shown in this entry were sent by the company for consideration.


46 thoughts on “Lakme Lip Artist Review

  1. ooooooh… I was waiting and waiting for this review… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    These are the only things I liked from your Lakme Night Fever collection Sneak peek… :-* :-*

    I am gonna get most of the shades…. :laugh: :laugh:

    And they are cheaper than Lakme Glide-on Pencils!!!! Woo-hoo!!!! :yes: :yes: :jump: :jump:
    .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..Jovees Gold Eye Contour gel- Review =-.

    1. Yeah, and do get the sharpener along. I can’t use my terracotta any more until I sharpen it. πŸ˜›

      These are really good and pretty much comparable to glide on lip colours. πŸ™‚

      Best is that you enjoy using them. πŸ˜›

  2. I was so planning to get this and your review justified my ever growing fetish for lip colors πŸ˜€
    Btw I read the Eye magic review .. is the gold one same as silver in terms of consistency and tendency to settle in crease ??
    I was intrigued by the silver one as I have tonnes of gold shadows but have only 1-2 in silver family .. was so disappointed after reading the review πŸ™

    1. Yeah, both gold and silver are exactly the same. πŸ™ Sabrina mentioned that Eye Magics could be used on top of the brow bone as highlighters, well I agree to an extent. But then I would say that there are better options available. If you want something in gold, pick up Lakme Eye Pot in topaz. It is very goldenish.

      Infact you may also pick up Lotus translucent powder. I am not a huge fan of the puff that comes along with it but I quite like the powder. It’s very fine, more like a pigment. You can use it to highlight cheeks, brow bone or body.

      I quite enjoy using the Lip Artists. Definitely try them. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m so glad you’ve written this review. I was totally lemming over these pencils, especially the terracotta one and I’m glad that for once, Lakme has created a nice product. So gonna buy this. Hey Rati, do you think you could post a pic of you wearing the terracotta? Pretty please…

  4. Yes…

    Finally I am convinced. Guess I’ll go for terracotta..and maybe another one shade too..need to see the whole range b4 that πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the review Rati.

  5. I am all for terra otta and rimson….i love both the olors, gues i will let go off lipstik and buy this instead…

  6. I have the lakme dual sharpener..and I end up flaking the tip (and wasting chunks of materials) from lakme/avon I am scared of buying the lip artist even if I am drooling over terracotta!!!! Can anyone plz help me on the r8 way to sharpen these????? ?:-) ?:-)

    1. I have a colorbar sharpener and it has a little stick attached at the bottom. I have had it for atlest an year and the sharpener is till fine. It costed me Rs 99 then and I was cribbing about the price then but honestly, it was worth every single penny. Infact I am going to purchase the dual sharpener from colorbar only. It sharpens well, is easier to clean and doesn’t break my pencils. πŸ™‚

      I think you must get a good sharpener . That’s the only way to save your pencils.

  7. great post rati … want to have sienna n terracota…
    n thanks to u i read ur awards for 20099 n yest. bought the lakme jewel sindoor in maroon
    i never knew they had a sindoor like that …
    thanks again

    1. oh!! okay. πŸ™‚ I love Lakme sindhoor. Best thing si that i don;t have to put it in my hair and the sindhoor especially has lead in it that causes hairfall and damage to hair. So I find Lakme sindhoor is much better in that aspect. you can just apply it on your forehead and it stays on for long without smudguing or budging. πŸ™‚

      Lotus has also come up with liquid herbal sindhoor. Will get that once my lakme’s tube is over. πŸ™‚

  8. thanks a lotttt sweetie
    u really made my day …
    u were sounding like a 16 yr old girl hey take it as a compliment

    love hearing from u
    best wishes
    love n lipglosses

    1. Thank you, Rashmi. I was lovely talking to you too. πŸ™‚ You are my MAC guru from now on. loll!!!

      I have been smiling ear to ear after talking to you. :-*

  9. I too found this very creamy and the shades are also good for a change πŸ™‚ I will def buy this as its something different to have in ur makeup collection but maybe after a couple of months…decided not to buy any new stuff for some months other than replacments of my everyday use items

    1. yeah, more than anything else these would be fun to have in your makeup collection and they are pretty good as well. πŸ™‚ Shades I felt are developed keeping basic Indian skin tones in mind and there is something for everyone.

      Let us know if you pass in your resolution. Good Luck! :-*

    1. M,

      I think you are forgetting. He is your fiancee now. Ahem!! :rotfl:

      And all tehse resolutions don’t work for me either. If I have to buy something, I lose all my self control. πŸ™

    2. :rotfl:

      I never travel without card or cash but I have kind of successfully gone thru this in the past not for makeup but for other shopping…I think this time for makeup wht might work in my favour is I buy all my stuff from a particular beauty store which is not in some mall or something where we tend to go for window shopping n then end up buying stuff…so I have decided not to visit the beauty store at all!! Right now my resolution is for 3 months :clock: …lets wait n watch :clock:

  10. 3 months. OMG!! that’s long HD. πŸ˜› How would you survive with all these tempting beauties coming up in the market at a jet speed rate?

    I can never resist from visiting my beauty shops. Never never. :laugh:

    1. I’ve successfully resisted shopping for clothese, handbags etc in the past so lets see how this one goes….I’ve realised I have lot of everything and falling short of space to keep stuff so some self control!!

      and that does not stop me from going to counters n swatching stuff btw!!! and maybe if I am successful at my stint I may get to hear more opinions abt the things on my wish list πŸ˜‰

  11. I picked Terracota (apart from Revlon colorburst in peach) – and I like it a lot πŸ˜€
    Forgot the sharpner but will try the dual Lakme sharpner that i have!
    thx u!

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