Lakme Lip Love Lipstick – Peach Hug

Lakme Lip Love Lipstick – Peach Hug

Fall in love with rich, color indulgence by Lakme Lip Love Lipstick with over twelve seductive shades!
Collagen, Ceremides for Hydration,SPF 16

Rs. 700

An exclusive lip color line developed by experts in Italy.

This indulgent creamy color is proven to smoothen, soften, protect and hydrate your lips
This sensational lipsticks adds a luminous shine to your lips all day and keep them protected with SPF 16
Use your senses for this product: SEE-The collagen filled luscious lips
TOUCH-The indulgent creamy, luminous finish
FEEL-The constant hydration with the goodness of ceramides
LOVE-The protective care of SPF 16
Get down with some lip love.

This is the last one I got from the new range and this one a peach shade, and this is a good shade honestly, and this is a nice warm peach and would go well with all skin tones if worn lightly, this color is an actual peach but if worn too much could make you look little dark.


lakme lip love

The packaging is really nice and the shade is in the same line as Mandarin crush and the others in the range, somehow many shades look similar in this range as if this whole range is a orange-based line, of course winter romance is pathetic, and I have not tried the fuchsia shade in this range.


The color is a creme one, it is not creamy matte but like a sheer creme shade which can be built up,I would say it is average and I like thicker creamier lipsticks but this is on the sheer side, so girls who like a sheer wash of color of peach tone on the lips.


The color glides very beautifully, and it fills in dry cracks too and I think the moisturizing factor would be loved by dry lips. I think this would not be too great for pigmented lips but it can surely be built up. The texture is such that it makes lips look plumper.


peach lips

You will find this similar to apricot bite but this one does not have that shimmer glaze to it.

IMBB rating:

For the smoothness, 3.9/5 pigmentation could be better.

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10 thoughts on “Lakme Lip Love Lipstick – Peach Hug

  1. This is such a sweet shade *happy dance* *happy dance* goes exactly with the name *pompom* *pompom* and looking very sweet and calm on you *woot* *woot* but 700 is a little too much *hihi* *hihi* *hifive*

  2. lovely swatch neha ji, but i get a feeling that all these current picks have somewhat a basic resemblance… is that so?? *waiting*

  3. Hey,have you tried the shade rose kissed in this range…i think that’s one shade you might like,it’s like the saving grace of this otherwise pathetic range-shade wise 🙁

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