Lakme Lip Love Lipstick – Winter Romance

Lakme Lip Love Lipstick – Winter Romance

Fall in love with rich, color indulgence by Lakme Lip Love Lipstick with over twelve seductive shades!
Collagen, Ceremides for Hydration,SPF 16


Rs. 700

An exclusive lip color line developed by experts in Italy.

This indulgent creamy color is proven to smoothen, soften, protect and hydrate your lips
This sensational lipsticks adds a luminous shine to your lips all day and keep them protected with SPF 16
Use your senses for this product: SEE-The collagen filled luscious lips
TOUCH-The indulgent creamy, luminous finish
FEEL-The constant hydration with the goodness of ceramides
LOVE-The protective care of SPF 16
Get down with some lip love.



Another shade from the 7 new lakme lip love lipsticks, again not meant for Indian skin tones at all, but somehow very creamy and soft to wear, but dont understand why they have come out which this shade and have priced it a 700, which I dont think is very flattering.



The name sounds too good, and I love the bright lovey packaging, the color is a quite pale one, I dont know how to describe it, a milky mauve or blue mauve, but something is not quite right with it, you need to be very fair to wear it, or else you are okay with white looking lips, then you can try it.



The bullet is so pretty with the engraving thingy, the color is  a creme one it has not shimmer or frost and goes on smooth like a lip balm, the feel is not cakey, it feels quite light to wear and it has a buttery feel to it but stil it is not delicate, you will not really break it if you apply pressure while application.



For my skin tone, it is a total fail, I dont think warm Indian skin will like it at all, but still, I  love applying this with a lip brush to the center of the lips over a darker lipstick, or to blend it with a darker lipstick,because I quite enjoy the texture of the lipstick.



The color comes out on the lips like a paint due to its white feel, the color transfers easily and has quite an average staying power, the bullet shape is weird and not to my liking.I do like to mix match this with a lip brush on to some other color.




Not recommended!

IMBB rating:

As a smooth lipstick, 3.5/5.

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16 thoughts on “Lakme Lip Love Lipstick – Winter Romance

  1. However cute the packaging may be, they really think people will shell out 700 rupees to buy lakme lipsticks? That too such a shade? rofl They should not have hiked the price so much! *nonono*

  2. oh…this is the first color i would say that i didn’t like on your lips….every other color looks so beautiful on you……..thanks for the review….will not suit me…..

  3. I wonder what brains they might used to make such a shade *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* it will wash everyone off *headbang* *headbang*

  4. Hi there, Thanks for this amazing heads up.
    I am in love with bold red lipstick colors these day. I am using More by Demi Lipstick – Hollywood Red by Oriflame from a week now and it’s awesome. the best til date. The color is great and stays for quiet long time. It also keeps my lips moisturized through out. I am sure u will love it, do try it once.

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