Lakme Nine to Five Intense Shine Eyeliner Olive Review, Swatch

Lakme Nine to Five Intense Shine Eyeliner Olive Review and Swatch

Hello everyone!!!

Today the first thing that I’d do is thank Rati and Sanjeev Ji for creating this amazing blog which is perhaps more addictive than coffee, or even facebook!! This blog is my new love!! Every time I am using internet, my hubby comes and asks, “Phir wahi site kholi hogi??” : spank: And I’m pretty sure that just like me everyone here is addicted to IMBB.

So today it’s the turn of Lakme nine to five intense shine eyeliner in OLIVE. Basically, I’m in love with colored eye liners. I already have a green pencil eyeliner but I still wanted a liquid eyeliner in green, so I picked up this one.

olive eyeliner

It’s a beautiful olive green color that illuminates and defines your eyes!!

What the product claims?
Rich, intense color in one stroke that stays true for hours. Create smouldering eyes with bold shades that redefine the look of liquid eyeliner.

How to use?

1. Line your eyes in one single stroke on the upper lid from the inner side of the eye to the outer side. Let it dry.

2. Line your lower lid from the outer edge, tapering to the inner corner of the eye.

how to line eyes

Shades Available:
Smoky Grey, Brown, Olive, Black

Price: INR 245
Quantity: 4.5 ml

I’m a big cosmetic freak just like everyone here and I purchased this liner about a month ago. I’m totally in love with this eyeliner. The liner is thick in texture and glides perfectly over the eyes. The wand is good in size and it makes it easy to apply the liner. The brush is an amazing one, makes the application so precise even in the inner corners where a thin line is to be drawn.

lakme intense eyeliner olive swatch

The liner is a bit shiny, not absolutely matte. It is not shimmery, which I appreciate! The liner takes seconds to dry.
The packaging is nice; I adore it as Lakme hasn’t overdone it. It is a classy see through bottle. The bottle is very cute and sleek.

Now jumping to the Beautiful and the Ugly of this liner:

The beautiful:
:heart: I personally love this shade. It’s Beautifully green!
:heart: The liner is available in 4 shades-black, smoke grey, olive and brown.
:heart: The packaging of the liner. It comes in an unbreakable and transparent plastic.
:heart: They give a good quantity of the liner.
:heart: This does not cause any irritation to the eyes.
:heart: It is long lasting!!! :love:
:heart: Precise application is easy with this liner.
:heart: Dries very quickly. I don’t have to close my eyes for long! ::jalwa
:heart: The liner is shiny, not shimmery. It looks good in the daytime also!!
:heart: It is smudge proof.

lakme intense eyeliner olive review

The ugly:
:brokenheart: Ummmm… Thinking…. Thinking hard…. There’s no con that I can find in this liner except that the list of ingredients isn’t mentioned!

Shall I re-purchase: Yes, after I finish up this one.. It would be after many months because this would last me quite long!

Rating: 5 on 5!!!! The perfect-est eyeliner for me!!

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25 thoughts on “Lakme Nine to Five Intense Shine Eyeliner Olive Review, Swatch

  1. Is it waterproof?? because the other shades are not waterproof, i wanted to buy the oilve one since a long time but didnt as tht was rainy season then, n i thought it will be risky buying it! Nice review and very pretty EOTD ! :thumbsup:

    1. Yes taps, its water-proof.. it wont come off until u try to smudge it.. u can splash water on ur fece witrhout worrying abt liner.. i am also using this.. but its slightly irrarting to eyes util it dries completely like other liquid liners in 9 to 5 range

  2. gorgeous EOTD, Sudha. Thank you for your sweet comments. 🙂 I have used the black version of this but was not impressed. this does look very pretty. :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

    1. why didnt u liked the black on eRati.. i am using the same.. but i am liking it except that it irritate eyes until it dries.. ?:)

  3. colour is beautiful but i wud still prefer gel liner in the same shade due to ease of application, any suggestions any one ?:) ?:)

  4. nice review sudha… i am over with my luv for liquid liners n more into pencils ones now :whistle: :whistle: .. but this seems a gr8 option for liquid liners.. :yes: :yes:

  5. i had that brown one in that range…..but it could not impress me to buy it again…….rakhe rakhe hi sukh gaya tha :tremble: :tremble: :tremble: .

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