Lakme Silk Naturelle Daily Foundation Review

Lakme Silk Naturelle FoundationI was browsing through the Lakme’s official web site, when I chanced upon the Bridal Sutra Summer 2009 range, which showcased different looks conceptualized by Anamika Khanna. This range had the models depicting five different looks and all of them recommended Lakme Silk Naturelle Daily Foundation as a base for a natural and luminous finish. Since the illustration sounded tempting, I decided to give this foundation a try. Also, all I had to do was just go to the store and pick up the thing since I knew Lakme’s “Natural Shell” shade suited me the best. Also, the SA (a well-mannered one) at the Health and Glow outlet blended the Silk Naturelle foundation quite nicely on to my forearm.

Lakme Silk Naturelle Foundation


A lightweight foundation that glides on effortlessly like sheer silk. Just the right amount of coverage for everyday use, for skin that looks naturally flawless. With skin protecting SPF 8* (in vitro study) so you are ready for the day.


Dab dots of the product onto your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Smooth evenly from the center of your face outwards. Apply daily for a beautiful natural look.


Not mentioned.

PRICE: Rs. 275 (Indian Rupees) for a 27 mL tube (that is three-quarters empty!!!!).

Before blending the foundation.
Before blending the foundation.


The liquid foundation is squeezed into a 27 g maroon-ish tube, but surprisingly when I examined it, around 75% of the tube seemed to be empty. There was only 25% of the product in the tube with regards to the tube’s capacity. I thought may be the SA had handed me a conked-out piece, but I came to know that all of the other tubes had the same amount in them. I wonder whether there is any science behind to keep almost three-quarters of the tube empty. The shade that matched me perfectly was the “Natural Shell” and this particular shade is for wheatish to dusky people. The Silk Naturelle smells same as the Lakme Face Magic souffle, very cucumber-ish. I have tried the souffle before, so I am quite familiar with the shade as well as the smell.

After blending the foundation completely on to my forearm.
After blending the foundation completely on to my forearm.

The SA at the store had informed me beforehand that I needed to apply a good deal of moisturizer before applying the foundation. But, this is something that I already know, but since the weather in Hyderabad is swelteringly hot, I chose to use Biotique’s Red Sandalwood Sunscreen lotion with SPF 50 as a makeup base. As directed on the back of the tube, I dabbed on dots of the foundation on to my cheek, nose, forehead, chin, and neck. At first, it gave the perception that it was going to turn my face into a rotten orange kind of complexion, but upon blending thoroughly, it disappeared into the skin giving a nice almost-flawless finish. The foundation gave me sheer to medium coverage, which was fine with me. But, I had to dab some more of the product again and again for some extra coverage in some troublesome areas. I was overall very satisfied with the way I was looking and the foundation was not weighing down on my skin. But wait, this dream just lasts only for a few moments. As I stepped out into the sun, the luminous glow, the flawless finish, and blah, blah, blah started to vanish in the hot and scorching heat one by one. I do not think this thing works in the summer season at all and it is not at all long staying.


  1. The colors suits me to the T, I have not yet come across any other foundation shade that matches my skin so perfectly.
  2. This one is lightweight; it does not give the impression that I am wearing heavy foundation.
  3. It does blend on to the skin quite nicely.
  4. It gives sheer to medium coverage, which is what I want from my foundation.
  5. Most importantly, it does not cake or leave behind a whitish cast.


  1. 1. The flawless finish, luminous glow, and sheer silk feel is all momentary, the summer heat saps all of it away.
  2. There is only 25% of the foundation in the tube, rest of the tube appears to be airy.
  3. The SPF 8* tag for the foundation is Lakme’s attempt at following herd mentality to cash in on the current craze with regards to demand for SPF-containing products. It’s a calculative and clever move by Lakme to attract consumers because it is clearly specified on the packaging that SPF 8 in the foundation has only been proved in vitro.There is no concrete evidence to validate their SPF claim.


I am really not sure. I will not use it on a daily basis because I did get some zits on my face in spite of this being water based. Anyways, I am not going to use it for the summers, so I will wait until the mercury drops down. All in all, it is a so-so foundation as far as I am concerned.

Rating : 3

PS: I have used two different areas on my arm to show the blending in the pics.

Have you used Lakme Silk Naturelle Foundation?

Image Source : Lakme India


38 thoughts on “Lakme Silk Naturelle Daily Foundation Review

  1. Hi Jomal,

    Even i came across this product last time i visited their counter but since i have finished upwith all the money buying dresses 🙁 🙁 , i planned to get it the very next time.

    Bt now its a strick no no ….. right review at the right time.
    75% of the tube empty !!! how weird of Lakne. :no:

  2. Hi Sush……even I do that….I “blow” up a lot of money on dresses and end up with no money at all for buying what I actually meant to buy. 🙁 But I think this would work in the winters………the heat is too much here in hyd.

  3. I so badly wanted to try this foundation but *luckily* I was not able to find either my right shade or the store was out of stock of it. Now I can be a little happy. 😛

    1. I am saving the 25% of it for the winter season…..i had got a nice finish with this one….so hope it works in that season. :thunder:

        1. I think i have turned into grumpy complaining woman, I am finding fault with everything….. 😥 😥 😥 😥

          1. By the way Ki, I saw your and fiance’s pics….you too make a cute and adorable couple……… 🙂

        1. Yes, Rima, not joking at all, try one of the naturelle tubes the next time you are at their counter and tell me if there is any different……..i really wanna know if they selling hyderabadis costly air.

    1. Ha ha…I agree Ki…….I hate anything that is filled with air……i get the impression that someone’s fooling me. :teeth:

  4. One more inimitable Jomol review… The Lakme SA tried really hard to Chipkao this to me.. If this had happened a year back, i would have definitely fallen for it.. But i think I have wizened up in the past year only so much as to ignore Lakme SAs…

    But the silky feel was damn attractive.. So glad i did not succumb to the SAs pressure..

  5. Thank you Mrunmayee………as I told Rati earlier, I have started grumbling, mumbling, and cribbing at everything….. 😀

  6. I tried this recently on my hand at Health n Glow.Then it felt very silky and nice.

    Remember Rati ?I even asked you for an opinion on it.. But somehow these days, I stay away from Lakme counters..

    Btw, Just to update you’ll on a recent incident. I had a Lakme lippie, which was hardly a year old. Few days back, I used it and my lips started itching..I had to throw it out.

    This has made me even more stubborn now..Not to buy that brand. :-X

  7. Poornima, I was quite happy with the swatches and also convinced that it would make a decent foundation. I was not aware of the 75% empty pack issue or anything like that.

    My lipstick has started feathering and it is just 7-8 months old. 🙁 We are so losing trust in the brand.

  8. No does not contain any moisturerzing effect…we have to apply a good deal of moisturizer underneath it….but the good thing about it is it does give a smooth flawless finish albeit temporarily…….

  9. Nice review, jomol. 🙂

    And what is it with no ingredient list? :pissedoff: I hate it when products (especially that have to go on my face) list no ingredients or only list an airy-fairy list such as ‘vanilla, soy & avocado’ (this is from an actual product I’m using!)

  10. When the quantity 27ml is clearly mentioned on that, it is of no use if you expect looking at the tube. One who are backing out because of quantity I highly recommend this please try once and then decide. I am the one who hate to put foundation so I was always using Lacto calamine as a makeup base & also I hate all these heavy foundation that make my face look artificial. Same time I have such a oily skin and a seberan porous caused by it I have to put some cream which absorb oil and cover the porous and same time should not be a thick cream where I need to struggle to merge it into my skin. Trust me it gets in to you skin in such a way that you don’t even feel like you have used a foundation. So please don’t go by review always experience varies from a person to person.

  11. hey i tried dis Lakme silk foundation, & i can find d waaooo!! kind of effect on my face.. m not saying it is d best, BUT it is an amezinggggggggg foundation i ever had in Lakmeeeessz.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :happydance: :happydance: :clap:

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