Lakme Tropical Island Eyecolor Quartet Review, Photos and Swatches

Please welcome Fatima. She is a 15 year old makeup lover. She deserves a good amount of pampering from all of us. :-* – Rati

I have had this quad for a while. I got it back when the collection was just released I went ahead and bought the one in Into the blue. I bought it when I was going through a phase when I thought no Indian Makeup companies have products that are good enough so I didn’t use it for a while but one day when I was wearing a turquoise dress and I wanted to line my eyes with the color I took this out and used it and I haven’t stopped since then.
Lakme tropical_look1
Its price: Rs 250/-

How to use Lakme Tropical Island Eyecolor Quartet:

Lakme Eye Quatret

  • You can use the colors in the quad with each other. But I have to warn you that they tend to combine into each other.
  • You can refer to the site –here to see facecharts from the collection. But you may need multiple quads to pull of some looks.
  • You can use colors from the quad with other colors from other shadows like I used black with the darkest look.

Why should you buy Lakme Eyecolor Quartet?

  • The color payoff -my, oh my, the colors are totally gorgeous and the pay off is like out of this world. It has a fair payoff without a base. But if you use a primer or like me a concealer the payoff is awesome.
  • The texture -It has a perfect texture silky smooth with shimmer but not the chunky kind but like liquid metal for me that is something I just love.
  • The price-Its price is very very reasonable and I think that it is under-priced.
  • Ease of Application-If you have got a basic shader brush and the applicator that comes with it, you can create magic on your eyes.
  • The build-ability-You can apply it as subtle as you want and make it as vibrant as you want too.
Lakme Eye Quatret - without base
Lakme Eye Quatret - without base
Lakme Eye Quatret - without base
Lakme Eye Quatret - with base

Why should you NOT buy Lakme Eyecolor Quartet?

  • The fallout-this is one major thing that i hated about this. It is fine if you are using the wand that comes with it. But when you use a brush a lot of product is loosened making way for wastage and a whole lot of fallout
  • The variety in colors & blending- In the quad i purchased the first and second colors are way too similar for my taste. When we try to blend the light blues with the darker one, they don’t give that gradient effect we look for but rather combine together into a whole other color.
  • Number of sets-I like the quad that are there but I really would have loved to see more variety in the shades other than the five,3 of which are I believe limited edition.

Do I love Lakme Tropical Island Eyecolor Quartet?

  • Yes, I just hope that they would come out with more shades

Would I suggest Lakme Tropical Island Eyecolor Quartet to a friend?

  • Heck yeah!

So go ahead girlies, fly like the wind to get your hands on them!

Image Source: Lakme


33 thoughts on “Lakme Tropical Island Eyecolor Quartet Review, Photos and Swatches

  1. I really wanted to buy this for my engagement ‘cos my sari was turquoise blue. But you’re right – all the shades looked so same that I got confused and left it! πŸ˜•
    I may revisit it now though, the shades ARE pretty :-))

    Nice post Fatima – hoping to see more! πŸ˜€
    .-= ki.´s last blog ..Don’t quite know what to write =-.

  2. Welcome Fatima

    I would love to try the peacock quad…but then buying would be dependant on so many it is Lakme.

    Nice review and hope to see you here often πŸ™‚

    1. yeah i really felt like buying the peacock quad too when i saw it on the site …But only this shade was available at ‘THE SHOP” .ugh! I hate the place where I live….

  3. For some reason I have never been inclined to buy Lakme quads. they must have some neutrals or smokey trios in their collection. I always wanted to buy moon dust but that was never available. Also they keep their testers in such bad condition that it puts me off. πŸ™ Even if I want to buy something I end up not buying it.

    I recently wanted to buy their Silk Naturelle foundation and at one store I was told that Lakme has discontinued the productm at other store they said that they have only one shade. Finally I have given up the idea of buying that foundation. Has Lakme become such a big brand that it is getting difficult to manage such small issues as well. πŸ˜•

    1. i know…i went to the store to buy the moondust quad too…but when i go to a makeup store I never return with an empty a weakness really… that’s why i bought this…And i know what you mean about the testers..lipgloss testers are the ones that really grosses me out.

  4. Welcome Fatima! When i was 15 i didnt know a jack about make up πŸ™‚

    Rati – I agree.. lakme has too many issues.

  5. hi there fatima
    great review
    can we now have pictures of u wearing it?
    will really help , if u know what i mean…
    i can only carry off an eyeliner in turquoise πŸ™
    nothing extreme….

  6. I have this quad in Desert Rose. That one consists of coppery browns and coffee browns. It’s just ok frankly speaking. 2 colors are really nice, but the lighter golden yellow doesn’t look so great on me..

    Nice review Fatima πŸ™‚

  7. i have the same eyeshadow.i din’t liked its quality.the colors.i really had a bad experience with it.won’t ever think of getting it again.the colored granuels r so loosely packed that they break upon using it few times.the trays get full of scattered particles of these shadows mixed in each other.i wish i cud show u thge condition of my eyeshadow palette.

    1. I donno …to each her own i guess.It worked for me and I am sorry your quad got broken…If u have all the pieces you can use alcohol[70% or above] ,I use surgical spirit and mix everything in with a small spatula and pat the colors into their respective sections.

  8. Hey Fatima, I am so glad that now you are around .. Now, I am not the YOUNGEST beauty blogger πŸ˜›

    WELCOME babes !

    Nice review, Lakme used to fascinate me pehle .. and even I was inclined to buy thier quads.. the color seems very pigmented on wrist but on my lid (after the blending and shading).. the colors turn out sheer ! πŸ™
    Their and then , I lost my trust in Brand “Lakme”
    Btw Lakme has increased its prices- Now its 325 INR for the quads

    1. hehe.thanks.I am not a BIG lakme fan either.But i have not lost faith. I am still waiting for them to surprise me.I like their stuff,but i guess the brand i L-O-V-E is Maybelline..i dunno why I just love all their stuff may be it is coz that is the first makeup product i bought [dream matte mousse foundation] was from Maybelline.

      1. Hey Fatima..!!! Nice review..!!!

        I have the quad in moondust.. and i wanted to do a review on my 2 lakme products (eyepot and quad) since people have almost lost trust in lakme. Im not a very big fan either but i still like some of their products. would be buying the invisible foundation soon.

        Same here babes… love Maybelline..!!!! Just did a review on the mousse blusher..

  9. Hi Fatima… Welcome to the Crazy makeup ladies’ club…. :rotfl: :rotfl:

    When I was 15, my mom used to tie my hair into two long plaits and send me off to school with at least 5 gms of kajal in my eyes…. That was it… πŸ™
    You are so knowledgeable already… I am sure you will grow up to be a sexy siren, that is if you are not that already!!!! :-* πŸ˜›

    Very good review Girl… Waiting for some more!!!! :laugh:

    1. All are the wonders of the internet my dear.I didnt know a bit bout makeup 2 years ago.I was interested in it and when we got internet BAM! I went neck deep into it.My parents kinda thought i was getting way too much into this makeup stuff and i was a weirdo.but when i told em that a looot of weirdos like moi are here on this site :silly: :silly: they finally get it.

      And the part bout the sexy siren ..well…I aint no Bipasha Basu πŸ˜€ but i know how to make myself look good.

  10. Gals, I am so Happy to be here and thank u for all for your wonderful comments
    :heart: :heart: :heart: . :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I will try to post as much as I can.But you see I am in tenth grade and our teachers constantly on our backs to pressure us as much as possible with lots of work …….. :reallypissed: :reallypissed: :reallypissed:
    so I will have a lot of stuff like that.But I am thinking bout posting twice a week or something.
    Again thanks soo uch for your support especially Rati-thanks hun!

  11. Nice review, Fathima! πŸ™‚ I’m half a decade older and I probably know a quarter of what you do! πŸ˜› Damn!

    And Maybelline is one of my faaavourite brands too! I’m loving their quads much more than these Lakme ones! πŸ™‚

    1. yeah its a neutral one rite?I wanted to try that new quad in green envy..looks inviting…
      u see i live way out of the city in a small town and the makeup stores are scarce and it takes a lot of time for new product lines to get there….so i have to go the city soon

      1. yes I was thinking that you might be interested in some colourful quads than the regular browns. πŸ™‚ And I have also not lost complete faith in Lakme. After your review I will look for the moon dust quad once again. πŸ™‚

  12. Hey Fathima,

    Awesome Revu. But somehow I am not comfortable with Lakme products.

    You write very well Fathima. Keep up the good job and All the very best for your boards πŸ™‚

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