Lakme True Wear Nail Polish Mini Haul

Lakme True Wear Nail Polish Mini Haul

Lakme True Wear Nail Polish Mini Haul

I am back again with the IMBB Team haul.  This is part II of this month’s haul.  I  had totally forgotten that Lakme brings out those classic shades in the Lakme True Wear range and I decided to pick a few chosen colors.  I have picked up 8 nail polishes from this range.  Priced at Rs. 90, these are very affordable and there are lot of maroons, reds, and browns, and less of pastel shades.

Lakme nail polish

These are the shades that I picked up from Lakme True Wear:

  • Lakme True Wear Nail Color Classics 403 Deep Blush Maroon.
  • Lakme True Wear Nail Color Classics 1 Sabyasachi.
  • Lakme True Wear Nail Color Classics 248.
  • Lakme True Wear Nail Color Classics 402 Red Allure.
  • Lakme True Wear Nail Color Classics 405 Ruby Red.
  • Lakme True Wear Nail Color Classics 105 Sparkling Wine.
  • Lakme True Wear Nail Color Classics 401 Berry Wine.
  • Lakme True Wear Nail Color Classics 20 Tarun Tahiliani.

Lakme Nail Polish

I will be showing the Maybelline Express Finish Nail Polish Swatches tomorrow.  But for now, enjoy these pics!

Lakme Nail Polish

Lakme Nail Polish

Lakme Nail Polish

Lakme Nail Polish

Lakme Nail Polish

Lakme Nail Polish

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74 thoughts on “Lakme True Wear Nail Polish Mini Haul

  1. yeeeee i was waiting for this
    and urban touch ka dabb kya …
    and u can make anyone fall in love with nail colors
    now im drooling to buy some makeup is so additive!

  2. Nice bright colors! I would love to get minis.. just so I can get more colors 🙂 I feel like the actual size never gets done, not even thrice, get easily bored of the shade after wearing 2 times…

  3. Ms. Jhilmil…When you have 34567829.76 nail paints.. Aap unka prayog kab..kahan..kaise..kyon karoge..!! *batting eyelashes*

      1. Aapki fraands bhi aap hi ki tarah bahot hi creative lagti hai.. 😀 Meri maano to sell ’em with 10-15 % discount to your regular Salon..they will finish ’em fatafat in Mani-Pedi before they xpire/thicken..& you do party for all your creative fraandss frm that money..agar ichchha ho to mujhe bhi invite bhej sakti hain aap.. 😀

          1. Shilpa….he he….maine kiya……..koosh brazil se mere liya accha bhejo….kabhi moderation nahin hoga :smug:

            1. Shilpa….aap ke issh idea par…..aur two days ke liye aapke sab comments par moderationssssssssssss…..nail paalish becch doon……nahinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…..yeh kabhi nahin ho sakta….spank 😛

              1. Saare nahi re…Pyaare waale rakh ke…Not-so-pyaare ko aur kisi ko pyaar karne ke liye.. 😀 Aur Brazil se ek Hawt Hunk bhejti hoon..chalega.. ?! 😀

                  1. Hey Jo di,
                    Looking at these comments I have an idea. Why cant we have IMBB salons? You have teams in different regions right so you can just hire technicians and get started. Something like a ‘styling salon’ which offers both face and styling make overs. I know tehre are thousands already but i dont see any specific brand that caters to indian side of styling. if you know whast i mean. Please consider this idea and if you are recruiting in chennai I am registering my resume right away!

                  2. Hunk = Cheeeee…*Eyeroll*..!! Nonetheless..kya chahiye aapko…aapki farmaayish poori ki jaayegi…Amennnn 🙂

  4. you call this a Mini Haul? 🙂 🙂 but hey loving the pinks, majenta shades. if you have nice pretty nails brighter shades look good and if the nails are smaller then me thinks the lighter shades wud enuf gyan basically this is a such a good collection..

    1. Aru…I always enjoy your gyaan….I have chotu chotu nails Aru…….since I studied Microbiology, I have that mental block that does not allow me grow nails beyond a point….I have never kept long nails 🙂

  5. i have four of these. as in 4 different colors and then for one colour- i have 3 :):) don laugh….i am in total love with these…

  6. wow………. awesome colors.. i have seen them in health and glow 2 days ago and they are selling it at 150 in hyderabad ……. they used to be 90 🙁

    1. Anu…..oh…I didn’t know about the price hike…..150 is too much…..Rs. 90 is the correct price for these nail paints 🙂

      1. yeah……. i do feel like getting my hands on them.. may be i will try in some other store where they might still sell for 90 😀 by the way your nail colors collection is awesome jomol… 🙂

  7. If sometime I die of heart attack it would be just because of your nail paint collection!!! You give me your address Jomol I will steal all of them and share with all the people here.. :):):):):)

  8. I donno my comment might sound unrelated but totally in love with the Red Allure shade, no not because of the colour but this was the first gift from my hubby, he liked it so much on my nails with the mehndi still bright, you brought back sweet memories…Thanks Jomol!

  9. Hey Jomol,

    you really love your nail polishes nah,….like my sis ,…..nice collection you have got here,….

    1. yes Supriya, I love my nail polishes a lot and I am thankful that Rati and Sanjeevji let me hoard on them 🙂

  10. Jomolayyyyyyyyyyy…how many nail polishes will you collect…I am sure sooner or later, we’d fancy seeing your “Nail polish” museum here!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

    1. Good Morning Rati !!!

      pls confirm me the mail id as i need to send you a mail regarding my skin care issues 🙁

  11. OMG !!!! Jomol…again a haul can you pls tell us the total no of nail polish bottles you are having 😉
    (jaw -dropped)
    I liked shade 248……. 3rd from left ….show us the swatches so that i can buy them !!!!!!!
    Also waiting for you Maybelline coloroma swatches …do post them ASAP 😛

    1. Aarthi…..a lot of nail polishes ….he he ….I have finished the maybelline express swatches, that will come up first 🙂

    1. Zaroor TA….I have finished up taking Maybelline swatches…..will post it soon….have to sort them out though 🙂

  12. hi jomol,

    i have one big question where and how do you store these nail paints?please tell me. i end up drying my nail paints:-(

    i have few of them from this range..they are really very nice n u feel like using them again and again..!

    1. Mayuri…..the trick is not to expose them too much to light and sun. I store them in a vanity case in a dark place where they would come in contact with sunlight 🙂

      1. Oh, thats a cool idea, but i stay in mumbai and weather here is humid, do you think this would work here also ?

  13. oye hoye so many Polishes… wowieee Jomolee… I wonder when are you gonna finish them.. someday Aaro will take them out and start painting with them.. 😀 😀

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