Lancome Color Design Shadow Quad Mini

Lancome Color Design Shadow Quad Mini

Hi Beauties,

In this article, I am going to talk about the Lancôme Color Design Shadow Quad Mini in the colors. The first one I have is in colors Daylight, Color Du Jour, Gaze, Lezard and the second quad comes in colors Latte, Burnt Sand, Topaz Temptation, Guest List.  If you scroll down, you will be seeing a picture with all the colors being swatched on my arms. Be aware that this picture was taken with flash and there was no eyeshadow primer used.

Lancôme Color Design Shadow Quad Mini

I actually don’t know where you will be able to buy these palettes from because I bought both of these palettes in a garage sale for a dollar each. You might be able to find these palettes online or maybe you can ask at the Lancôme counter. I think these are testers they give out for free if you buy something. I really enjoy that these palettes are so tiny. You can just throw them in your purse and leave the house. They even fit in your pocket and are awesome if you are traveling a lot.

Unfortunately, you don’t get a lot of product, but what do you expect when these eyeshadows are extremely tiny. It does come with a little mirror which is really adorable. Both palettes look similar to each other and in the picture below I’m showing you swatches of each color.

Picture is taken with flash and I didn’t use any primer.


Description of the Colors:

Lancome eyeshadow

1. Color De Jour: a cranberry tone with golden shimmer; gorgeous eyelid color.
2. Lezard: a matte chocolate brown; perfect to define the crease.
3. Daylight: white matte shadow in cream color; prefer this for my highlight under the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.
4. Gaze: shimmery beige brown; great blend out or eyelid color.

Lancome quad

1. Burnt Sand: shimmery medium brown; good eyelid color.
2. Guest List: dark brown with no shimmers; lovely color to darken the smokey eye.
3. Latte: Matte vanilla color; beautiful highlight color for the brow bone.
4. Warm brown shadow with lots of shimmer; good eyelid color or crease color.

Pros of Lancôme Color Design Shadow Quad Mini:

  • Really tiny packaging; sturdy.
  • Nice everyday colors.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Mirror in the palette.
  • Four different colors.
  • Can create more than one look.

Cons of Lancôme Color Design Shadow Quad Mini:

  • Not too much product.
  • You can’t buy these mini quads.
  • Pigmentation isn’t so good.

My Overall Opinion on Lancôme Color Design Shadow Quad Mini:

This is simply an amazing product.  If you are traveling, this Lancôme palette is a good one to take with you or even to throw it in your purse, always handy for that, but these are not so pigmented, I don’t understand since its Lancôme. That doesn’t change the fact that you can make more than one smokey eye with this palette. Each palette includes at least one matte shadow. Since these colors are more on the neutral side, you can create wonderful “everyday smokey eyes” with these colors.

I hope you found this article interesting and helpful.

Like always, take care friends.

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23 thoughts on “Lancome Color Design Shadow Quad Mini

  1. hey babes u havent posted ny FOTD….i scrolled down to see u sahar…. :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: …I jst love reading ur post sahar…awesum….btw u dint mention d price….

    1. aww your adroable 🙂 sorry hun i didnt make a FOTD do you want to make some in the future? i bought them for 1$ at a garage sale. i think you can find them for 4-5$ on some website. :heart:

      1. Sahar I asked d price for others info…i have my 120 palette & also I have similar shaed in other low end brands….Dis tym i have desided to buy sum E/s from MAC…planning to go der on month end…..I loved rati di’s reviews on amber light, woodwink, himid & rice paper & also plum dressing….let me go and swatch it for my self…..attending a weeding in december…
        awwww bored u all wid my plans… :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn:

  2. gr8 for the price u got them for sahar :yahoo: … i think u used one of these o create the neutral day luk which u posted 2 days bak.. :waytogo:

  3. awww good colors bt i am not a fan of eyeshadows that dont offer good pigmentation… well unless they are highlighters. 🙁 bt i do like the size of these quads , just easily slip in your bag and not bother about them. 🙂

  4. Hey Sahar,

    Well in my opinion when you go for high end brands, shadows especially are not that pigmented as one would expect.
    Believe me I have tried Estee Lauder, Napolean Perdis to name a few, only to be disappointed initially.
    The reason for my plight was, I was comparing these with the level of pigmentation I found in the
    88 or 120 pallettes.
    It was only later I realised that these (high end brands) did have a lot of staying power and didn’t give the “loud” look, nor did they look all “gaudy” even if I wore them with a clumsy hand.
    Whereas just a little mistake while using the others can make your makeup go haywire.
    Hope I conveyed properly.
    PS: I do not have any grudge against low end or supermarket brands, I do own both of them!
    After all a lady cant claim to have “too-much” of make up in her vanity eh?

    1. thank you so much radha. that helped. 🙂 i have two el palettes and both have shadows that are quite pigmented. but that could be because they were part of the special collections. I am nt sure how their regular range works. But it does make sense. you see the entire chanel collection and nothing would scream “loud” . It’s all sophisticated, soft and just there to make you feel elegant. 🙂

  5. Hi sahar.. at first i thought both are the same.. they look so similar.. :specs: :specs: :specs: .. but the shades are pretty good for daily wear.. :toothygrin:

  6. Lovely post Sahar! :teddy: These look rather nice,but it’s a pity that I can’t have them as of yet. :-/
    And next time…do post an FOTD? Pretty please? :worship: I like seeing your cute face. :secret2: :preen:

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