Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatch, EOTD

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This review will be on the fairly new release by Lancome. It’s the Auda(city) in Paris eyeshadow palette.

Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette Review1

About the Product:
An eye shadow palette with 16 nude neutral to deep purple shades for infinite looks.

What it does:
Designed by Lisa Eldridge and inspired by the streets of Paris, the AUDA[CITY] in PARIS eye palette lets you create infinite looks. Lancôme’s first multi-palette, it features 16 gorgeous shades in four finishes and a mirrored compact with a dual-ended brush so that you can flaunt a Parisian look wherever you go. Sweep on a chic look for the day, a bold look for the evening, or anything that falls in between. 

Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette Review2


My Experience with Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette:

I have never been to Paris, but the pictures of Rati’s travels there have got me tempted. When I came across this Lancome Auda[city] in Paris palette, I felt it was a sign and that prompted me to buy it. But, alas, my experience with this palette has not been too good.

Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette Review3

The palette is very pretty with a Paris skyline and a stiletto design. Inside, there is a nice sized mirror and 16 shadows. The palette is very difficult to open. My hands just don’t seem to find the right grip to pry it open and it’s a struggle every single time. I absolutely hate this property of this palette.

Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette Review

This palette comes with a dual ended brush which is not that impressive. One side is a flat shader brush which is I find too narrow and thin to cover my entire eyelid. And the bristles are very smooth and silky, hence I have a hard time picking up enough products on it in one go and I have to dip my brush several times. The other side is a standard blending brush. I find the bristles to be a bit pokey and not of the softest best quality. The shape is good to get eye shadows blended nicely in the crease. I have not noticed any shedding of the bristles.

Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette Review4

Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette Review5

Texture & Pigmentation:
The eyeshadows in this palette are nice. They kick up a little bit of powder when you dip your brush in, but nothing major. The shimmery shades are a little bit gritty in texture. I was not pleased with the pigmentation of most of the shades, especially of the lighter shades in this palette. I feel like I had to build them a lot for them to get to the intensity I liked, even then they fell short.

These shadows mostly imparted a soft wash of color; if that is something you are looking for, you will like it. But if you are someone like me who has used shadows of amazing pigmentation like from Urban Decay, Lorac and even Too Faced, you will not be pleased with the pigmentation in this Lancome palette. The deeper shaded have decent pigmentation. Using an eye primer with these shadows is an absolute must.

Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette Review6

I find the shade range in this palette nice and good enough to create a variety of looks. There is a good mixture of light and dark colors, matte and shimmers. You can get a lot of neutral daytime looks, but it is also possible to create nice Smokey eyes with these colors.

Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette Review8

• Filigree (Light Gold Shimmer) – This shade is a pale gold shimmer shadow. Poor pigmentation. Needs a lot of building up.
• Choquette (Peach Matte) – This is a pale peachy matte shade. Can be a good all over eye shade to set primer and a color to diffuse harsh edges.
• Parfait (Light Pink Matte) – A light pale pink with a lavender undertone.
• Joie (Golden-Bronze Shimmer) – This is a greyish taupe metallic shade. It has OK pigmentation if applied well though it sheers out a lot when blended.
• Voyage (Muted Purple Matte) – This shade, to me, looks more like a dusty rose and not purple at all. It is a nice crease and transition shade and compliments most looks created from this palette.
• Sante (Brown Matte) – This shade is a nice, warm toned, tan brown with hint of orange undertone. It is a nice crease and transition shade and complements most looks created from this palette.
• Kitten Heel (Gold Copper Shimmer) – This shade is absolutely gorgeous pink with a golden metallic shift. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply the way it looks onto the eyes. It goes on sheer and patchy and does not give opaque coverage. Though the shimmer looks very pretty on the eyes, it is best to use this shade as a topper over a finished eye look. It also did not seem to help to wet this shade.
• Tenacity (Purple Metallic) – A greyish purple shade. Has a metallic finish. Looks very beautiful on the eyes, but also needs building up to get opaque coverage.

Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette Review9

• Exhibition (Orchid Shimmer) – It is purple pink shade. Has a bit of shimmery finish, but it is not entirely metallic. This color sheers out quite a bit when blended, hence does not give an opaque coverage.
• Zip Me Up (Deep Purple Shimmer) – A deep purple with navy and royal blue shimmer shift. It does need building up to get good pigmentation and coverage, and the shimmer does cause a lot of fallout.
• Volcano (Silvery Gray Shimmer) – A light greyish taupe with a light purple undertone.
• Audacious (Smokey Brown Shimmer) – A deep eggplant purple with brown undertone. Pigmentation needs to be built up to go on even and opaque.
• Couture (Dark Brown Matte) – A matte deep brown. This shade sheered out when blended. Can be used to blend out the crease and diffuse harsh lines.
• It List (Black Matte) – A matte black which I consider to be a staple in any palette. The pigmentation was poor and it does not help you to create deep black lines if using as an eyeliner or to smudge under waterline.
• Clock Strikes 12 (Gray Metallic) – A deep metallic grey.
• Nuit (Black Metallic) – A blueish grey metallic shade.

Staying Power:
Since I cannot use these shades without a primer nor would I recommend doing that, the quality of your eye primer vastly affects how these shadows perform. The shimmery shades do tend to lose their shimmer and sparkle fairly quickly around 5-6 hours and start looking dull. The colors do not crease or muddle together and wear good for 7-8 hours on my eyes.

Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette Review7

Overall, I am not happy with this palette and had expected a lot more. Though this palette has pretty selection of colors and I so desperately wish it worked. I am not pleased with how these shadows apply and lack of pigmentation in most colors does not make this palette worth the price. I am super disappointed and will not recommend this.


Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette Review11

Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette Review10

Pros of Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette:

• Nice selection of colors
• Pretty packaging

Cons of Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette:

• Difficult to open, it’s literally a struggle
• The brush is ok, not the softest bristles; I rather prefer my own brushes
• Inconsistent pigmentation
• Lighter shades have very poor pigmentation and sheer out considerably when blended
• The metallic shades though have good pigmentation need to be built up to get even opaque coverage
• Using a primer is a must when using this palette
• Too expensive and not worth the money

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