Lancome Color Design Lipstick – Ooh La La Review

Lancome Color Design Lipstick – Ooh La La Review

Lancome Color Design Lipstick Ooh La La Review

Product Description:

Lancome describes its Color Design Lipstick “Ooh La La” as a “metallic golden raspberry-rose” lipstick.  If your lips long for full, fade-free color in tempting textures, and a shade selection that would inspire any makeup artist; the search is over. This luxurious lipstick is infused with soothing ingredients, so lips feel soft and comforted all day. Choose from five fabulous finishes: cream, sheen, shimmer, metallic and matte.

My Take on Lancome Color Design Lipstick – Ooh La La:

“Ooh La La” is a metallic finish lipstick, and although I am not a fan of metallic, shimmer or frost lipsticks, I make an exception to that rigid rule for “Ooh La La.”

For one, I love the colour. It is a very wearable shade of raspberry-rose red with a golden hue. It instantly brightens the face up. It is very pigmented for a frost lipstick, the colour payoff is excellent, and yet it remains very wearable. One can, of course, wear it more lightly as a sheer lipstick or build up the colour to suit one’s preference.

Dark Pink Lipstick

If you go by Lancôme’s description of the colour, it might sound a little confusing. But I don’t know if I could simplify it if I were to describe it myself. The colour is just so many shades all at once, but of course, on the lips, it looks very beautiful and coherent! It has some rose in it, it has a hint of metallic gold, it has some raspberry type of pink in it, and it has something very mildly coral about it as well. I hope the swatches will help you come to your own conclusion.

lancome 2

The texture, the finish and the formula are all very impressive. The staying power is very good. This lipstick does not bleed (since it is not very creamy). It does not settle in the fine lines of the lips either.

I have always liked Lancome lipsticks. They are rarely disappointing when it comes to the formula.

This lipstick was a gift. I may not have chosen this colour and this finish on my own (I prefer creamy lipsticks), but I must say that I am very happy with how it looks on me and even with the formula. While in itself, it is not a hydrating lipstick, it is not at all drying either. However, I usually have to wear a lip balm underneath.

Pink Lips

The colour of this lipstick really brightens up my face. It’s sort of an instant pick-me-up colour! I think that this colour would suit many skin tones. Moreover, I wear this lipstick with all kinds of outfits and it seems to go very well with a lot of them.


Pros of Lancome Color Design Lipstick – Ooh La La:

  • It is a very beautiful and wearable shade of raspberry red (it is a reddish-pink with a golden hue) that would suit a lot of skin tones.
  • The colour pigmentation is very impressive for a frosty, metallic lipstick.
  • The colour is a beautiful one that draws attention away from other flaws of the face.
  • The staying power is very good. It easily lasts up to three to four hours and mostly resists the effects of drinking and eating.
  • It is not very creamy and therefore it does not bleed and does not settle in the fine lines of the lips.

Cons of Lancome Color Design Lipstick – Ooh La La:

None, whatsoever! If you like the colour and the finish, then you will love this lipstick!

Verdict on Lancôme Color Design Lipstick “Ooh La La”:

When it comes to the texture and formula of the lipstick, I have no complaints whatsoever. I really like the colour. It instantly brightens up my face and lasts a long, long time. If you like the colour and the finish of this lipstick, then I think that this one is worth every penny.


About 22 USD (approximately 1200-1300 INR).

Note: My lipstick is a part of a makeup set from Lancôme. When purchased individually, the packaging of the lipstick is a little different.

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