Lancome ColorFever Lipstick Wicked Brown Review, Photos, Swatches

Hello lovely ladies of IMBB,

I have been wanting to do soooo many reviews of so many things as all of us but ahhh the great thing called time.
It flies yes it truely does with exams,lots of reading to catch up and news to watch and the release of movies like turning 30 ,yamla pagla deewana and no one killed Jessica, who would have time? Lol!

So with all the bollywood details let me begin,winter is one particular season when we want eevrthing moisturising and soft ,lovely smelling stuff for our skin.

This made me dig deep into my vanity and collect lots of deep lipstick colours which i would not look at in summers.I associate winters with deep plums,wine reds,deep colours.

Now comes into play this brown coloured lipstick which looks scary brown in the tube
Too brown but turns out its a beautiful brown when you apply
Lancome color fever lipstick in wicked brown is one such lovely. I saw it lying in my lipstick basket and though mm err why not afterall its winters 😉

This lipstick came free when i brought the lancome juicy tube gloss about a year ago . So the product says not for individual sale but as far as I can remember this was for 25 usd or so.

Here is how the lipstick looks in the tube

Lancome ColorFever Lipstick Wicked Brown

Its a brown with lots of sheen to it!
It goes on sheer on your lips and is not very pigmented.

Here is the swatch of the lipstick without flash

Lancome ColorFever Lipstick Wicked Brown
Here is one with flash

Lancome ColorFever Lipstick Wicked Brown

And here it is how it looks on my lips i applied it about 2 times for it to come up for the camera also my lips are really pigmented brown so i am not sure how it will look on regular pink or peach coloured lips 😉

Lancome ColorFever Lipstick Wicked Brown

As u can see it comes on very sheer and is great for regular wear
Here is the packaging

Lancome ColorFever Lipstick Wicked Brown

From the name I thought it would be very dark brown turns out it is very neutral
Product Description : Lancome COLOR FEVER delivers incredibly luminous, vibrant color. Color smoothly glides along your lips with sensuous comfort leaving lips feeling smooth and supple. LIGHT-MAXIMING PIGMENTS use light as a prism to bring you the most intense, lasting shine. No need to compromise long wear for color, this lipcolor has it all a long wear, hydrating texture that wraps your lips in cushioned comfort. Color stays true with no feathering or fading. .
Pros and cons as follows

Pros of Lancome ColorFever Lipstick Wicked Brown

  • Lovely natural shade. Great for everyday wear.
  • It is great for winters becasue it is very moisturising
  • It stays on for good 2 hours and then fades away.
  • After fading, it still leaves the moisture on your lips
  • I applied it with balm underneath even though you don’t have to, it still is good.

CONS of Lancome ColorFever Lipstick Wicked Brown

  • PRICE IS 25 DOLLARS, pretty expensive for a lipstick 🙁
  • The staying power is only about 2 hours,not worth really.
  • The packaging is old black simple tube.although i think this is because i got it free and individually its sold in a pretty pink packaging with the lancome flower logo.
  • Has a very very sligh golden shimmer in it for the effect .am not a shimmer fan:-O

My take on this lipstick would be :-* :-* :-* because of the high price and less lasting power though it is reallly moisturising and lancome 😉

I would not repurchase it unless i get it free with something again 😉

Free stuff is always welcome 🙂

Hope you find this review helpful

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26 thoughts on “Lancome ColorFever Lipstick Wicked Brown Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Nice colour……..I have not used my browns & maroons for so long…..I just stick to pinks & peaches….but seeing this I feel encouraged. It’s a brown for me tomorrow 🙂

    1. Aarthi..No one killed Jessica is nice :toothygrin: …And me lip gloss lover tooo :woot: ….Of the few lipglosses that i have tried..MAC,EL and Lancome…me lovvveeee Lancome the mostest :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

      1. me 3!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :woot: :woot: :jiggy1: :jiggy1:
        btw, i agree wid u on d price fly,….a bit toooooooo expensive for a lipstick!

  2. hello all!thanku much!!!!keep the appreciation coming.encourages the tiny viny blogger in me!he he! :yahoo:
    yes got this when i purchased lancome juicy tube for me and my bestie!2 tubes costed me about 45 usd and came with a free tote bag ,a mascara 2 lipsticks and an eye shadow!(i bet the free stuff costed more than my purchase for orignal)
    i still love lipglosses and thsi lippie is as gud as a lipgloss.u can see it on my lips.only sheerness and mositure in a tube :thanks: again!
    love all

  3. else being a student in my budget i would have never ever gone to high end like lancome and alike!but i did PURCHASE THE JUICY TUBES!

  4. yesss :woot:
    pakka worth it!!!!!!
    one tube lasts well nd this alongwith clinquies one gloss i once used bestest!

    ps ive neva tried the mac ones :waiting:


  5. i have reviewed the juicy tubes now.for those of you who were intersted in buying that.please search here!

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