Lancome Juicy Tubes Moulin Rose Review, Swatch

My HG Lipgloss Review – Lancome Juicy Tubes Smoothie Moulin Rose

Hello lovelies, summer is on its way to us and going is the time of deep lipsticks.

Back with a bang are our good old friends, lip glosses, layer them, wear them on their own or just use them as lip moisturisers these baby’s are not out to disappoint you ever.

lancome juicy tube moulin rose
Website description:

This ultra shiny gloss sweeps on a sheer, sexy wash of colour in a variety of shades and flavours. You’ll love the ultra-glossy formula that glides on easily with its tube-tip applicator. Perfectly portable, this essential gloss discreetly slips in a pocket or purse for a quick fix of fabulous anytime.

My take on Lancome Juicy Tubes

So about Lancome juicy tube, I got my first as a present from my masi at the age of 13.once I got over with it I still fondly remembered it as the non-stickiest gloss I had ever used.

lancome juicy tube moulin rose

Lancome Juicy Tubes was a big tube in pink colour and it had a distinct lovely smell and went on just like water on your lips. They just glided. So smooth and easy. It is ultra wet lip gloss and can offer you a long lasting shine. In 2008 I got the chance and money to buy my own juicy tubes. I went to the Lancome counter somewhere in Florida and got 2 tubes one for myself and one for my best friend. It cost me 18 usd and I got a tote bag free with my net purchase of 36 usd and with the tote bag were 2 lipsticks and an eye yes the freebies made it even more exiting.

lancome juicy tube moulin rose
So when I used them I found them to be the same. My teenage crush on these Lancome Juicy Tubes was so apt. They were the same not so much sticky shiny babies. The tube applicator was also a plus and the fact that they stayed on.

lancome juicy tube moulin rose

I opted for a sheer pink colour knowing that I was almost going to top this over my pink routine lipsticks. And for my best friend I also I got another shade of pink I forget the name. She still uses it .
The selection of colours is varied from vibrant and bold to subtle and retiring, This lip gloss surely has a shade for any occasion and look. The tube design is brilliant and makes the gloss easy to apply and the gloss itself offers a perfect texture it’s not too thick yet it’s thick enough to provide enough long lasting colour to your lips.

They also do not settle at the corner of your lips like some others do. They are a perfect connection between a balm and a gloss and are mega conditioning. I would say it’s totally a men’s lip gloss. If you need to kiss after this. This is the

These come in 20 colours. Yes OMG! 20. The lighter ones go completely transparent on your lips as you can see in the swatch and the darker ones have colour.

lancome juicy tube moulin rose swatch

Check out all the colours HERE

They have all you want from browns and nudes to berries and reds to regular pinks. They have them with shimmer or without shimmer. They have them in tiny sizes and in gift sets available over all possible Lancome counters throughout the world.

I would just recommend not to pile too much on at once, you only need a tiny bit to cover your lips for a nice shine and bit of colour. And because you only need a tiny bit, the tube will last you a while before you need to replace it.

It is one of those things you want to have in your bag when you do not want the hassle of taking out a gloss with a wand and applying it. You can apply this without a mirror and just from the tip like a balm. This does not feel gummy on your lips.

The shimmer ones are quite shimmery and the deeper ones are quite pigmented for a gloss. Cherry burst has a really nice tint of pink. And the smell is the best part about this gloss. This is a picture I found online while looking for the pictures for some gift sets for this one and this lady must sure love these glosses, it is evident from the collection she has. It was a must show to you guys:

lancome juicy tube gift set


Having said all this and shared the pictures with you all I will list the pros and cons in short.

Pros of Lancome Juicy Tubes Mouline Rose

  • Not as sticky as the other glosses. Least sticky gloss I have used.
  • Easily available
  • Shine
  • Goes on oh so smooth
  • Stays on for good 2 hours plus
  • Handy. I always keep this one in my bag
  • Easy application
  • Good quantity. If you want to use this tube for everyday will last you at least 3 months.
  • 2 sizes and many gift sets available.
  • Also come in special editions. For all the limited edition suckers out there. 🙂
  • My HG but am on a look out for something new – for the reasons given below.

Cons of Lancome Juicy Tubes Moulin Rose


  • One big one when I did get this did not know. Lancome is not cruelty free. They test on animals. So buy at the risk of your own conscience.
  • Here is a good read :  1


  • It is slight sticky.I know it is almost impossible to find an absolutely non sticky gloss. If any, please aid.
  • The price 18 dollars felt heavy on the pocket then and it still is. Wish it was cheaper.

After all I give it a :-* :-* :-* + 0.5 rating and I am not buying it again because I am more educated and I will look for nicer cruelty free brands.(or maybe buy it after 2013)lol

P.s let’s all close our eyes for one second and pray for the people in Japan and their families for the tsunami and earthquake that hit Japan yesterday.

Love and life 🙂
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42 thoughts on “Lancome Juicy Tubes Moulin Rose Review, Swatch

  1. It’s such a gorgeous colour FG – made for me kinds… :)) I am not too much into glosses and have laods to finish already. But i am putting this in my wishlist for sure. Thankoo for teh review. :-*

  2. ratiiii :yelo: :yahoo:
    buy it aftr 2013 nah.he he :thanks: :thanks:
    and yesh the loveliest gloss i have eva used.

  3. resist i order u solda for the sake of the army of those preety cute lil animals….

    stay there :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller:

  4. I had only Lakme wala tube gloss. I use to like it in college days. This reminds me of it.
    I don’t like Animal testing :((
    May be 2013 ke baad I shall buy :yahoo:

    1. I was just thinking about that lakme tube waala gloss…i still have it ,me love its yummy :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

        1. I to literally lick off half of the gloss on my lips :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  5. and sisri ur shiny looks intrested in make up!.eh he!my ginger would sit right beside my dresses when am geting ready and stare.ha ha
    these babysss
    pets are a bliss
    life was incomplete wtht them

  6. Juicy tubes is such a great name for a gloss! I’m dying to see the more pigmented shades of this range. Are these available in India? Whats the price?

  7. bee me too :whistle:
    ankita it was 18 usd a while back unaware about price in India.really sorry about that.
    yes this should be available in India as they are lancomes bestsellers.
    and they ahve more pigmented shades.the darker ones ,even some with shimmer.

  8. hey thanks for letting us know that lancome is not cruelty free cause i do not like to use products that are tested on animals.. for the same reason i am not using any loreal and maybelline products . I hope loreal goes cruelty free soon as its such a big name and i still wonder why they need to do this.

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