Lancome Juicy Tubes Shade Lychee 019 Review

Lancome Juicy Tubes Shade Lychee 019

Hello beautifuls! The reason I have been away from writing is that the summer is killing me. The heat wave is unbearable; water being boiling hot and marble floors are like hot plates, everything is burning. I wish there was a way out within my reach to bear it. Water scarcity and power shut downs add to the problems. There is nothing to quench the thirst and no appetite even if I feel hungry. I just pray pray and pray that it rains pretty heavy soon. Now coming to today’s product, it is Lancome Juicy Tube-Lychee. This isn’t my pick, my dear mom picked it up for me because she saw me past few months indulging into lip glosses and in her innocence, she didn’t knew actually that shimmer ones are not at all my choice. But still even then, it deserves a review. A year back, I had an opportunity to purchase Lancome Rénergie Lift Makeup SPF 20 foundation and it was amazingly good. But then, I hadn’t started writing for IMBB; so technically this is my second product from the brand.

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Product Description:

A delicious, gourmet delight on your lips! This ultra-brilliant gloss slicks on easily, thanks to its handy tube-tip applicator. Totally transparent shine, plus a hint of shimmering colour makes lips glisten for a glamorous lacquered effect. Colours and effects to satisfy every whim. A range of sorbet colours in a fragranced, gel texture are either totally transparent or shimmering with a touch of fine sparkles for lips that glisten. Fun, fruity flavours fresh as nectar, complement each shade. Totally tangy and seductively sweet, you’ll be tempted to try them all!

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Price: £7 (Made in France)

My take on Lancome Juicy Tubes-Shade Lychee 019:

Packaging: The ultra shiny lip gloss comes in a small plastic tube containing & ml of product and has a slanted nozzle to dispense the lip gloss. I have observed that the packaging of the Juicy tubes in UK and in USA varied to great extent. The prints are slightly different, size is different and shades are different too. The packaging is seriously boring and I had to use a blue background just for the product to get the attention as white made it look really dull.
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Texture, Color & Finish: The texture of Lancome Juicy Tube Lychee is thick and sticky. It contains loads of shimmer and a hint of Pink sherbet pigmentation. I was disappointed with the nozzle; atleast they should have gone for a tube and doe-foot applicator. On application, it feels sticky. Tricky to apply and lots of swipes required showing up the pink color on lips but then it will actually highlight the shimmer more.
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Pigmentation & Fragrance: Pigmentation isn’t good either. You will require a lot of product and multiple swipes if you intend to make your lips look pinky pink. The shimmer is silvery and in sunlight, reflects multi colors which are the only thing I like in the product. I only like it for topping my dead matte lip colors for a glamorous day look. Overall, instead of the glossy effect or the color, shimmer is the dominant factor. The brand claims them to be 100% natural. It smells of Lychee purely and has a very sweet taste; totally edible. So if you are in a habit of licking lipsticks, this is good for your taste buds.
Lancome Juicy Tubes Shade Lychee 019 swatch
Staying Power: lasting power is really good. It stays on lips for atleast 4-5 hours with regular water intake and a little refreshment meal. Fortunately, the shimmer stays in place too.

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Pros of Lancome Juicy Tubes-Shade Lychee 019:

• Pink sherbet shade ultra shiny lip gloss.
• Amazing longevity.
• The shimmer looks like multi colored in sun shine.
• Shimmer stays in place.
• Sweet taste and natural Lychee fragrance.
• Made with natural ingredients.

Cons of Lancome Juicy Tubes-Shade Lychee 019:

• No clue about ingredients.
• Several swipes required for pink shade to show up.
• Way too shimmery.
• Sticky feeling on lips.
• Slanted nozzle makes application tacky.

IMBB Rating:


Recommendation and repurchase:

Well, all that glitters  is not gold! I will recommend skipping this as much better lip glosses are out there in market. No repurchase intended.

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    1. *thankyou* Rati ma’am. actually the shimmer didn’t work for me. if only it had been without shimmer, i would have loved to carry it!

  1. your tube is soo tiny seems like a sample product or it came in a mini set ? I have two of these in full sizes and they are double the size of this one *haan ji*

  2. 2.5?? *shock* but it looks sooo good on u *haan ji* n summers ka to don’t ask..v here in Lucknow are sick of it…literally *headbang* *headbang*

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