Lancome Le Crayon Khol Waterproof in Teal

By Sophia S.

Lancome Le Crayon Khol Waterproof in Teal

Once upon a time there was a pretty princess (Ok I’m exaggerating a little 😛 ) living in black kajal doldrums and suddenly one day a huge wave struck from the land of Nowhere and she was totally in the mood for some coloured kohls. There from begins her journey into the big bold world of colour-on the waterline!!
Lancome Le crayon khol waterproof Teal
It so happens colour is a quintessential part of her life and she lets nothing colourful and pretty (in makeup and clothing that is) elude her. Enter the Lancome Le crayon waterproof khol in Teal…..

Lancome claims
Irresistible and ultra resistant: a yummy waterproof eyes pencil declined in a brand new shade range of luscious colours that is dead easy to apply, glides on skin incredibly softly and stays put for hours, come what may.
Le crayon khol waterproof
Liner pencil : a soft and gliding texture to underline and define the outline of eyes. A precise line in a single sweep. Waterproof formula with a blending tip.

My take on Lancome Le Crayon Khol Waterproof in Teal

Lancome formulated these pencils in different colours which differ from region to region although the the formula must be the same across the globe.Lancome Asia carrries 8 shades as at present while Lancome USA,Europe etc carry barely three colours.
Following are the shades available in Asia-
Raisin noir
Chataigne brun
Myrtille bleu
Pistache vert
Quetsche violet
Curacao turquoise
Lychee sable

Colour-The colour Teal that I am reviewing today is actually a US version and they have discontinued the shade. However they do come out with similar colours in their Limited Edition kits now and then.
Do you know that the colour ‘teal’ actually got its name from the Common Teal or Eurasian Teal, which is a common duck which breeds in temperate Eurasia? The bird has a signature wide and iridescent dark green half moon shaped patch below the eye area and Lancome manages to reproduce the colour with this kohl pencil.

Although the swatches look a tad blue-ish (for some reason my camera was not picking up the green tones) the colour is more on the greenish side and is intense and creamy.It glides easily on the waterline and there is absolutely no amount of tugging involved.My waterline is kind of ‘watery’ and so far only the Lakme 9 to 5 kohl has passed the all day wear test.Not even MAC Graph black stays-FYI that is the most extremely pigmented and prettiest black kohl I’ve seen-a pity that it doesn’t sit on my watery eyes.

I have sensitive eyes and I am wary of using anything other than those marked ‘kohl’ on the waterline.For that reason alone I am pretty scared of setting my kohl’s with powder shadows. The result-Panda eyes!! I was taking a big risk with the Lancome pencil-for one it is expensive and two I had bought it trusting their waterproof claim.I dare not be caught sporting teal eyes-it ain’t a pretty sight ladies…

I was impressed the moment I tried the kohl on my eyes.The pencil glided on smooth depositing colour evenly and with one more swipe I was staring at sultry smoking eyes.The formula becomes smudgeproof if you let it sit for a minute or so -it stays there even if you rub your eyes-pinky swear. The smudger provided at the tip is an added feature-its useful as long as you remember to smudge before the kohl becomes budge proof.

Wear- The kohl stays fresh for about 5 to 6 hours on my waterline (which is really impressive because most kohls disappear in the blink of an eye) after which its starts fading and finally settles in a clean line on my lower lashline-it’s like someone drew a ‘lakshman rekha’ and ordered it to stay put right there.Another thing I’ve noticed recently is that this kohl or even my Lakme one performs best when I conceal my undereyes with concealer/foundation and set with powder. Otherwise the oils produced by the skin might drag the product down causing the same to smudge badly below the eye area-that’s my theory alone, can’t think of any other reason.

Packaging- The pencil is the same colour as the formula inside with pretty gold detailing so even if you have plenty of kohls/eye pencils in your collection it is pretty easy to spot this one.The pencil is sharpen-able and it sharpens clean enough(I’ve heard of Lancome pencils sharpening unevenly-no such issues with this one)

Price & Quantity- USD 25.50 (Approx INR 1250) for 1.8 gm

Pros of Lancome Le Crayon Khol Waterproof in Teal

Excellent quality and applies in a jiffy
Intense pigmentation
Although the pencil is very smooth and soft it is not prone to breakage on application or while sharpening.
The colour is very pretty and it manages to stay appealing as it fades.It also makes my brown eyes pop.
Waterproof + smudgeproof formula- true to their claim
The formula does not irritate sensitive eyes-even then its best to test at the counter if you are prone to cases of eye sensitivity
One pencil lasts quite a long time and if it’s not an everyday colour like black/brown it would last easily for almost a year and a half.

Cons of Lancome Le Crayon Khol Waterproof in Teal

The price-although it is justifiable considering the quality as well as how long the pencil lasts.
Not easily available

Will I recommend this? Yes , the pencil is a clear winner and if you don’t mind the pinch on the pocket its worth giving a shot.

Would I repurchase? Yes I already have the non waterproof version in Black coffee. Will definitely try out more colours.

Rating– 4/5

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30 thoughts on “Lancome Le Crayon Khol Waterproof in Teal

    1. Yes Janhavi….Teal/green kohls look great on brown eyes… give ’em a try of u hav brown eyes like me 🙂

    1. hey Parita ure saved this time coz i don think this is available in India…even i get tempted a lot reading reviews here……

    1. haan its a really pretty shade…..there mite be dupes in the Indian market but none that im aware of……

  1. Wow Sophia, the shade, your eyes and the pic – all look gorgeous!!! Which cam is that…captured beautifully 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. flirty turq is bluish naa but this one is actual teal green color….sorry looks a bit blue in the swatches…took so many pics but none came right so i jus gave up……

    1. Lancome has discontinued this color Bee….bad bad guys…but once in a while they come out with a LE teal pencil….

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