Lancome Lip Lover #337 Lip Lover Review

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How have you all been? All my life, I have been a big lover of lipsticks, as compared to lip glosses. The Lancome Lip Lover (which is actually a lip gloss) is not a new product – it was launched in March 2014. However, I first came to know about them from the gorgeous Lisa Eldridge videos and I must say I was intrigued. I decided to get a few for myself and having used them now, I will definitely say I am floored. This lip gloss is simply superb. I got it in three shades – Lip Lover, Orange Menage, and Rose Graciuse (all three belong to the Creative Chic category). Today, I will be reviewing the shade “Lip Lover.”

Lancome Lip Lover

Product Description:
A three-in-one lip perfector that offers the ultimate non-sticky shine, rich lipstick-like color, and lasting hydration.

What it does:
Give lips the shine of a gloss, the color intensity of a lipstick, and the cushiony feel and comfort of a balm. This intelligent emulsion formulation blends two phases in the bottle. Upon application, the phases break apart into two layers: an upper layer with a glossy shine, transparency, and a plumping effect, and a lower, layer with oil and pigment that creates a balmy base so and bright color that adheres to lips.

Lancome Lip Lover


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Lancome Lip Lover

How To Use:

  • Apply Lip Lover using the flat side of the applicator, gliding back and forth on the lips.
  • Define lips using the flocked edge of the applicator, starting from the outer corners and sliding in towards the center.
  • Using extra pressure when defining lips, subtly over-draw the lips to create a fuller look.

Rs. 1900/- for 4.5 ml.

Available in 18 shades.

Basic Chic:

311 Rose d’Eau
312 Pointe de Rose
313 Rose Ballet
314 Casse -Noisette
316 Rose Attrape -coeur
321 Rose Contre -temps
333 Rose des Nymphes
334 Corail Cabriole
338 Rose des Cygnes

Creative Chic:

336 Orange Manège
337 Lip Lover
353 Rose Gracieuse
355 FramboiseÉtoile
356 Belle de Rouge
357 Bouquet Final
361 Violette Pirouette
362 Bordeaux Tempo
363 Rose de minuit

My Experience with Lancome Lip Lover #337 Lip Lover:

Packaging: Typical silver colored embossed Lancome box, which holds the small tube inside. The size of the tube is quite small, so while you can easily carry it in a small purse, the price does seem quite dear. The tube is metallic, with the shade that can be seen from the outside. It has a nice button with “click” mechanism.  On pressing it, the wand is released. The wand has a decent slant brush at the end, which is small, soft, pliable, and very easy to use.

Shade: This shade is the one that’s most promoted by the brand, and the name of the shade is same as the product. It looks gorgeous on actress Lily Collins in the campaign photo (and on Lisa Eldridge as well!!!!). The shade is described as a bright berry pink by the brand. On my non-pigmented lips, it comes out only as a lovely light berry pink shade, not very dark. The shade is more suitable for light and medium skin tone people. People with pigmented lips may see a darker shade on application. It has a subtle floral smell on first applying it.

Lancome Lip Lover

Formula:  “Mar Jaawa” on this formula. This is the best formula lip gloss I have ever come across. The consistency is medium thick, but on the lips, it feels very light. It feels almost gel like on the lips. The pigmentation is superb for the shade and coats the lips in one swipe. It does not have any shimmer. It is not very sticky at all. It coats the lips uniformly in a single swipe, without any patchiness at all. The lips feel so soft and hydrated post application. The shine it imparts is also good. The shine settles down after some time, but the pigmentation stays on. Even after it comes off, the lips remain so very soft and hydrated. It does not dry out the lips at all. Also, it does not settle into lip lines. It does not bleed on my lips. It requires a makeup remover to get off completely. It may spread and feel balm-like if you try to remove it using an foaming cleanser.

Lancome Lip Lover

Staying Power:  It lasts 6-8 hours on my lips, without meals. With meals, the lasting time is shorter. It does transfer on cups initially, but settles down after an hour or so.

Pink lips

Pros of Lancome Lip Lover #337 Lip Lover:

  • Beautiful packaging.
  • The wand slides out with a click of a button.
  • The brush is small, soft and quite flexible.
  • Awesome formula.
  • Rich pigmentation; depending on the shade.
  • Lips remain soft and hydrated post application as well as post removal.
  • A lovely bright berry pink shade.
  • Non shimmery.
  • Does not settle into lip lines.
  • Does not bleed on my lips.
  • Does not dry out the lips.
  • Does not feel very sticky.
  • Feels lightweight on the lips.
  • Lasts 5-6 hours easily without meals.
  • Good pigmentation with glossy effect.
  • Subtle floral fragrance.

Cons of Lancome Lip Lover #337 Lip Lover:

  • Quantity provided is very less compared to the price (even for a high end brand).
  • May not show up well on dark toned skin.
  • Transfers a bit.
  • Needs a makeup remover to remove it thoroughly.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Lancome Lip Lover #337 Lip Lover?
You have to try out this formula – this is what dreams are made of!

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