Laneige Basic and New Water Bank Moisture Kit Review

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I adore Korean beauty and skincare. On my trip to Hong Kong, I picked this set up from the airport. In case you didn’t know, Laneige is a popuplar Korean beauty brand. I adore travel sets like these, you get to try products and you get those tiny cute bottles to refill and carry on your next trip 🙂 Coming to this set, it has 5 products and all these products are available to buy separately.


Product Description:

You get these 5 products in this kit:

1. Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner 25ml.
2. Laneige balancing emulsion 25 ml.
3. Laneige water bank essense 10 ml.
4. Laneige water bank gel cream 10 ml.
5. Laneige water bank eye gel 5 ml.

RM 43 or 685 rupees.

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My Experience with Laneige Basic and New Water Bank Moisture Kit:

I was told that there was a particular order in which these products should be used for best results:


Step 1 is to cleanse your face. Surprisingly, this set has no cleansers, so this is supposed to be used after you have washed your face with your regular face wash. Make sure your skin is clean and dry before following the next step.


Step 2 is to use the toner and it’s the power essential skin refiner. Pour this onto a cotton pad and dab it on your face. It is transparent, similar to water, like most toners out there. This is basically a toner with a nice scent. It gets absorbed into my skin quickly. This toner is quite hydrating and makes your skin feel soft and smooth.


Step 3 is to use the balancing emulsion. This emulsion has a smooth and creamy texture to it and has a mild milky scent. If you have combination or normal skin, then you just need a tiny amount of it as it is very moisturising. I would not suggest this step if you have oily skin because it feels very very moisturizing on the skin. In fact, you need a very tiny amount even if you have normal skin. People with dry skin will absolutely love this.
Step 4 is to apply the water bank moisture cream. It has a thicker consistency than the emulsion and it also has a mild scent. It quickly absorbs into my skin. It does not feel sticky after application. This makes your skin look a little bit radiant and smooth.


Step 5 is to use water bank essence which is equivalent to a serum. It is slightly thicker compared to the toner but runnier compared to the emulsion. This essence also has a mild scent. It really leaves my skin moisturised and does not make my skin feel sticky, which is always a plus. This leaves your skin feeling smooth and flawless.


Step 6 is to apply the eye gel cream. Is it a gel or a cream! But anyway, it is hydrating and does not irritate my eyes. After using my Charlotte Tilbury Eye Rescue, I don’t find this enough hydrating in my under-eye area. I prefer applying Charlotte Tilbury Eye Rescue after applying this eye gel cream.


I have used this kit and saw a significant difference in my skin’s texture and tone. My skin tone did appear more even and there is a healthy sheen on my skin.


Pros of Laneige Basic and New Water Bank Moisture Kit:

  • Popular products from Laneige in this trial kit.
  • There’s an eye gel too in this kit.
  • Good kit for those with extremely dry skin and dry skin.
  • Improves skin texture and skin tone.

Cons of Laneige Basic and New Water Bank Moisture Kit:

  • Not for oily or combination skin type.

Overall, this kit works and people with dry skin would love this, but people who do not have dry skin, they can skip this. People with dry skin you need this kit in your life.

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