Laura Mercier Courtisane Stickgloss Lip Colour Review

Skin Tone: Moderately fair with warm undertones
Lips: Sensitive, pigmented, tend to dry easily

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Today, I will be sharing my views on Laura Mercier Stick Gloss – Courtisane, which is a shimmery mauve rose pink shade. This range of lipsticks caters to the group that desire a finish of a lip care with sheer colour and glaze. To know more, please continue to read.
Laura Mercier Courtisane Stickgloss Lip Colour Review

Product Description:
Care for your lips while delivering colour in a sheer and sophisticated finish. Part lip balm, part lip colour and part lip glace. Stick Gloss provides a sheer wash of colour, creates dimension and adds fullness to the lips. Ultra-hydrating and longer wearing than a traditional lip glace.

Price & Quantity:
$28.28 for 3.69g

How to Apply:
Line lips with Lip Pencil for more definition. Saturate the lip colour brush, pull apart with colour and apply to the lips; beginning at the centre of the mouth and working from the lip line inwards or simply swipe stick gloss lip colour over lips for a light fresh look.

It comes packaged in a traditional small sized metallic brown coloured lipstick tube, which comes packaged in a greyish silver coloured cardboard box. The cap closes firmly and the packaging is travel-friendly. The small tube can be tucked into jeans pocket for on-the-go touch ups.

My Experience with Laura Mercier Courtisane Stickgloss Lip Colour:

This is my first lippy from Laura Mercier and was very excited when it arrived. Courtisane is a natural rose shade which mildly enhances my natural lip colour. This shade has silver shimmers which give a shimmery glaze to my pigmented lips. The tint of this shimmer tends to vary, depending on the light. The texture is smooth, glides and applies easily. Th lipstick has a delicious fruity flavour which I enjoy.


The formula is moisturising, mildly pigmented and lasts for around three to four hours without tea, coffee, snacks and meals. This shade applies sheerly and has a shimmery finish. It feels light on the lips, does not dry or dehydrate my sensitive lips. However, the consistency is like of a lip balm /gloss; it cares for the lips while giving a sheer colour and shimmery glacé to my lips. This shade can be worn as a lip balm or as a gloss on a regular basis or as and when desired. In my opinion, it cannot be used on special occasions.

mauve pink lipstick

It does not spread or smudge, however, gets wiped off easily. I apply it directly with the stick gloss, without outlining my lips and it stays put for three to four hours without eating or drinking anything. This shade is not available in all the countries and the price is slightly hiked on the websites that ship to these countries. My lips feel soft, supple and hydrated. When applied, it gives a tingling sensation to the lips, which gradually disappears as you get used to it.


I like this shade; it’s a beautiful shimmery mauve pink shade that gives a sheer finish to my pigmented lips. Even on my hand, I have applied several swipes for the colour to show. I prefer carrying it in my purse as a spare lip gloss, to use on-the-go, as and when required.

hand swatch

lip swatch

Pros of Laura Mercier Courtisane Stickgloss Lip Colour:

• Keeps lips hydrated while adding a hint of colour
• Smooth, satiny texture
• Does not dry or dehydrate my lips
• Courtisane is a shimmery mauve rose pink shade
• Travel-friendly
• Lasting power is quite good for a stick gloss, in my opinion


Cons of Laura Mercier Courtisane Stickgloss Lip Colour:

• None, in my opinion

Would I Recommend Laura Mercier Courtisane Stickgloss Lip Colour?
Yes. If you prefer using a stick gloss which keeps lips hydrated and gives a sheer finish with a glaze, this product is a must-try. However, in my opinion, please try this shade before purchasing as it is very sheer, especially for those who have pigmented lips.

Will I Repurchase Laura Mercier Courtisane Stickgloss Lip Colour?
Not this shade, but some other from this range to use as a lip gloss.

IMBB Rating:

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    1. True Lisha!

      This shade is very tricky has hue of so many colours, but use it like a lip gloss and it is fine with me.

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