Laura Mercier Creamsicle Lip Parfait Creamy Colour Balm Review

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I recently hauled some of the newly-released Laura Mercier Lip Parfait and I absolutely love them. This review will be on the shade “Creamsicle.”

Laura Mercier Creamsicle Lip Parfait Creamy Colour Balm

Product Description:
A multi-functional lip formula, infused with a blend of vitamins and butters to smooth and volumize lips while leaving them wet and vibrant.

Laura Mercier Creamsicle Lip Parfait Creamy Colour Balm

What it does:
Transform lips with juicy and vibrant color. Lip Parfait’s range of shades deliver incredible conditioning and comfortable application. The non-sticky formula provides the comfort of a lip balm, the coverage of a lipstick, and the shine of a gloss in just one swipe. Leave lips looking fuller, plumper, and ultra-soft for an alluring, youthful-looking lip look.  It is formulated without parabens.


Laura Mercier lipstick ingredients

My Experience with Laura Mercier Creamsicle Lip Parfait Creamy Colour Balm:

Packaging:  This lipstick comes in a sleek tube with a cap that closes securely.  Upon opening, you can see the signature of Laura Mercier which gives this lipstick its unique appearance. All the tubes look exactly the same hence if you do own a few of these shades like me, you cannot tell which shade is which unless you read the label underneath.

Coral lipstick

Texture:  These lipsticks have a very wonderful texture of being a hybrid between a lip balm and a lipstick.  They slide like butter on the lips with absolutely no tug.  They feel very hydrating right off the bat and provided a good wash of color.

Laura Mercier Creamsicle Lip Parfait Creamy Colour Balm

Shade/Pigmentation/Finish:  The shade “Creamsicle” is a very beautiful light peachy-coral with hint of orange undertone.  It could be a variant for a n*de lipstick for most as it doesn’t have that beige undertone like most n*de lipsticks but it is still a light shade. This shade is a very low maintenance color and goes well with almost all makeup looks, be it everyday neutral look or paired with a dark smokey eye.  The pigmentation is pretty good. It deposits 75-80% color in 1-2 swipes. It does not go unevenly, but still retains a sort of translucency on the lips which gives the lips a very natural appearance.  The finish is cream sheen and shiny but it is not overly glossy. It gives the lips a juicy/pouty look.

Laura Mercier Creamsicle lipstick

Feel and look on lips:  These lipsticks feel very hydrating and comfortable on the lips.  They do not accentuate the dryness and do not sink into fine lines. It makes the lips look even and smooth.

Laura mercier lipstick

Staying Power:  These lipsticks do not have amazing staying power and need to be reapplied quite a few times during the day to maintain the vibrancy and freshness of the color. It fades within 4-5 hours on me without eating or drinking anything. If you take eating and drinking breaks, the color lasts for 3-4 hours. It fades completely after a full meal. It does transfer easily.

Pink lips

Fragrance:  These lipsticks have a very faint fruity scent which I like.

Overall, I do really love these lipsticks by Laura Mercier. They remind me very much of the Urban Decay Sheer Revolution lipsticks in terms of texture, look and feel but the only difference I would say is that the Laura Mercier ones are a bit more hydrating whereas the Urban Decay lipsticks have a bit stronger color payoff.

These are a “no-brainer” lipstick for me and they have become my favorite everyday lipsticks to wear and I reach for them a lot.  I highly recommend them.

Pros of Laura Mercier Creamsicle Lip Parfait Creamy Colour Balm:

  • Sleek packaging.
  • Do not tug on the lips.
  • Applies smoothly and evenly.
  • Gives good color payoff.
  • Beautiful everyday color.
  • Feels very hydrating and comfortable on the lips.
  • Does not accentuate dryness or fine lines on the lips.
  • Makes the lips look juicy.

Cons of Laura Mercier Creamsicle Lip Parfait Creamy Colour Balm:

  • A little on the expensive side.
  • Staying power is not great, reapplication is necessary as the color fades off.
  • Cannot make out color of the lipstick unless you read the label.

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