Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette Review, Swatch, FOTD

Skintone – medium fair. MAC NC 35
laura mercier flawless contouring palette 1

Claims : An exclusive Contouring Palette that brings Laura Mercier’s artistry techniques to life in an easy, fun way—allowing you to play with light to enhance, sculpt, and add shadow to the face.

What it does:
This palette of blendable creams delivers foolproof application every time. Shade intensity is much lighter than it appears, so it’s perfect for all skintones. Through her artisan lens, developed over years of working as a professional makeup artist, Laura Mercier has carefully chosen these neutral shades in a darker range to help sculpt the face. The key to everyday contouring is to be discrete. This Contouring Palette is designed to define and highlight your best features with five delicate, but buildable creams. The extraordinary formula is more blendable than typical contouring powders, allowing for a natural, flawless, and seamless application every time. For a complete flawless look, finish with the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder.
Price : USD 50
Ingredients :
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My Experience with Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette
I am not much of a cream contour person. I like to use less makeup products and get the maximum impact. And cream contour is one of the things I feel can be easily skipped. I have never had any issues with my powder bronzers so cream bronzers always tend to a take back seat in vanity. But since I am in a beauty industry I do like to test and try various products. Laura Mercier Contouring Palette turned out to be one of the brilliant products I have used as far as cream contour / highlight goes.

This contouring palette comes in a heavy brown cardboard packaging. There is a very cute illustration of a woman getting ready in mirror. The palette has a magnetic closure. When you open the palette, there is a big mirror fixed on the inside. There are a little cardboard handy guide cards put behind the mirror. A little clear film is provided to keep the product intact and also to keep the mirror clear. I highly suggest that you save the clear film because sometimes I see the oils from the product come on the film so it acts as a barrier.
There are 5 squares in the palette – 3 contour colors and two highlight colors.
Contour #1 for light skintones
Contour #2 for medium skin tones
Contour #3 for dark skin tones
Highlight #1 a pale golden highlight with gold shimmers that is universally flattering
Highlight #2 for a beautiful bronzy glow.It has gold shimmers in it. Also a universally flattering color.

I like to mix Contour #1 and Contour #2 to get a perfect mix. I very rarely get to use contour 3 but the fun is that you could mix and match the shades or use each alone.
Another shade that I use a lot of the palette is highlight #1. It gives that pure yellow gold highlight on cheeks and I love it. Rarely ever use the highlight #2 shade. But if there is a certain makeup look that you are going for, you could always give it a go.
Both the highlights are shimmery but blend like a dream and do not accentuate the pores.The shimmers are very fine but are quite sparkly. I personally like these. You can totally make these pop or use them for a subtle glow. I’d personally say that these are very evening glam highlighters.

These are very creamy products and blend like a dream. These make an extremely good base for your powder contour to go on. The colors look very natural on the skin and do not go patchy. What I like about the contour colors is that they have a hint of grey undertone to them so they look very natural All the 5 products in the palette are extremely pigmented so use these with caution. It is always better to start with less product and the build it up.

I have used this palette in the crazy Delhi’s summer heat and it has not moved or melted on my skin. The creams go on so thin on your skin that they almost become a part of your skin. You don’t feel any creaminess or oiliness on your skin. Plus I always would suggest that you go over your cream products with powder products to make them last really long. The creams in the product don’t accentuate your pores. They look really natural when blended. I use Beauty Blender to bend these.

For review sake I have also used these creams on their own and I did not see any fading for good 5 hours and after that I saw the contour getting lighter. But mind you, we have the hottest summers you could imagine right now. But I did not notice the contour getting patchy or moving. I think that is really impressive. As the weather gets cooler, this palette can just be used on its own as well if you dob;t like to use powders…

The only con I feel is the packaging. I wish it were less bulky. These pans could have easily fit in a sleek palette.
Other than that I abbbsolutely love this palette. This is the only cream contouring palette that forces me to use cream contouring products because it gives such a lovely base to the contour without feeling sticky or looking heavy. It just sets on its own. Even if you are not a cream contour lover, you would end up loving this one. I personally dread the looks of those heavy cream contours, this one really changed my opinion for good. 🙂
Rating : 4.5/5

laura mercier contour highlight palette

laura mercier flawless contouring palette 2

laura mercier contour highlight palette review

laura mercier flawless contouring palette

laura mercier contouring palette

FOTD. More pics HERE and HERE 
laura palette

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  1. Such a beautiful palette and gorgeous swatches FOTD.. <3 totally love it on you rati. I am also not very confident with creamier products and hats off how you made it luk flalwess and easy to use by your perfect pictures 🙂 super se b uper <3

  2. Rati, I am guilty of throwing away clear plastic lids that we get along with such products, would save from now on 😛 Rati, I have exactly similar highlight #1 MAc conceal and correct palette, I find blending it with a brush does not do much, can I use the beauty blender?

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