Lauren Conrad’s Best Hairstyles

Lauren Conrad’s Best Hairstyles

Lauren Conrad is one of my favourite celebrities; not only does she look drop-dead gorgeous, she has a superb sense of style and her makeup is always flawless.  The latest on her is that this beautiful television star has recently got engaged to William Tell.  She also juggles many careers, she is a television star, fashion designer, and also an author; so beauty with brains, yes she is, and also a beauty who sports the most amazing and gorgeous hairstyles.  You might have noticed that I include her a lot in my hairstyle posts, that’s because she does some amazing hairstyles which can be easily adapted.


She has done her fashion designing course from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.  She has also authored a number of books, namely – LA Candy, Sweet Little Lies, Sugar and Spice.  She has authored a fashion book “Lauren Conrad Style.”  “The Beauty Department” is run by Lauren Conrad and she also has a fashion line called “The Paper Crown.”  Though, all of you must recognize her from the sitcom “The Hills.”  She has also graced the covers of numerous magazines.  I am a big fan of hers and after seeing the hairstyles that I have listed below, you would become one too 🙂 You would notice that she doesn’t have very long, very thick, or very voluminous hair, she has average, normal length hair, but she makes most out of it and so gloriously and in a marvelous way. Don’t forget to check out her makeup 🙂

Love the different shades in her hair, from blonde taking over from brown midway.

Lauren Conrad Hairstyle 2

This is how it looks from the front, it sleek from the front and slightly wavy from behind:

Lauren Conrad Hairstyle 3

In a short yet cute hairstyle:

Lauren Conrad Hairstyle 4

In an elegant retro hairstyle, check out the perfect red lips:

Lauren Conrad Hairstyle 5

This would be perfect for everyone, college going girls, working women, and for parties too 🙂

Lauren Conrad Hairstyle 6

Another elegant hairstyle:

Lauren Conrad Hairstyle 7

A high bun hairstyle:

Looking so pretty with loose curls:

Lauren Conrad Hairstyle 9

Can you identify that red lipstick?

Lauren conrad red lipstick

Finally, winding up with my favourite hairstyle of hers, a side bun hairstyle 🙂

Lauren Conrad Hairstyle 12

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  1. She is so awesome ! *woot* *woot* I had seen one photo of her with simple braid but with her ombre hair colour, it looked so amazing *woot*

  2. Ohhh my god she is damn gorgeous *woot* *woot* *woot* *drool* *drool* *drool* a perfect fashionista i should say *happy dance* *happy dance* superbly stunning, beautiful and hawwtt at the same time *pompom* *pompom* loved each and every pic … and i think now she will become my favourite too *happy dance*

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