Lava Shell Massage

It is spa time ladies! In today’s article, I am going to tell you all about Lava Shell Massage. Did you raise an eyebrow? Did I really say LAVA – a hot molten substance, that too in these summers!! Oh worry not, for the starters it is not actually lava! Read on to find out what it actually is.

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What Exactly Is A Lava Shell Massage?

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It is a deep tissue massage therapy which uses glued together tiger striped clams. These clams are known as lava shells. They are unique, self heating shells. The massage therapy is similar to the hot stones therapy to such an extent that they were dubbed as “the new hot stones” when they were launched for the first time.

What Are These Shells Made Of?

The lava shells come from the real ‘Tiger Striped’ clams. These clams are a part of staple diet of the Philippines. Earlier, they used to throw away the shells after using it, but now they are being recycled into a new massage tool known as lava shells.

Why Are They Called Lava Shells Then?

The reason these shells are known as lava shells is due to their self heating properties. The shells are manually filled with natural minerals including algae, salt water and essential oils. When combined inside the shell, they cause a chemical reaction that induces the shells to stay hot for over an hour. The shells are held up together with the help of a rubber plug.

How Are The Lava Shells Used In The Process?

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The lava shells are made of calcium carbonate, the same material found in our teeth and bones. When the shells heat up, they give off calcium ions directly onto the skin during the massage process. This process helps to regulate the skin’s natural renewal process, leaving the skin looking firmer and healthier.

The therapist uses one to four shells which have a smooth side to deliver a deep and soothing effect. The shells are held in the palm of the therapist’s hand while they use light Swedish massage strokes to ease and tease away any muscle tension that may be lingering. The treatment can last up to anything between 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending upon the type of massage you choose. You should speak up if the shells are too warm, especially at the beginning. They cool down with time.

Lava Shell Massage

Types of Lava Shell Massage Treatments:

• Lava Relax Massage- The Basic Massage
• Lava Rescue Massage- Deep tissue massage for soothing aches
• Lava Shell Therma Facial- A Hydrating, anti ageing Facial
• Lava Shell Warming Back Massage- A back ache relieving therapy

How Much Does It Cost?
The therapy cost start from INR 2000 to INR 5000. The rates may vary from salon to salon.

Can I Try This Massage at Home?
Yes, there are lava shell massage kits available online which have lava shells, the gel to use it to heat up the shells and a guide to use it. There is a detailed guide on how to do the massage. But, the availability of this kit is limited in India.

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Pros of Lava Shell Massage:
• The surface of the shells used are non porous, i.e. they won’t trap oils and bacteria during the massages. It is a cleaner massage technique.
• It is the most ozone-friendly spa therapy ever. The tiger clams are a natural reducer of greenhouse gases. They process carbon dioxide out of the ocean water, which in turn allows the ocean to absorb more carbon dioxide from the air.
• It’s also known to treat a number of common problems including muscle tension, arthritic pain, blocked energy flow and even Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
• Since there are ready to use kits available, this massage can be carried along with you on your trips too.

Cons of Lava Shell Massage:
• This massage, even though, has heat element, is not similar to hot stone therapy. The lava shells provide much lesser heat than the hot stones. So, if you prefer high heat in your massage routine, don’t expect it from lava shell massage.
• If you are new to heat therapy, you might find the massage too hot to handle as the shells can heat up to 125 degrees at a time.
• Some people report that the shells do leak, at times! Imagine the hot gel on your skin.
• It is not much popular in India.

So, now that you know all about the lava shell massage, do let me know whether you have tried this treatment or would you like to try this out!!

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