How To Layer Clothes Stylishly For Indian Summers

How To Layer Clothes Stylishly For Indian Summers

How To Layer Clothes Stylishly For Indian Summers

Spring is officially over and it is blazing, burning, skin-melting HOT out here.  I am not the biggest fan of the freezing cold winters, but I do miss winter wear. Big slouchy knits layered over crisp shirts and skinnies with a gigantic trench thrown on top, but it gets so sweltering here that it’s hard to look beyond boring T-shirts and shorts for a good four months. Fortunately, I’m not much of a boring T-shirt and shorts girl, so I’ve figured out a few ways to layer and make outfits more interesting, even during the hottest days.

1) Lace:

Lace Jacket



The easiest and most versatile piece to layer would be a lace shirt. Going without sleeves is ideal for hotter weather. Then just wear it with a brightly coloured tank top underneath, a denim skirt and colourful hair band for an effortless day look.

2) Shrugs/ Jackets:

Floral shrug

Blue Shrug

Another layering option is throwing on a sleeveless jacket or shrug over your daily T-shirt for a more interesting look. Pretty floral prints, lace and pastels are perfect for a casual day look while you could dress it up a little with beaded or sequined shrugs over a dress for the evenings.

3) Sheer Shirts:


Sonam Kapoor

Sheer shirts are hot this season so go grab one in a gorgeous pastel colour and do it right like Sonam Kapoor and Bipasha Basu with a similar coloured tank top inside. You could go for an asymmetrical shirt or loose the sleeves to mix it up a little. Not ready to go all out? Get a gorgeous printed chiffon blouse instead.

4) Denim Shirts:

Denim Shirt

A denim shirt is new and will add a slouchy edge to your summer outfit. These babies have become a staple for me. An oversized one over a dress or knotted over your favourite vest and shorts, you can’t go wrong with denim.

5) Scarves:


A summer scarf is easily integrated with any outfit. Its fuss free and you can go with any print, colour or fabric you want. Light chiffon ones are the best for Delhi summers. These are easily available at Janpath.

6) Short Summer Dresses:

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Last but not the least; little summer dresses. Probably the best thing about this season. Very fun and you can pair them with denim shorts like Katrina did in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

So, there you have it, six ways to stay cool but still keep it stylish during the summer.

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      You can get shrugs at most stores nowadays. Try Vero Moda, Westside, Lifestyle, Benetton, Zara because I saw some cute ones there during the sales. Or you could look for them at Sarojni or Janpath too. Even if you don’t get lace or beaded ones you’ll find basic ones for sure. 🙂

  1. Lurvedddd ’em allll & Have ’em allll too… :pompom: Only gotta buy Denim/Khaki Shirt…Saw one lovely Soft Denim Kurta in Westside & regret not buying it.. :chewnails:

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