Layered Hairstyles For Straight Hair

Layers look good only on curly hair, nah, that’s a myth! Layers add a lot of life, movement, and youthfulness to hair, so they are equally great for straight hair. Layers give an illusion of volume and texture to hair, that’s why they are still preferred by a lot of us.  Long layers look so sophisticated whereas short multiple layers add a funky and stylish look.  Picking up a hairstyle that adds layers that fall around the face would bring in a change in your appearance (that is if you desire a change!) and give you a youthful appearance. Short layers add a lot of volume to hair, but adding too many tiers of layers would would have the reverse effect.  Also, side bang layers add softness to the face.  If you have a big forehead, front bangs and side bangs layers will help conceal them.


Cascading layers would look awesome on those with thick voluminous hair.  Many of us prefer face framing layers because they help in softening features.  Use a voluminizing shampoo and conditioner so that the layers can fall nicely in place.  The three-tier layer is still the preferred one, with the top tier at the eyes, the second tier going past the chin, and the third layer going past the shoulders.  However, those who have really short hair can opt for two large steps.  As previously mentioned, make sure you don’t add in to many layers so that the hairstyle looks messy.  Having the bangs forward and towards the side will hair look more fuller and would beautifully frame the face. To keep the layers defined, opt for timely trims in between haircuts.  You should also take care that split ends don’t happen, because ends of the hair is what defines layered hairstyles.  For styling, you can choose to curl some layers inwards and some outwards by using a round brush and dryer to add lots of movement in the hair or you can use a straightener to iron out all the layers. As for which hairstyle would suit you, take the help of your stylist to determine according to the shape of your face.  Now, let’s look at some layered hairstyles on straight hair.

Kim Kardashian has gorgeous hair and rocks nude lips, period!

Kim Kardashian

Layers on long and straight hair, it looks awesome:

Long layered hair

The layers are so well defined in this hairstyle:

Long layered hairstyle 2

Totally adore Cheryl Cole, love her hairstyles:

Cheryl Cole hairstyle

Frieda Pinto with minimal layers:

Frieda Pinto hairstyle

My favourite Kaley Cucoco with her pin straight layered blonde hairstyle:

Long Straight

That’s Tamara Ecclestone (Megan Fox)  (they both look the same to me, you tell me :|) in her long layered hairstyle framing her face:

Long layered hairstyle 20

Layered hairstyle on sleek hair with front bangs, bold statement, right?

Layered hair cut

Pretty 🙂

Layered hair cut 2

Now, some layered hairstyles on short hair:

Short haircut

Long layered hairstyle

Short layered hairstyle

Some really pretty layered hairstyles:

Layered Hairstyles 3

Layered Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Beverly Hills City Hall

Layered long hairstyles

long layered haircuts 6

Long straight hairstyle

Women with layered hair

Long layered hairstyle

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10 thoughts on “Layered Hairstyles For Straight Hair

  1. i have had layered hair cut for years but since i end up tying my hair at office, there is no use of the style then, plus its hard to get profound layers without a blow dry! now over the years my hair are so thin that i have to go for volume cut but even it doesn’t work, depressing *cry*

  2. its ironical… all my frnds with wavy n curly hairs want to have pin straight hairs like mine while i drool over curly hairs *headbang* *headbang*
    have to add a lot of volume on the crown area n forehead for volume or else my hairs fall flat *haan ji* *haan ji* *haan ji*

  3. Kaley is anytime awesym…she is one perfect lady
    I have got d same hairstyle yoyo…my husband was asking me to chk new hairstyles

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