Layer’r Wottagirl Classic Collection Romance Fragrant Body Splash Review

Hello ladies,

I am finally reviewing this Layer’r Wottagirl Classic Collection Romance Fragrant Body Splash, the fuchsia pink beauty that did not disappoint the perfumista in me. I think it will come out as the best body splash from this range among fragrance lovers. Not extraordinary, but probably a common variant that would be liked by all. Read to know more.

Layer’r Wottagirl Classic Collection Romance Fragrant Body Splash Review

Product Description:
For the confident, smart, genuine woman who ‘t get caught up in fads, diets and all things ‘nonsense’; comes a range of pure, exquisite fragrances that are just as pure, beautiful, resilient and bold. A burst of stimulating fruity, floral essences with a twist of vanilla musk.

Layer’r Wottagirl Classic Collection Romance Fragrant Body Splash Review3

INR 225 for 135 ml

Shelf Life:
4 years

My Experience with Layer’r Wottagirl Classic Collection Romance Fragrant Body Splash:

When I first spotted this bottle, which was pink in color, it was a definite yes for me. The word, Romance, came out to be promising. I assumed they could not go wrong with this variant and so was the case. If not for a detailed specification of the top, mid and base notes, maybe a specification of the family (that it is fruity floral) would have done the job. Anyhow, I went ahead and added it to my cart, else my mind would have been on it all day long. 🙂

Layer’r Wottagirl Classic Collection Romance Fragrant Body Splash Review5

Talking about the availability, as far the new launches go, it is always difficult get at the stores, but the single color coded packaging which made it easy to spot in the stores. Also, the job done with the packaging is commendable. The tiny, cute, silver hearts layered in a pattern makes it very attractive and purse-friendly. All the variants from the ‘Classic Collection’ have these tiny butterflies or different patterned silver flowers printed on them that denote the kind of fragrance a variant could have. So much attention to a detailed packaging, but could be improved by just adding the name of the fragrance or the family it belongs to.

Layer’r Wottagirl Classic Collection Romance Fragrant Body Splash Review1

The fragrance of ‘Romance’ is promisingly sweet and for a person like me who can handle a rich, sweet body mist combo with the predominant floral and fruity notes can be very certain to go for it. If you cannot take it, I do not recommend this one. The scent does not linger for long, although it leaves a trail behind in your outfits. So, it should not be a problem even for sensitive noses. But, again, if you are still particular, your experience can come handy in deciding if it ‘a certain must- have’ or ‘cannot handle type’. Go by it!

Layer’r Wottagirl Classic Collection Romance Fragrant Body Splash Review2

In my opinion, it does have the vanilla twist to it in the most subtle way that probably is more like the surprise element to the beauty of the fragrance. I am sure that is obvious by now that I am more than happy to have my share of romance and I am more than just satisfied. The happy endings happen with the twist of vanilla. True story, which is also maybe why it is an ounce sweet to me, it has the typical vanilla aroma that pretty much all the glosses are flavored with.

Layer’r Wottagirl Classic Collection Romance Fragrant Body Splash Review4

The overall sweet fragrance of the mist reminded me of ‘Elizabeth Taylor’s Sparkling White Diamonds’ mostly the sweet floral notes, also UDV ‘Pour Elle and Victoria’s Secret Sensual Blush; maybe a mixture of all three? 😛 If you can immediately recall any of these fragrances or a sweet floral perfume of yours with a vanilla base note, that is pretty much what ‘Romance’ has to offer you. It can be best to give you a fresh start for the evenings. I see it more as an evening wear although there are no strict rules.

Definitely apt for an all girls outing or evening get together, as it will keep you at your sweet feminine best and if I were to repurchase again from the Layer’r Wottagirl Classic Collection, ‘Romance’ would definitely be it! I rarely repurchase the same deodorants or body mists as I tend to get bored or I am set out to just explore, but this one has won my heart despite its low staying power along with the shelf life offered by this. I might use it on and off so can you when you need a break from the other minty ones and have the urge to binge on an ounce of sweet smelling mist.

Pros of Layer’r Wottagirl Classic Collection Romance Fragrant Body Splash:

• Single colored packaging , a pretty pink for ‘Romance’ which is neat, not too heavy and similar to BBW’s packaging
• Travel friendly
• In comparison to the regular variants, Classic Collection is easy to pick as far the single color coded packaging goes and same goes for the fragrances
• Romance is all about the stand out floral – fruity notes which was a pro for me and if you are someone who loves that sweet combo, this is a must-have
• Fragrance – subtle yet an ounce sweet so watch out, pick only if your are certain
• Lasts a month easily or least a fortnight
• The four year shelf life is a huge pro (for someone who switches to different mists on and off )

Cons of Layer’r Wottagirl Classic Collection Romance Fragrant Body Splash:

• Low staying power; needs reapplication every 3-4 hours
• Fragrance notes not specified
• Can turn out be a little too sweet fragrance for some
• Can present a problem for sensitive noses

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Layer’r Wottagirl Classic Collection Romance Fragrant Body Splash?
Yes, I would repurchase ‘Romance’ as I am more than just happy with the fragrance, though not so much with its staying power. If you can appreciate this amount of sweet juicy fragrance, I would recommend you to go for ‘Romance’ with a happy heart.

Not heart wrenching, but this pink captivating beauty would not be a heartbreaker either. ‘Romance’ is sure to drench you, leaving behind a sweet note.

Pair it up with perfumes predominantly having less of fruity, more of floral notes with an ounce of vanilla or musk to it. You can pair it up with Burberry too.

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9 thoughts on “Layer’r Wottagirl Classic Collection Romance Fragrant Body Splash Review

  1. I’ve sniffed this in a store once and it reminded me of nivea fruity shine lip balm in the flavour pomegranate. It’s too sweet for my liking. But lovely review. Oh. By the way, this is my first comment on imbb. Yay !!!

    1. Yea it can be too sweet for some 😛 but I love it personally and I love the Nivea Shine Pomegranate too *blush blush* and btw Am happy that your first comment was on Romance Yayy for Rama and TY Priyanka 😀

      1. You are welcome. And i have to say, you have a way with words. The way you describe the fragrance is very good. And i’ve read your other reviews too. I remember most of the imbb writers either by their name or lip swatches :p he he.. i was a silent reader till now. But it feels so good to finally interact with you people. You guys are awesome. And Imbb is the best 🙂 😀

        1. TY Priyanka 🙂 I more than ‘just love writing’ and the love for the language would explain the word act. All thanks to IMBB for letting me be who I am and I am really glad that you like them and by the way you remember me 😀 and guess what I was a silent reader like yourself and the energy that floats here make you want to interact. Hard to resist 😛 Imbb is sure a great place to be in and the team has each writer with their own style which even makes me spot the writer without having to read the name 😛 Looking at your msg made my day <3

          1. Yes. Imbb has a lot of positive energy floating around here and there are equally positive people. It feels so good!!
            U are welcome. 🙂 <3

  2. I also agree with Priyanka, Rama. You describe fragrances so well. I understood what kinda fragrance this one has even though I have never sniffed those reference fragrances. I wish I had a better ability to describe scents.

    1. TY Shikha and it is sad that cause of some technical issues I could not access the net sday but I am happy to see your lovely comment , like I said you and Priyanka made my day <3 The irony or rather the coincidence is the upcoming reviews of mine would mostly be on the fragrances and my experience that I would like to share here 🙂 Describing them can be tricky and challenging but I try to do justice as much as I can and I hopefully continue doing the same as I would not stop exploring them and a I am sure you understand the feeling being the fragrance lover yourself 😀 😀

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