Layer’r Wottagirl Crimson Chic Body Splash Review

Layer’r Wottagirl Crimson Chic Body Splash

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I am back with another review. These body splashes are becoming a favorite of many pretty ladies out there. I had never tried body mists before and when my mom purchased it, I was reluctant to give them a try. She got Mystic Island for herself and this one for me. Once I started using this I completely was overwhelmed by its smell and since then, I don’t step out of my home without using it. It has almost been 3 months since I am using it and I would keep on using it unless I find a better alternative.



225 INR

How to use:

Hold the bottle upright and spray on body and clothes.


My take on Layer’r Wottagirl Crimson Chic Body Splash:

The packaging of the body splash is so chic and feminine. I was completely in love with the sleek and tall bottle. It is made up of plastic but looks as if it is made up of glass. The plastic is of good quality because I dropped it quite a few times and there was no damage. You need to rotate the cap to close it. The cap doesn’t get closed quietly though. All the body splashes come with a beautiful pattern over them which are sure a treat for eyes. This particular variant has red and gold color packaging.


The fragrant is very sweet and a bit citrus-y and a bit floral. People with sensitive nose might not like it. It instantly freshens up my mood whenever I apply it. I make it a point to use it whenever I have to stay outdoors for a long time. The smell stays on for 6-7 hours even in summers. I apply it in morning before going for my classes and it smells good until lunch time. After that also a faint smell lingers on and there is no need of reapplication till evening. When I started using this my friends complimented me on how fresh and floral I smelled. In this gloomy weather, it reminds me of spring season because of the floral touch to its smell. The product is enough to last you for 2-3 months even if used daily. My bottle was about to get over and so I had to keep the bottle upside down to show how much quantity actually was left.


Pros of Layer’r Wottagirl Crimson Chic Body Splash:

• Pretty and travel-friendly packaging.
• Fresh floral fragrant.
• Has a bit of citrusy kind of smell with it.
• Many variants to choose from.
• Affordable.
• Even if used daily, lasts for 2 months.
• Staying power is good.

Cons of Layer’r Wottagirl Crimson Chic Body Splash:

• None. These cute bottles have made me fall in love with them.

IMBB rating:


Would I recommend Layer’r Wottagirl Crimson Chic Body Splash?

Yes, obviously. I suggest everyone to try at least one of these. You won’t be disappointed.

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