Layer’r Wottagirl Vanilla Twist Body Splash – Can You Say No To Vanilla?

Layer’r Wottagirl Vanilla Twist Body Splash

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Here I am with another review of yet another body splash from the Layer’r Wottagirl range of body splashes. Am so in love with them that I have already planned to get the next three variants that have been launched if I were to believe one of my friends on a social network. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.


Anyways, coming back to the review I have for you girls today, this variant is called Vanilla Twist and I really love this more compared to the earlier variant which I had reviewed in my previous post.


INR 195

About the packaging of Layer’r Wottagirl Vanilla Twist Body Splash:

Like you can see, these body splashes come in really pretty and chic bottles, of hard plastic, which give the illusion if pretty glass packaging though and I love love love their packaging. The lids don’t really close tight even though they close with a click which makes it a little difficult to carry these around. The bottles have pretty and girly design and branding all over and each variant has a unique color and name to it.


My Experience with Layer’r Wottagirl Vanilla Twist Body Splash:

I am someone who really loves fresh floral and warm scents and I try and keep away from sweet and fruity scents as much as possible. Heavy-duty perfumes are a huge NO for me and perfumes that hinder one’s breath are a huge turn-off for me. So if I had to go picking up perfumes and body mists, they either have to be very fresh and light or really warm and soothing.

And I also want to share a silly fact about myself, I don’t know if this happens with you but happens a lot to me, I tend to save up a product if I really love it, I mean I buy something because I like it like crazy and then I don’t want to finish it up because I really love it!. Yup that’s me!! As crazy as I can be. And this is what exactly is happening with this body splash that I am reviewing in this post. I so don’t reach out for this many a times unless I really want to spend my evening with my someone special you know!


Now, talking about my experience with this variant Vanilla Twist, like I have already mentioned, I absolutely love this variant, Vanilla Twist over Secret Crush. I specifically love this packaging too for the kind of warm touch it has to itself. I would describe this fragrance as very much an evening-time kind of fragrance as it is very soothing and mild but still is sweet and you kind of tend to get lost in the warmth of the fragrance and of course has a strong hint of Vanilla in it. It reminds me so much of sunset and warm vanilla candles. The only downside to this is that it fades away quickly compared to Secret Crush.

I would so very much recommend you to get this if you are a vanilla-lover, because not always do you get such good stuff at such affordable prices. You could just stock up on these variants and use these for daily use or for any occasions. I really hope my nose could sniff the fragrance apt enough to describe them.


Pros of Layer’r Wottagirl Vanilla Twist Body Splash:

  • Again, the pretty packaging of course.
  • The soothing warm vanilla scent.
  • The quantity at this price is amazing.

Cons of Layer’r Wottagirl Vanilla Twist Body Splash:

  • The non-availability.
  • Not very travel-friendly as the lid does not close firmly.
  • The staying power of this variant is average.

Would I recommend Layer’r Wottagirl Vanilla Twist Body Splash?

For sure, if you love warm scents or if you love vanilla scent, you should give this a try as the price is very affordable.

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13 thoughts on “Layer’r Wottagirl Vanilla Twist Body Splash – Can You Say No To Vanilla?

    1. Hey vandna…. according to my experience… mystic island is the best of all…and vanilla twist stands at 2nd place… 🙂

  1. If you layer this (as the name suggests) on your body and clothes, the fragrance stays all day. I have this and love this more than even my perfumes! 🙂

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