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Where can the laser hair removal be done near bhandup area, Mumbai. I would also like to know about the prices and how safe these lazer hair removals are.


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  1. WELL I AM FORM MUMBAI TOO! !! :yahoo:
    sorry i dont know any names but i know its a costly treatment…..and cost also varies from person to person and also depends on no. of sittings….you reallly need to consult to know the right price…. 😐
    you will get numerous names form MUMBAI MIRROR!!!! but get it done from a good clinic . Mulund has numerous clinics offering this treatment at affordable prices!
    a month back i also saw a offer on regarding laser hair removal….so i would suggest consult first and keep a check on such online offers!!!!!

    laser is safe…it hurts a lot…but you will get good results!
    also check” giasaysthat” blog where a girl has shared her experience on this treatment!
    😉 😉

  2. thanku radhika!any little help is appreciated am taking it for my sister.she stays there and wants to get it done on her face.

  3. Hi.I have done laser hair removal for upper lip and underarms at Kaya.
    Its fairly safe BUT NOT PAIN FREE.Also hair does not go away 100%.It may show results of 50-80% reduction.
    I have a mixed review on safety and side effects from experiences of people i know.
    I have personally seen sometimes where people with sensitive skin have complained of skin errupting with many many boils,skin becoming black(my experience with underarms),skin developing rashes and even becomes itchy, and hair growth coming back thicker in certain cases

  4. A friend of mine did undergo laser removal for her face, she did experience skin eruptions n spots on the area of treatment but now it has cleared up.

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