Lazy Girl’s Makeup Essentials

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I have already talked about how lazy I am in my Lazy girl’s skin and hair care essentials post. Please go through it if you’re lazy like me because skin and hair care always tops makeup! After all, you need healthy skin so that your makeup looks nice. So today I am going to talk about my absolute makeup essentials when I don’t have much time to get ready (read every day). With the help of these product, I am able to achieve my full face makeup look that makes me look more put together in just five minutes.

Lazy Girl’s Makeup Essentials

1. BB Cream:

Lazy Girl’s Makeup Essentials

First things first you need to have a proper base for your makeup. A bb cream is a perfect tool because unlike foundations, it easy to blend in and still provides coverage. If you require some extra coverage apply a concealer close to the shade of your bb cream to minimize the blending efforts. You can check out 30 BB creams to choose from and BB creams in India- Comparison to help you choose the perfect one.

2. Eyebrow Pencil:

Lazy Girl’s Makeup Essentials

Eyebrows make such a huge difference in your look especially if you wear glasses. Opt for an eyebrow pencil just one shade lighter than your hair colour. Quickly fill in the gaps and comb your brows to blend everything and give them a proper shape. Check out the best eyebrow pencils available in India.

3. Felt Tip Eyeliner:

Lazy Girl’s Makeup Essentials

Whether you want your eyeliner to be thin, thick or winged, felt tip eye liner lets you create the desired look with perfect precision. Maybelline Colossal Liner is the best one I could find yet because it’s intensely pigmented and it’s actually water proof. You can also check out the best felt tip eyeliner pens available in India.

4. Lip and Cheek Tint:

Lazy Girl’s Makeup Essentials

This baby lets you kill two birds with one stone and it’s perfect when you don’t have much time to spend on your makeup. Also applying the same colour on lips and cheek is a quite famous makeup rule. So with this product, you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding the matching lipstick and blush. Some options are, The body shop lip and cheek stain, Benefit benetint and Kryolan lip n cheek.

5. Nude Eye Pencil:

Lazy Girl’s Makeup Essentials

A nude eye pencil instantly brightens your eyes. You can apply it on the waterline, and inner corners and it’ll make you look more awake and fresh. You can check out Nyx jumbo eyepencil in sparkle nude, and Maybelline colorshow crayon shiny beige.

6. Mascara:

Lazy Girl’s Makeup Essentials

Some people are lucky they have such long, beautiful and dense lashes and they can easily skip using a mascara. Unfortunately, I am not one them and mascara is my saviour. It instantly opens up your eyes and gives them more definition. You can check out best waterproof mascaras available in India.

These essentials should be enough to get you ready for the day in just five minutes. I hope this post was useful for you. 🙂

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