Leaders Insolution Amino AC-Free Mask Review

This will be the last of my Leaders mask reviews, for now 😀 . I think masks are a really good alternative for relaxing the skin after a tiring week, when you’d not have the patience to fix yourself a face pack or so. Among the ones I bought, I really loved some of them while some of them didn’t work for my skin. It all depends on your skin type and concerns. So let’s get on to the review.


Price: Approx. 278 INR for 25ml (1 sheet)

Product description: This daily calming mask contains a complex composed of 17 amino acid supplements combined with moisturizing factors AHA and BHA. These active ingredients, together with Snail Secretion Filtrate, exfoliate and protect the skin while providing soothing comfort.

• Superb moisturizing factor of amino acids replenish and protect the skin.
• Relieves redness and lightens acne scars.
• Recommended for sensitive and acne-prone skin.


• Cleanse and dry face, then refine with toner.
• Apply mask 15-20 minutes. Do not leave until the mask has dried up as this will dehydrate your skin.
• Remove and tap your face for a while. Leave it around 10-15 minutes for the essence is fully absorbed.

My Experience with Leaders Insolution Amino AC-Free Mask:-

These masks come in colorful pouches. The description is at the other side of the pouch that mentions various details. But all of it is in Korean and I had to check the website for info. The packaging is convenient for one time use. The mask is neither too thick nor thin and fits perfectly for my face. The mask is submerged in quite a lot of serum that can be used too.


This mask is recommended for oily skin types as it claims to control acne. I do not have any acne or pimple concerns as of now, but I hoped that it would help my skin control the oil. I bought a mask with ‘snail-filtrate’ from Leaders in the past and my skin loved it. I couldn’t help myself from picking this owing to the ‘snail extract’. I like to use these masks whenever I am lazy or too tired when my skin needs attention. It is rich in amino acids that help the skin to rejuvenate, which I could notice on my skin.


My skin looks brighter nowadays after using some of these masks. My skin is not acne prone, so I don’t know how well it would work on that. But it did a really fair job in removing the sebum and also controlling the secretion for quite some time. It did reduce the redness, but on the other hand my skin started feeling itchy. It was quite irritating for me and I regretted using this. But it all comes down to skin types and how your skin would react. But I really love these masks since I can notice that my skin is brighter and radiant than before and I will definitely purchase them again.

Pros of Leaders Insolution Amino AC-Free Mask:-

• Convenient packaging for one time use.
• The mask isn’t too thin and fits perfectly.
• There is a lot of serum along with the mask that can be used.
• Moisturizes the skin well.
• It has made my skin more radiant.
• Oil secretion was well controlled.
• Reduced the redness.
• Good ingredient list.
• Affordable.

Cons of Leaders Insolution Amino AC-Free Mask:-

• Made my skin itchy.
• I can’t really comment on how well it would work for acne prone skin. (though that’s what it’s meant to do)


IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend/Re-purchase Leaders Insolution Amino AC-Free Mask?
These masks are really good, and I highly recommend everyone to buy this. I have noticed a lot of changes in my skin after I started using these. It is a boon for lazy people like me! It’s all about choosing the right one for your skin.

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  1. I am really happy to read the long term effects of these masks. I feel having these masks on is more hard work since, personally, I can’t move much.

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